Hailstones Melt

;)Can be a cheeky girl :pCan be a funny girl :mad:When I'm angry I let you have it all at once :cool:I don't go in for passive aggressive types (let's face it, nor covert aggressive types) :rolleyes:I've been married twice and am now a single mum as I encourage, boost, uplift, haul and drag my teenage daughter through the washing cycles of pre-teen, teen, maturing teen (thank god, we're nearly there!):bag :cool:I love this unfolding soul journey we're on now, I've had to drop any pretence that I'm into anything else.

A Staged Reality: Our Historical Dating System

Here are 2 short videos related to the questioning of the accepted historical dating system. A Russian working at the Lomonosov Moscow State University...
French newspaper article about The Oldest Known Message in a Bottle

The Oldest Known Message in a Bottle — Found on Wedge Island, Western Australia

An old, unusual brown glass bottle has been found on a beach on Wedge Island, an interesting location on the west coast of Western...
Darkest Hour

The Darkest Hour & Manifestation

I saw an important movie yesterday, The Darkest Hour, starring Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill when he took over the prime ministership of Britain...
Message Sticks

Message Sticks — Used by the Indigenous Worldwide

I asked a question of myself yesterday: “What didn’t the aboriginal peoples know?”, for the simple reason that they seemed to have been in...
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