Explaining The New Reality Crossover & Helping Us See It


After a few days of intense operation of extraction of entities and waiting for you to have completed the previous requests to eliminate the codes that mark us facing the control system in one of the classificatory levels in which we are divided according to our “dangerousness,” we continue with our personal work, while we let the “forces of nature,” under the coordination of the planetary logos and our Higher Selves, continue to extract beings and wait for Asimoss, Amoss and members of the other races to come into contact with some human electromagnetic field to be able to continue extracting them. The latter, now, is what is “paused,” and knowing that if they approach any of us it will be an attempt to extract them, they are taking great care when moving among the population in general, and, as we have said, prefer to send all kinds of entities created by themselves or present in the planet to continue managing and doing the “control” tasks that had been done by the members of the six main races that govern the system of life on Earth.

We, meanwhile, are going to take advantage to continue deprogramming and healing, eliminating everything we can while they “keep busy” protecting themselves, and are somewhat less aware of us individually, which gives us an advantage to accelerate the elimination of elements that prevent us from moving more quickly to higher levels of the timelines 42 or 33, depending on which we are.

The idea, as you know, is to help move everyone who consciously wishes to the last octave of the 33, or the last octave, sublevel 21, of the 42. The first, because when the lines are opened again, an event foreseen for some time next year or the next one, will be those that can pass to timeline 42, the second, because they will be part of the first or first waves that the evolutionary change can make when the physical plane of the 15.6Hz reality is 100% complete.

Explaining the mechanism of reality cross

To try to appease mental distortions about how this change occurs, even at the risk of creating new ones, I will try to explain in a generic way how one can go from a physical plane 7.8 Hz to a physical plane 15.6 Hz, because, obviously, it brings all kinds of different interpretations the idea of ​​”disappearing” from one reality to go to another one of which you have only vague references. I hope not to sow more distortion and confusion with this explanation, if so, we will try to correct it little by little when we have closer the completion of that plane and we can begin to perceive it.

All right. Imagine a box. That box is all our reality, inside; imagine for example the structure of your current home, which will be vibrating around 9Hz on average depending on the area of ​​the planet where you are living. Now imagine that another house like yours is being built on top of it, but it vibrates at another frequency that you do not see. Same shape, same structure, same elements, but it is a new house that fits the current house at a solid level.

So, that new house is superimposed on the current one, so for each element in your home you have “two” of those elements. For example, the sofa or chair in front of you is a solid chair in the 7.8Hz plane, but now there is a 15.6Hz chair superimposed, as if it were a replica that is placed on top of the current chair. The replica vibrates at a frequency that is twice the frequency of vibration of the particles of the chair, thus you can not perceive it, but that does not mean that it is not there.

Thus, you have your house “duplicated” 100%, a complete structure in one plane and another complete structure in another plane, but you still cannot see, interact, touch, or perceive the new structure (because it is still finishing up being built).

Now, imagine that a few years have gone by, at the moment, about 14 or 15, because the solidification process is accelerating and will take less than estimated, but let’s take those 14 years of linear time. In that time, imagine that the physical structure of the current planet has doubled completely, so there are “two versions” of all its elements, a version at about 9Hz and another version at 15.6Hz.

You are still watching the 9Hz version, which is your solid and real world at the moment, and it is not possible to move to your home at 15.6Hz, because your particles have not yet reached, at least, that vibration and frequency. Now imagine that, in the years that lie ahead, we can raise our frequency to level 21 of timeline 42, which is close to that vibration. When your physical body, that is, the atoms that form you at the “solid” level are close to 15.6Hz, you will begin to see “double”. What does this mean?

You will begin to perceive, and it will not be a problem, the two realities more or less at the same time. You will see the 9Hz chair and, in turn, you will have a very real perception, without getting confused or causing you any problems, the 15.6Hz chair. You will perceive the 9Hz walls and perceive the 15.6Hz walls, you will see the 9Hz trees and you will see the 15.6Hz trees. As if you saw reality “double,” but, again, without mental disorders, without hallucinations, without any confusion, without any kind of problem. You can differentiate the world in which you live, the world of 9Hz, of the world that you perceive superimposed, because it will be an extrasensory perception that you will naturally grasp, because you will be at the right level for it.

Once your energy and physical system is completely settled at level 21 of the timeline 42, a process that we will explain at the moment of “tuning” with the 15.6Hz house, beginning to “change” your perception, passing the 15.6Hz structure to be the “real” one for you, and leaving the other as a simple extrasensory “perception”. Little by little, your real world will be 15.6Hz, because you will be higher and higher in frequency, and then it will mean that you are ready to be able to transfer to the new “matrix,” to the “new Earth.”

So, how do I get out of my 9Hz house and go to my 15.6Hz house? Does it mean that I will find the same Earth and the same things that I see now but in another frequency? The first question is the most complicated to answer for the fantasies that this is going to generate, but we go there as well. Once you are able to perceive the two realities, if you are ready to go through, at your point of “residence” at that moment, your Higher Self will create a “step door,” literally, there will be a physical structure in the house where you are that will be very easy to perceive that allows you to completely abandon the current matrix and place yourself definitively on the new Earth, because, for you, who are already at the frequency level of the new Earth, both realities will be almost as solid and tangible, being each time more real the new matrix and increasingly “subtle” the current reality.

