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  1. Linda

    The Woman From A Parallel Universe

    ...start to fuss at "me" for ignoring him. Mandella - they seem to be more discreet, smaller things like when someone died, book authors, and bible verses. Collapsing timelines - now this idea really interests me. So many choices in our lives come from small actions - went this way and not...
  2. Hailstones Melt

    A Place of Fortresses
  3. June

    My brush with 5G

    ...kill the planet they simply take off to find another one to take over and ruin. I’m not religious but I think there are seeds of truth in the bible, and I seem to remember when speaking about the end times, it says, “ Unless those days are cut short no flesh will survive. “ Interesting to...
  4. Hailstones Melt

    What if Armageddon is from the perspective of the deep state/satanic forces?

    You're so right, Maryann, just the visual of burning at the stake, or even the mention of it in a novel, has me in tears. Sitting in a cinema once when that scene came on the screen, I felt like standing up and screaming, I felt so angry about it. That is a wound that shows itself even through...
  5. Maryann

    What if Armageddon is from the perspective of the deep state/satanic forces?

    Regarding your list above, therium, there are the many prophecies of Kim Clement, such as this: Whether or not you give the time of day to the Bible story, there is a reality to that as there is to any other highly invested thoughtform, on one level. I've had my own very real experiences...
  6. therium

    Out of Body Experiences to the Spirit World (Part 1)

    Hailstones Melt I have to agree as this explanation helps me explain the creation portion of the bible. In the bible it says "God spoke and created thus and such". What I think it is supposed to mean is vibrational energies created some things. Whether the sound energies were actual words I...
  7. therium

    Predictions of earth changes, what you might see

    ...who are guillible being taken over by demons who cannot be seen in the third frequency.) I've had this feeling that the (information in the) bible has been tainted by bad entities for many thousands of years now, it doesn't quite add up. If God is a god of love and forgiveness, why the...
  8. Anaeika

    Help Crystal Identification — Post your Photo Here

    The orange one in middle looks like citrine. You are right about amethyst. Everyone looking for rock identification should get themselves The Crystal Bible. It is excellent.
  9. Pod

    Is NASA deceiving us? When astronauts rise from the dead

    I totally agree with you CrystalSong. But those people were not the same people that made the original documentary and did the research. Those were German people, the English was over spoken at times and also dubbed at others. So I cannot say that the crass and undignified behavior of the...
  10. CrystalSong

    Is NASA deceiving us? When astronauts rise from the dead

    Just why? Why would the whole crew agree to fake their own deaths? In terms of the reporters trying to get the astronauts to 'swear on the Bible that they'd really been in space'...that proved nothing. The reporters were just being annoying and harassing. If some reporter came to me hassling me...
  11. Alain

    What if Armageddon is from the perspective of the deep state/satanic forces?

    That is a good time already with the op The only thing to know with religions are love and unity. I don t practice one except that of the heart. I agree books were changed to such a point the most usefull informations can be stored in the vactican
  12. Hailstones Melt

    What if Armageddon is from the perspective of the deep state/satanic forces?

    Before the age of 20, I contemplated very deeply about whether a man/being called Jesus walked the Earth and did the things mentioned in the Bible (the one with the restricted story line that we have ended up with). I did this because I seemed driven to do it (walking around the school oval...
  13. therium

    What if Armageddon is from the perspective of the deep state/satanic forces?

    No problem here. I'm not religious myself. I just mentioned Jesus because more people are familiar with that name. Whenever someone quotes the bible, like as a prophecy, I just change all of the words "Jesus" to "love" and it makes more sense to me. Personally, I'm not into religion and I assume...
  14. Sean

    Important Information About The Holy Spirit's Evolution On Earth

    Sean submitted a new article. Continue to the full article here.
  15. June

    5 colonies on Mars...anyone seen them all?

    I like the sound of your grandma, that she took off and found some ancient giant Sumerian’s. I also know what she meant by being excited about going home, I’ve felt the same for some time, not about god the creator, but you kno what I mean. What you’ve experienced here is facinating, it must be...
  16. CrystalSong

    5 colonies on Mars...anyone seen them all?

    ...thinking "so that's where the Sumerians went too, their 6th dimensional beings now!" Grandmother was a Christian and every year read the Bible from cover to cover and she'd even got to go to Israel before she died - The Holy Land. However I'd never heard her express an interest in Sumerians...
  17. Alain

    The Event is Upon Us part 3

    Perhaps the things that were rotten are disapearing faster and faster so the trust in religion can be again pure
  18. Anaeika

    The Event is Upon Us part 3

    I agree with you, Linda. I see this at the baptist church that I have my preschooler go to for their mothers day out program. They call the bible school for children there “5th dimension”. Whoa! Did that ever catch my eye! I will try to take a picture of it tomorrow and share if I remember...
  19. June

    Deep State, MK-Ultra, and Some Amazing Synchronicities

    I’ve listened to Dr B video, and pleased that someone else is bringing these things to light. For years David Icke has been telling us about the bloodlines that go back to Babylonian times. About how right up to today small children are being sacrificed, raped and tortured, their psyches...
  20. therium

    My NDE at 18 months old

    ...was never persecuted or crucified. He just travelled the countryside spreading his teachings. There are very few passages about Emmanual in the bible today and only a couple songs I have found using his name. I think it was a helper spirit who appeared as Jesus. I do not follow any...