Recommended Teachers

When it comes to consciousness exploration and spiritual development, some of us have had the direct experience and progression to know what works, and what is most efficient while on the path. Below are a few of the recommended teachers that can greatly help improve not only one’s understandings of the system of life, but provide doors that can be opened for exploring and expanding consciousness.

Dolores Cannon

Dolorse Cannon
Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon is well-known for the many books she has published. All of her books are based upon the information she has obtained through hypnosis based past life and in-between life regression. Before she passed, she had thousands of clients visit her over the course of her career and is one of the most experienced past life / in-between life regressionists in the world.

Dolores Cannon is the teacher of past life / in-between life regression and the name she has given her method is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. Her method of regression is very unique. She uses a hypnosis based induction which takes the client into a deep state. Half of the session is focused on past lives or experiences between lives. The second half of her sessions are then focused on healing, as the higher self or ‘over-soul’ of the client is brought in and speaks through the client as they enter a trance state.

Because of the connection which is made to the higher self, healing can take place within the session, no matter what the illness or condition may be. There are many reasons why we get sick, so there are always exceptions and different circumstances depending on the client. The higher self answers any questions that is asked and explains why the client has become ill, as this is crucial for the healing process.

Dolores Cannon’s information is very consciousness expanding and unique. Her focus is more on the experiences outside of the Earth experience, as in the experiences souls have when they are not having an incarnation on Earth. She also has provided a lot of information focused around ‘volunteer’ based souls, which are also known as ‘star seeds’ even though some volunteers are not from the stars in our physical third dimensional universe.

While Dolores has published around twenty books, some of the books we highly recommend are, The Custodians, The Keepers of the Garden, Between Death and Life: Conversations with a Spirit, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth, and Book Three of the Convoluted Universe. You can find Dolores’ website here,

Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell
Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell was once a student of the late Robert Monroe. Tom played a big role in the creation and early running of the Monroe Institute in Virginia, U.S.A,back in the early 70’s — a nonprofit education and research organisation devoted to the exploration of human consciousness.

We have found that Tom Campbell is one of the most accurate and experienced teachers of consciousness and spiritual development alive today. From what we have observed, he has surpassed Robert Monroe’s original work and progress, in regards to their out of the body and astral projection experiences. Tom has many years of exploring the planes and dimensions outside of our third dimensional existence here, and Tom has reached a high level of self development in regards to his consciousness and spiritual profession as an individual here on Earth right right now.

What Tom Campbell is currently focusing on in life is talks, workshops and teachings based around his trilogy of three books, titled, ‘My Big TOE‘. TOE stands for ‘Theory of Everything. These books are based upon Tom’s out of body experiences, but also his scientific knowledge as a physicist. Tom also happens to have had a long career as a career physicist. Going from his website, he has been involved in the frontiers of cutting edge technology, large-system simulation, technology development and integration, complex system vulnerability and risk analysis. Presently, and for the past 20 years, he has been at the heart of developing US missile defense systems.

Above is video based introduction from Tom about his theory of everything.

As you can imagine, Tom has a strong scientific mind and he may be the last person you would expect that could teach you how to develop your spirituality and explain to you the spiritual based systems behind how life functions when he could easily be stuck in his left brained scientific thinking. But from what we have seen so far, he manages to juggle all of what he is, while having reached his current state of development.

“My intent is to set your mind free to find truth, not to pile on another layer of belief on top of what you already have, or replace one of your current beliefs with a new one. Freedom – spiritual, emotional, and intellectual freedom – provides the necessary environment for learning. Open minded skepticism is the primary tool you will need to maintain a free mind capable of significant evolutionary progress.” — Tom Campbell

We highly recommend Tom Campbell’s trilogy My big TOE. You can find the My Big TOE trilogy on Amazon here. Currently you can also view the whole Trilogy for free over on Google Books here. The home page for the book trilogy ‘My Big TOE’ Tom’s past and future events Thomas Campbell’s YouTube Channel

Michael Newton

51WH+1nNNmL._SL250_Michael Newton holds a doctorate in Counselling Psychology, is a certified Master Hypnotherapist and is a member of the American Counselling Association. He has been a hypnotherapist for over 50 years and a LBL therapist for over 40 years. LBL stands for Life Between Lives and is the past life / in-between life hypnosis based regression method that he has developed and which is taught through the Newton Institute around the world.

The main difference between ‘Life Between Life’ hypnosis based past life / in-between life therapy and other methods is that instead of focusing solely on a past life, the technique only briefly touches on a single life and then guides the client into the afterlife. From there the client experiences various stages of where a soul goes between lives before planning and returning back to Earth for another.

51rADtUYI7L._SL250_Michael Newton has had thousands of clients and is the author of multiple books, but the two we recommend are Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives (1994), and Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives (2000). These two books are what really define Michael Newton’s career and impact on helping people. We find that these books are some of the most reliable and accurate resources out there for those looking to understand reincarnation, soul contracts and soul groups, the various roles souls can move into after completing and graduating the Earth school, and so much more.

Many answers to questions which you are likely searching for are going to be found within these two books. You can find Journey of Souls on Amazon here and Destiny of Souls as well on Amazon here.