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Maryann Article Temporal Markers: The (Downloadable) List 19 896 Read more
Maryann Article The I of the Needle Is One: Nine's Path Pleiadian Message, Feb. 6 7 481 Read more
Maryann Article Markers: Are We There Yet? 103 7,572 Read more
Maryann Article Time to Remember the Way: Lomareil of the League of Light, Nine's Path 0 336 Read more
David Topi Article Erasing the Codes of the Collective Unconscious that Facilitate the Manipulation of Reality 0 485 Read more
Janne Article Ceres into Aquarius & Eris, Haumea and MakeMake at station 1 430 Read more
Henda Article Transcendent Alchemist Healers: Who Are They ? What Is Their Mission ? 15 834 Read more
Maryann Article Joy Awaits: Nine's Path Weekly Pleiadian Message, Jan. 30 1 344 Read more
Lila Remote Group Healing Weekend of February 1, 2020 14 737 Read more
Maryann Article You Are Ready: A Transmission from Archangel Michael 12 773 Read more
David Topi Article Stopping the Infection of "Coronavirus" & The "Energetic" Functioning of Infection 22 1,374 Read more
Janne Article Aquarian New moon 0 250 Read more
David Topi Article Correcting the fate of timeline 33 towards more “positive” destinations 4 483 Read more
Maryann Article You're Trying Too Hard: Nine's Path Pleiadian Message, week of Jan. 23 3 343 Read more
Janne Article Sun into Aquarius tomorrow 1 255 Read more
David Topi Article Checklist January 2020: Status of processes and octaves underway on our planet 8 739 Read more