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Recent content by Laron

  1. Laron

    Divine Guidance: Advice For Your Journey

    Here is Anaeika's one that she requested earlier over a message. Three spots left!
  2. Laron

    Volunteers & Star Seeds Within Buddhist Teachings

    The book I'm reading called the Intelligent Heart is by a Buddhist teacher. It's not focused on detachment, but compassion and ego. It's about changing your attention to other peoples suffering and not your own. In a way, you are detaching from your own issues though. It's heavy reading and one...
  3. Laron

    Divine Guidance: Advice For Your Journey

    This feels like it's going to be divine, Carl. :)s
  4. Laron

    Divine Guidance: Advice For Your Journey

    For the first five to make a request, I'll pick out one card for you from this deck: Note I do full tarot readings which can include a question, via my site: http://laron.nz. The decks I switch between for readings are the Animal Divine and Wild Wood Tarot.
  5. Laron

    Volunteers & Star Seeds Within Buddhist Teachings

    I didn't notice anything immediately there that mentioned volunteers or star seeds, it was just an article about existing aliens visiting I think. Lobsang Rampa mentioned this on a regular basis throughout his books (i've read them all). I also posted the question on Facebook and have had no...
  6. Laron

    Mothership Hayabusa2 Drops Two Robots on Asteroid Ryugu

    My feeling that this was more about the potential of making a lot of money. But perhaps there is some real science here about finding a new metal or material that can be used for positive benefits back on earth.
  7. Laron

    Event Group Distant Healing | Weekend: September 22, 2018

    Here is Xabbu, a photo I took yesterday. He's doing a lot better than he was based on his recent visit to the vet to get his lungs drained again. The medication helps with that but there is a balance required with the amount. He's been sitting beside me at the desk this morning and acting...
  8. Laron

    Free 1 card tarot reading to first 10 who respond

    I'm looking forward to this reading!
  9. Laron

    Happy Birthday TaoDusk

    Happy Birthday TaoDusk
  10. Laron

    What image represents your home?

    I love watching Dolphins frolic in the water!
  11. Laron

    Cat Sees His Owner's Video In Phone Who Has Died

    That's why you're an illusion investigator! ;)
  12. Laron

    Pheromone Parties: A Method of Finding The 'One'

    Pheromone parties are social events that singles attend for the purpose of finding a mate by sniffing anonymous pieces of clothing. After sleeping in the same t-shirt for 3 days, they’re all gathered into zip lock bags for the singles to smell. If one is agreeable then you’re on a date with the...
  13. Laron

    A Walipini Greenhouse

    A Walipini is a greenhouse built into the ground to take advantage of the stable temperatures and thermal mass of the earth and enable you to grow all year long, in almost any climate. Those those living at a high elevation wondering about trying this, elevation may affect the type and...
  14. Laron

    Mothership Hayabusa2 Drops Two Robots on Asteroid Ryugu

    Thanks to the mothership Hayabusa2, today Japan has made history by landing two robots on the diamond-shaped asteroid Ryugu. The little explorers are traversing the space rock's rugged surface and sending pictures back to Earth. The rovers are built with rotating motors which allows them to...