Therefore, we will only have to “cross” that bridge of passage that will be perceived only by those at the appropriate frequency level, and at the moment in which we have eliminated everything that impedes the passage, and that person will transition to the new reality with total tranquility, calm, harmony, without shrillness, without attracting attention, without anyone noticing it, because simply, “disappears,” like someone who crosses a door and never returns back. In the new reality, to complete the explanation, there is no exact duplicate of the current world, but a “clean,” virgin world, to be built, therefore, right now, there is only “nature” and more or less that is what which is being superimposed on the current 9Hz structures.

Now, all the questions you have about what will happen if my family is not at my level, if I live with other people, if my friends call me and I have already left, etc., they have an easy answer if you understand that, in these 14 years (or less) everything has to change and adjust, and when I say everything is EVERYTHING, so that those who are going to cross together are in the same “physical” 9Hz structure so that they perceive the cross structure TOGETHER, and those that do not have to cross have to get away from the lives of those who have to do it, and get away so far that they do not have any more problems or thoughts or concerns about where they will be or will not be. There will be mental cleansing in all the collective unconscious, there will be certain erasure of the mental and emotional bodies by the Higher Self of those people who do not transition so that there is no type of “program” or emotion associated with a “loss,” etc.

I am aware that all are questions, and therefore I was not sure if this article and explanation was adequate at the moment, but the perception in the collective unconscious is that there is so much confusion and doubt, fueled by the distortions produced by the control system through other blogs, videos, books, etc., that I believe it was better to try to sow a bit of calm and reduce the anxiety to continue with the work we are doing and that now we will continue explaining.

Distortion Routines of the Reality

If we say that, at some point, we will have to be able to simultaneously perceive the two realities and we will not have any problem in capturing both, knowing perfectly what the base reality is and what reality is in superimposed construction, it is because we have to reach a mental level in which we have eliminated and deprogrammed that which tells us what it is real and what it is not, what it is that “exists” as such and what we are “inventing.” To do this, we have some routines in our preconscious mental sphere that belong to the so-called “paradigm,” of which we have already spoken, that indicate what it is considered “correct” and real and what it is not.

As an analogy, remember the movie the “Truman Show,” where, in Truman’s psyche, his “real” world is the world he sees in the set in which he carries out his existence, therefore, he is programmed to believe that only what is inside that set exists. However, all those outside the set know that this is not the case, that there is much more in reality than what is contained within the “recording set.”

We have those routines that tell us that what we capture by the physical senses is “everything there is,” so that we do not perceive anything other than the enormous recording set we are in, while Asimoss, Amoss, entities and others forces move in and out of it fluently (or they did). To get to grasp 15.6Hz reality, the new Earth, we have to deprogram the programs and routines that say that there is only the current 7.8Hz reality and that what we see is all there is.

With those active routines, your senses can never capture the other reality, because it is filtered by the thousands of filters that are in the preconscious mental sphere and that sift, erase, eliminate or distort what our extra-physical senses capture or do not want to be perceived by the standard programming that we have. When we erase these routines, we will not begin to “see” what is outside the set at once, but we begin the process so that, when the 15.6Hz physical plane is built and superimposed on our current one, we capture it with total naturalness and we can be between both realities without causing us any problems. Then, in future articles, we will be removing the rest of the programs that now slow or limit this perception of the 15.6 Hz etheric plane, since that one is already built, and some people could begin to perceive two etheric planes, superimposed, the current 9Hz and the new 15.6Hz. If you already perceive these two etheric structures for the elements of your physical reality, simply imagine that, at the moment when the new Earth at the physical level is finished, you will perceive the same thing but at the level of the “solid” elements.

Therefore, the request to initiate the deprogramming of what makes it difficult for us to grasp both realities, is as follows, as always, to your Higher Self and several times until it is completed:

I request that all programs, protections, firewalls, devices, routines and filters that prevent the perception of the reality that is being built superimposed on the tangible and solid plane to the current senses of the 7.8Hz matrix be eliminated, initiating and activating the programs and processes that lead me to capture in a completely natural, harmonious and calm the new physical structure that is being completed, as well as the perception of the etheric structure of the new Earth that already exists, if I am frequency wise prepared and at the appropriate level for it. I request that all the frequency limits in my paradigm that dictate the “limits” of what is considered physical reality be deleted so that, once the new physical reality 15.6Hz is superimposed on the current one, it has no problem in perceiving both and distinguish which is my base reality at all times.

I request that this petition be communicated to all the Higher Selves of all human beings on Earth and that they execute it according to their free will if they consider it appropriate. Thank you.

A small step forward in this process and another step that we are going up little by little.



The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given transients.info direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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Thus, you have your house “duplicated” 100%, a complete structure in one plane and another complete structure in another plane,

Darn, I was hoping my new house would be bigger. :)

as far as i understood it he works in direct with his hs, so in a certain sense one of the well developped forerunners
Hailstones Melt
This explanation starts to give me an understanding as to why in the last few weeks I have felt forcefully like removing some items from my house – perhaps lovely in themselves, but these objects reminded me each time I saw them of what has finished for me – my second marriage, and all the deception and emotional pain that went with that. Now I understand that in the 15.6Hz landscape, I won’t be wanting those objects there. Better to remove them now.