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  1. Kristy

    Crystal identification

    Take a photo outside in natural light against abplain background. If it is a lighter crystal use a darker background, if it is a darker crystal use I white background.
  2. Kristy

    My new crystal cluster

    You are very correct
  3. Kristy


    Looks like maybe a wild orchid.
  4. Kristy

    Event Remote Group Healing (Sushumna) | Weekend of the 22nd of July, 2017

    My hands have been activated off and on all morning but at 1:30pm EST they activated and haven't shut off yet. They are pulsating right now and I fee like I need to run around and touch anything living.
  5. Kristy

    My new crystal cluster

    Idk how y'all are seeing that as brown lol. I see a maroon color. And definitely not glass. I can see the marked from the tumbling process; they are vey distinct if you have ever used a tumbler.
  6. Kristy

    My new crystal cluster

    The blue could actually be Aquamarine. Just came to me
  7. Kristy

    My new crystal cluster

    That's a nice cluster you have there. I can see a few generator points coming off. Lots of power in there for sure
  8. Kristy

    My new crystal cluster

    The blue one to the right looks like tumble looks like either blue aragonite or amazonite. Can't tell by just one angle. The heart looks like a type of Agate. Again hard to tell by just one angle. The reddish looks like garnet. Easier to identify with more angles and in natural sunlight...
  9. Kristy

    Stone ID Challenge

    What I can see so far is: Moss Agate Yellow calcite Quartz Unakite Carnelian A few different jaspers The deep blue could be sodalite or lapis. Hard to tell from the angle I would suggest getting the crystal bible series or the book of stones. They will help you identify. Plus the crystal...
  10. Kristy

    Crystal identification

    Angelite is actually called Anhydrite. It's related to celestite. http://www.healing-crystals-for-you.com/angelite.html
  11. Kristy

    Info The Top 8 New Age Crystals

    Golmona I have most of these in my shop and some are on the way. There are a couple that are a bit harder to get but I am trying to find the right vendor so I don't have to charge so much. I will make sure to tag you in the ones I do have when I post them in my group. Much love. <3
  12. Kristy

    What is your favorite crystal?

    That is a nice piece. I love auralite <3 thank you for sharing with us.
  13. Kristy

    An afternoon at the local rock shop

    I completely agree. I also think that was so amazing what your husband experienced. That brought flutters to my heart and filled me with joy
  14. Kristy

    Cloud Cities -An inter-dimensional Space

    Pooja For me that make some kind of sense. As I did feel the doorways did lead to other realities. I have traveled through portals before during astral travels and I believe a portal opening to another dimension or reality can be represented through various things. Like in my QHHT it was a...
  15. Kristy

    Hahaha yeah that works too

    Hahaha yeah that works too
  16. Kristy

    Selling crystals and changing lives

    Selling crystals and changing lives
  17. Kristy

    Do crystals "fight" among themselves??

    Hi Sam Vause In regards to your question about crystals resisting, that is actually true. Some crystals do not work well with others and prefer to be alone. There are crystals that work well together and I suggest maybe bookmarking this site (I'll post at the bottom) as it is one that I use a...