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Crystals Awarded to Kristy

  1. 40

    A Azurite for attracting 650 ratings

    Six hundred and fifty times your content has now been rated.
  2. 50

    A Topaz for being around for a year

    You have been here for a year in total. That's a while.
  3. 50

    A Plume Agate for six months of activity

    You have been on the Roundtable for six months now! I guess it's alright here afterall!
  4. 30

    A Gypsum Plate for attracting 500 ratings

    Content you have posted has attracted 500 ratings.
  5. 27

    A Stibnite with Calcite for attracting 400 ratings

    You have been rated 400 times now!
  6. 18

    A Moonstone for getting 150 ratings

    Content you have posted has now attracted 150 ratings.
  7. 15

    A Blue Lace Agate for one and fifty posts

    You've posted 150 times!
  8. 13

    A Blue Celestine for getting 75 ratings

    Content you have posted has received 75 ratings.
  9. 9

    A Green Aventurine for seventy five posts

    75 posts now. Time flows on.
  10. 12

    A Carnelian for receiving 50 ratings

    Your posts have been rated 50 times.
  11. 7

    A Blue Kyanite for fifty posts

    50 posts submitted. The doors are opening.
  12. 60

    A Cuprite Specimen for 500 positive ratings

    Five hundred times your posts have been positively rated. Not bad.
  13. 20

    A Tiger's Eye for 250 ratings

    Your content has been rated 250 times.
  14. 0

    An Australian Thunder Egg for your Birthday!

    Happy Birthday. Blessings to you from the transients.info Forum staff.
  15. 10

    A Citrine for one hundred posts

    You've posted 100 times. I hope this took longer than a day!
  16. 15

    A Watermelon Tourmaline for getting 100 ratings

    Content you have posted has attracted 100 ratings.
  17. 30

    A Red Quartz for 100 positive ratings

    You have hit one hundred positive ratings in total. That's pretty positive.
  18. 5

    An Amethyst for thirty posts

    30 posts. You are settling in!
  19. 10

    A Red Jasper for receiving 25 ratings

    Your posts have been rated 25 times.
  20. 2

    A Fluorite for your first rating

    Somebody out there rated one of your posts. Continue on with our great posts!
  21. 1

    A Clear Quartz for your first post

    Post a message somewhere on the site to receive this.