About Us & Our Mission Statement

This community includes contributing writers for transients.info and those over on our forum The Roundtable. We’re a bunch of souls who have similar understandings, but always respect our differences while continuing to maintain an open mind within the space that transients holds.

The main focus of this website is to broaden the understandings of those who happen to stumble upon it, with a specific focus on expanding a person’s consciousness through as much accurate and helpful information as possible. We also inspire creativity through creation. An important aspect of this site is not just about teaching and sharing information, but also sparking consciousness into taking action, whether that is towards self-development via healing, improving one’s health and life circumstances, or from possibly having an aspect activate within which leads one on a journey towards finding their purpose.

As the shift in consciousness progresses forward and great change continues to occur in the world, our time now is more important than ever to find not just meaning, but guidance, as the Earth changes underneath us. While information can only get a person so far, direct experience and action is required and this is an important aspect of where transients.info is heading. We are currently running regular activities such as astral projection projects and weekly distant group healings over on our forum, and more is in the pipeline.

The meaning of the word ‘transients’ is really about how temporary we are here as energy and consciousness within a dense physical body on Earth. Whether we are coming back into another life after this one, or moving on into another space and role on the other side, it doesn’t matter, we still exist here on a temporary basis based on the purpose we planned before arriving.

Therefore we are each transient in nature, as time also works very differently outside of this dimension; when viewing life down here, in the blink of an eye it can end — let’s make the most of it.

The Roundtable Forum

The Roundtable Forum (https://www.transients.info/roundtable/) has a range of boards and topics, each moderated by people with a lot of experience in their respective fields, and is a space for those regulars of transients.info. It’s primary purpose is to provide key information for spiritual growth, but also has other topics including metaphysics, health, nutrition,creativity, conscious parenting, gardening and horticulture, survivalism, and a whole lot more. It’s also a place where we organise events to further expand people’s consciousnesses.

The Roundtable Forum banner artwork, licensed to transients.info, is designed by illustrator and author, Marilena Mexi. You can find Marilena on YouTube here, DeviantArt here, and her homepage right here: www.marilenamexi.com/.

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Contributing Authors

Those that contribute original articles on a more regular basis are listed below.

Bernie (Unspun News)

After over 30 years at sea, Bernie came ashore to graduate from Captain up to being a Single Dad.  In this new incarnation he developed a few other pursuits (Olympic-style precision pistol shooting – aka meditation on a range – short story writing, and an interest in geo-politics, ‘conspiracy facts’, and hidden knowledge). In the late ’90s, Unspun was born, having gestated as emailed notes to a friend who was too busy to have the browsing time to keep informed. This led to a collection of alternative news sources, reliable and reputable commentators and correspondents who operate outside the global mainstream ‘controlled news’ system. He lives in Tasmania with his wife, dog, two cockateils, three sheep, and a ‘basically Buddhist’ philosophy.


Brad Austen started his spiritual journey from a young age and has always been interested in new age books, ETs and channeled material. He has had training in meditation, psychic development and mediumship. One evening during a meditation class, he received a vision and inspiration to create his own guided meditation CD. The CD was well received in meditation classes and on digital stores such as iTunes; Brad later went on to teach his own meditation classes. He has since released 16 guided meditation albums and is passionate about creating more to share with the world. Brad also enjoys writing spirit-inspired articles on the topics of spiritual growth and ascension.


Who Am I? That is indeed a wonderful question to ask. I have always found it hard to speak about myself. That is part of my path… learning to love myself first. I have a PhD in French Linguistics but with a trans-disciplinary dimension. And have been teaching French for several years now. That ended on 2011 few months before I see changing coming my way. I had personal issues few years ago from 2006 till 2012 when I saw my old world crumbling down. This led me straight to Reconnective Healing, those Frequencies of Light and Information which helped me be who I am today and see myself beyond the veil. I am still discovering myself and my potential as a volunteer here working to help around me and help myself too. I am a Starseed from The Pleiades and Sirius and I have been there during some astral travelling with my guides. I feel the need to learn with all of you here and follow my path. Transient is a trans-dimensional gate — that’s what I see. And it is the beginning of a wonderful and magical journey here. Love You so Much <3.


Founder and the current editor of transients.info, Laron is a consciousness focused guide and teacher, healing facilitator, poet and writer originally from New Zealand. In addition to a great deal of self-development and healing, Laron has studied many metaphysical related resources over the years. Starting from around 2004, he began researching the 2012 phenomenon which provided him with a solid foundation towards understanding the changes going on in the world — which we here at transients.info refer to as the shift in consciousness. In the greater scheme of things, when thinking multidimensional, Laron believes life here is very transient in nature, and hence the name of this website. Feel free to add (or follow) Laron on Facebook here and you can also find his website right here, http://laron.nz.


Transmitting through the lens of Nine, Maryann Rada writes as the terrestrial contact point for the Pleiadians of the League of Light. The writings and other creative work is all in partnership with a higher consciousness and extends through time and space to modulate through the DNA-attuned download to come into service to awakening humanity. The Nine’s Path main website encompasses the original writings of the Pleiadian Renegades and others in the League of Light crew which appeared on the site Opalescent Nine, along with Pleiadian tarot and a new path exploring galactic history. That, and a library of books, is the culmination of lifetimes of work on a mission to open eyes, minds, and hearts to a deeper experience of love and being.


Michael Knight (no relation to Ramtha’s channel, JZ Knight) started his international journalism career in New Zealand in 1960. He has been a student of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE) since 1988 and now lives in Washington state. USA. He is president of North Star Publishing Inc, and Editor of the weekly subscription-based North Star Newsletter. Michael Knight is also author of the new book, President Trump And The New World Order: The Ramtha Trump Prophecy (Kindle Edition Print Edition).


Sean McCleary has been writing in metaphysics extensively for about 7 years. He’s just finished a book called Earth’s Miracle Through the Paradigm Shift. It details the shift in consciousness here like no other has before. The foundation for his life rests within the realm of divinity, love and peace. He currently writes for five different metaphysical web journals and uses his Facebook page as a means to deliver metaphysical truth to people. Sean had a very powerful spiritual experience in May of 2011, which has been ongoing ever since. What he began to understand in the last few years is that his consciousness is directly tied into the Paradigm Shift and that he knows he has received a special gift from Universal consciousness and loves to pass this gift on to others through his writing and creative work. Earth is going through a fantastic change with evolution Sean says, and all of its inhabitants will benefit greatly here soon. He looks forward to the advancement in consciousness and working towards the final product which will be World Peace. Sean believes planet Earth is a living organism with a consciousness and is very special to existence — everybody is going to realize that very soon.


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