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  1. Sinera

    Trump’s Administration Has Been Briefed About UFOs – According To Steven Greer - But Did He???

    Here's as a follow-up post to the video I posted about his lecture, I find it quite intriguing that Greer keeps claiming again and again to have personally briefed even presidents and other high-ranking people. Yet, is it somehow documented? Would like to learn more about it. Where is the proof...
  2. Sinera

    Contact & Cosmos - Lecture by Dr. Steven Greer

    Just watched this now. Not new for me but it is a good summary of what he found out with his research backed by lots of documents and military/industry insiders, whistleblowers and witnesses. And yet, discernment is needed. I find some of his conclusions and hypotheses quite intriguing. Are all...
  3. Sinera

    Crystal ET Communication (omcasey's experiment replication)

    This is an initial post in the thread to document my attempts at replicating omcasey's crystal ET communication pics (see thread there). I will post first results soon. I have done 450+ pictures (already 2 months ago) and so far sifted through the first 70 or so. I will post a picture of the...
  4. Sinera

    Youtube purge of conservative channels, now Infowars is banned

    The latest victim in a row of YT bans on alternative (and mostly conservative) channels. The AJ channel has been deleted, no coming back possible. It used to be huge, almost the main opponent to mainstream-TV, with a right-wing angle, at least in the US. I am not an all-out Infowars fan as I...
  5. Sinera

    Martin Luther King RVed by Farsight

    This movie is now two years old (published March 2016 via Vimeo chargeable for stream or buy, see link on Vimeo) but it's now available to the public without charge on YouTube on the Farsight channel. Maybe a kind of bonus/gift from Courtney Brown I suppose. Have not seen it yet. From the YT...
  6. Sinera

    Journal Sinera, Metaphysical Detective, Case #1: Who's Netscher's 'Young Lady playing the Guitar'?

    Okay, long title, I know. :fp|-) Bear with me. :p It's a bit of a fun side project. But I might try 'solve' more cases like this, hopefully, that's why I called it 'Journal' now. I found out data before via AP and sometimes documented it also in my old journal at the AD. I decided however to...
  7. Sinera

    Astral (Group) Projection: Learn the Doorway Technique

    A forum friend of mine I know for quite a few years with the avatar names Lionheart, Lumaza or Shu-Man in different forums has asked to share/ask this on similar websites and communities. This is about an effective AP method he developed (and still does). He is also a teacher of AP / OBE...
  8. Sinera

    Master Healer Dennis Adams of Mt. Shasta (interview)

    Don't know how I stumbled across him in the first place, had it bookmarked a while but now watched it and did not regret it. Dennis Adams is a natural mind/energy healer from Mt. Shasta and has had lots of success so far, even while working in a hospital together with doctors. He also does...
  9. Sinera

    Closed: Reconnective Healing (My Practice Journal)

    Introduction This is my Journal about my Energy Healing Practice. It will start soon, or at least in 2018 which is a personal 'shift year' for me. Although a recent deal in my hometown with a possible landlord failed I am still very optimistic. That's also why I start this thread. As the...
  10. Sinera

    Farsight: War In Heaven

    Could be interesting again. All 3 RVers corroborate each other - at least according to Mr. Brown, cannot confirm it entirely from the short clips. Anyway, it seems to be quite thrilling if true. :bag On a negative note: The excellent and experienced 'old guys', Daz Smith and Dick Alguire...
  11. Sinera

    Scientists discover brain links to higher consciousness/dimensions

    Maybe this is also a part of the 'Positive Steps' we talk about in a recent thread. Yes, it's a slow process and the resistance from reductionist/materialist backward scientists is still strong. But here is yet another nail in the coffin of their outdated false belief that the brain 'contains'...
  12. Sinera

    Psychic Chinese Children Teleportation Experiments From 1981

    Sinera submitted a new article. Psychic Chinese Children Teleportation Experiments From 1981 I came across this military/scientific report many years ago and had it bookmarked, as well as downloaded in pdf format. It's now almost 13 years old since publishing. However, the experiments reach...
  13. Sinera

    Chinese Psychic Children Teleportation Experiments

    I came across this military/scientific report many many years ago, even had it bookmarked and downloaded as pdf then. It is now as you can see almost 13 years old since publishing. However, the experiments it talks about reach back to the 80ies. I stumbled across it again in a recent article and...
  14. Sinera

    The Puncture — An Astral Vision For Humanity From 2011

    Sinera submitted a new article. The Puncture — An Astral Vision For Humanity From 2011 Since there is again a lot of talk about the incoming energies for a 'shift' of humanity, I felt reminded of my own "Vision for Humanity" I was given in the year 2011 during an astral projection. I met a guy...
  15. Sinera

    The Puncture (my astral vision for Humanity from Nov 2011)

    [Thread promoted to the front page): https://www.transients.info/2017/06/puncture-astral-vision/ — Laron] Since there is again a lot of talk about the incoming energies for a 'shift' of humanity, I felt again reminded of my own "Vision for Humanity" I was given in the year 2011 during an astral...
  16. Sinera

    Mary Rodwell presentation on ET and Starseeds

    Mary Rodwell (with a d, not Roswell, but it would be fitting, too ;)) is a kind of Australian version of Dolores Cannon. I highly recommend watching this video of one of her recent talks on the subject(s). More descriptions are taken from the YT info text of the uploader:
  17. Sinera

    Instant or Dream Telepathy

    Post your telepathic experiences if you like. It's about telepathy in the physical with more or less instant reaction by the receiver as evidence (or shocking coincidence ;)) - normally unintended or in some cases intended by the sender. Or cases of dream telepathy. I'll start with one of mine...
  18. Sinera

    Wow! ISS and Atlantis Space Shuttle

    This new student of Courtney Brown's Farsight is amazing! Now, skeptics will once again have a hard time trying to debunk this. :D Unfortunately, in the YT comments some flatearthers joined stating that the ISS is not real, she must have viewed it in a water tank on the ground or so ...
  19. Sinera

    Farsight's Mystery Series Continues (at last!)

    Not that the Time-Cross project isn't already great, but I am happy and not the only one that FI at last continues with their Mystery Projects again. Seems UFO related according to the graphics and drawings. I think it might not be free to watch but I have a Vimeo account and might pay for it...
  20. Sinera

    Kurt Leland — Teacher and Author (OBE, Psychic / Spiritual Development)

    Since I just today posted sth on Robert Bruce's AD forum about his brandnew book because Kurt was a member there and we have some 'fans' of him (including me) I thought I might make a short introduction thread about him here too. I am really lucky that during my early active and 'wild' years...