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Recent content by Golmona

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    How to make the world's best paper airplane

    takes making paper airplanes to a whole other level :D
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    Teaching children meditation

    I find it really funny you should mention sports as that's exactly what my husband always accentuates when it comes to our son :) I think sports can definitely play a big role in a child's life and if that's the case then it can be a framework through which mindfulness can be moulded into a...
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    Teaching children meditation

    anony. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with your special little ones. It deeply touches my heart to read through it all and I sense so much wisdom in you
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    Mindful children's books

    Fantastic! Loving some of the titles :)
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    Teaching children meditation

    I agree with you as I have experienced this myself first hand. A dysfunctional family situation in my case only pushed me in the opposite direction than my parents intended as I grew up not having any trust in them or their capabilities. Having said that, the rebellious phase did not last and as...
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    Teaching children meditation

    This sounds fantastic Angela, do you mind sharing these with us? Absolutely! beautifully put. I found Generation Mindful online and they have some really cool tools that can be very helpful for children and parents alike. For example they make these colorful posters that help children identify...
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    Teaching children meditation

    Am curious if any of you have any experience with incorporating a meditation practice into your child(ren)’s daily routine? And how do you go about encouraging a mindful presence, especially when children enter their teenage years. I feel younger children are inherently more present in the...
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    What to say to kids instead of "Be Careful!"

    I also love using “be mindful” It’s less fear indusing and encourages mindful presence :)
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    How The Education System Limits Your Consciousness

    The author raises some very good questions, specifically towards the end. Part of this trap is also parents thinking they themselves nor their kids have the ability to learn the important things in life without the need of the conventional education system. Thinking without the education their...
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    Every Kid in a Park

    What a great initiative indeed!
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    Researching vaccines: Where do we start

    As my research continues my resolve not to vaccinate my child(ren) strengthens. I would like to share the last article I've read regarding the subject matter as it is quite fascinating. In this article a Harvard immunologist has written an open letter to legislators explaining why unvaccinated...
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    When a kid leaves the traditional education system behind

    The second video does not seem to work though Laron
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    When a kid leaves the traditional education system behind

    Great talks Laron! I have been increasingly interested in the topic of homeschooling/unschooling as of late as my son grows older and we inevitably reach a point when we have to make a decision regarding the approach we want to take with his education. I lean more and more towards...
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    Thanks so much Laron :)

    Thanks so much Laron :)
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    Thanks so much Linda :)

    Thanks so much Linda :)