Brad Austen

Brad is an intuitive writer, channel, spiritual and meditation teacher and recording artist. He is passionate about writing and producing guided meditations to aid relaxation, healing and spiritual growth.

Becoming a Balanced Human Being in an Imbalanced World | Brad Austen

You may wonder, how does one become or remain balanced in an imbalanced world? With so much negativity and suffering happening in the world,...

Transcending Victim Consciousness With Awareness | Brad Austen

Transcending victim consciousness is an interesting topic to contemplate. On a human level our awareness is somewhat limited, in comparison to our soul's level...

The Importance of Grounding — Learning to Ground and Connect with the Earth

Grounding, which is sometimes also called 'earthing', is an important practice to help one feel balanced, safe and connected. There are many situations in...

Trusting Your Intuition — Navigating the Spiritual Minefield

When beginning your spiritual journey and awakening, it can be a bit of a spiritual minefield at times. There can be many pitfalls and...

Learning to Visualize in Meditation – A Guide For Beginners

Over the years, some people have said to me that they have trouble visualizing in meditation. While it is not essential to visualize in...

Channeling and Discernment

Reading or listening to channeled information can be a great way to receive new and higher knowledge that we don't normally have access to....

What Is The Meaning of Life?

Many great men and women over the centuries have questioned the meaning of life. This article will explore this theme and also encourage you...

What Does It Mean To Be Free?

Lately I've been enjoying some time away from computers and technology. I came to the realization that in one sense technology liberates us but...

Reading the Future

Humanity has taken an interest in the future, particularly their personal future over many ages. Psychic readers and intuitives have been sought after to...

Human Destiny | An interview with Brad Austen

What guides our destiny? Is it so important nowadays?   It is our soul that ultimately guides our destiny, but also our ego personality and free-will...
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