Bev Goodman

Bev Goodman is the author of, Stupid Idiot, Woodfield, a gated community and Links (part 1), which are all available on Amazon. She has also edited several books and has worked in the past as a lawyer (JD) in the USA. Bev gave up on her career as a lawyer and started on her spiritual journey while raising her two children. Bev also has two psychology based Bachelor of Art degrees.
Bast - Defying Gravity — The High Priestess

Defying Gravity — The High Priestess

Taking the route less traveled embodies a meaning hidden far from the eyes of those in the world. It means more than merely choosing...
Pain - Seeing Through the Four Walls

Seeing Through The Four Walls

The pain of losing someone can be indescribable. It has the gift of reaching a depth within — one has no idea it even...

Scales of Justice No More

Most of us have a dream or vision of how we would like the New Earth to function. Overall, however, there appears to be...
Simply A Tree

Simply a Tree

One of the most awe inspiring parts of living a spiritual lifestyle is 'awareness.' Being 'aware' of not only the simple beauty of a...

There Is No Birth Control

A short while ago someone closely related to me said: "You let me down. You did nothing to help me when I needed you." These...

Is it really Love?

A common concern among many who awaken or ascend is that their loved ones are not on the same page as them: What will...

Third Eye Blindness

Today, I unexpectedly found myself catching glimpses of the news on television. Something, I seldom if ever do. However, it was one of those...

Your Name Gives You Away!

Numerology is an ancient art. While its base originated with the infamous mathematician, Pythagoras, its practice over the years has become rather uncomplicated, and...

Silent Knights

I often wonder why so many light workers believe we need to protect ourselves with mental visualization before we go out.  And, why they...
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