I am a Mystic Master Healer and hold a doctorate in French Linguistics and Political Discourse Analysis. I have been teaching French for several years now. but that ended in 2011, few months before I saw changes coming my way. On 2014 I became a Certified Foundational Reconnective Healer Level II/III. On the 7 of July, 2016, I received The Golden Crystalline Light of Grace leading me to a new spiritual journey.
The Lions And The Shift Plus Other Encounters

The Lions And The Shift Plus Other Encounters | Travelling Through Dimensions (Part 3)

Encountering Lions The Black Lion’s Cave in UK I was on the Adar Llwch Gwin’s back flying over the Loch Ness (heading north) and then...
Call of a Soul

The Call Of A Soul

I want to dedicate this article to those who have lost a dear one, whoever that may be, because recently it’s the first time...
Earth Dragons and other Realms - Travelling Through Dimensions (Part 2)

Earth Dragons and other Realms | Travelling Through Dimensions (Part 2)

Experiences Out of the body: Encountering Dragons in the UK in Parallel Realms Written By Henda I have been travelling the dimensions through meditations and these...
Parallel Worlds & Out of Body Experiences

Travelling Through Dimensions (Part 1)| Out of Body Experiences by Henda

Out of Body Experiences and the Spiritual Path The out of body experiences are different from one person to another. Our ways or techniques to...

Travelling In Parallel Worlds (Part 2/2) | Henda

The Soul Journey Through Parallel Worlds We are all here for a mission. We all know that. As a natural projector, I have been living...

Travelling In Parallel Worlds (Part 1/2) | Henda

Scientists Talk About It I did not read many books about this topic, but I began to explore one of them written by Brian Greene,...

My Experiences with Astral Projection | Henda

It is never easy here to be conscious of this reality opening us to our multidimensional being. I always thought that I was dreaming,...
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