Deprogramming the Codes of “Danger” and “Excess” at an Evolutionary Level


While we continue executing the process of deprogramming the self-sabotage routines explained in the last article, we add to this deprogramming a subroutine that will help us to complete the cleaning of one of the parts of the mind of the human being that they use against us, since, as you have already guessed, and in general, it is preferred to use to block us, to “attack” and limit us by using all the systems that we already have in the mind or energy structures and that we have by default and by programming, more that installing new things that, although it is done many times, requires more work by Asimoss, Amoss and other races to carry it out.

Status of the situation

In any case, before going into today’s explanation, let’s see what is the status of the “planetary” cleaning protocols that are underway. Currently, 30% of all Asimoss, Amoss and members of other races are off the planet, either expelled or fled. They have the capability to leave Earth because they have technology to “jump” to the Moon or Mars, although it seems “fiction,” or “conventional” transport in different “space” vehicles that their technology and knowledge has allowed them to develop for millennia. Therefore, those that are not being extracted are “preparing the suitcases” and the forces, groups, and beings that assist Kumar are taking care not to do any damage or execute any action that could cause problems in the points of the Earth in which their logistic bases are located. The situation is serious, but it is very hopeful.

It is believed that they want to “flee” to return with reinforcements, being that a conclusion reached by our Higher Selves that no counter-offensive was initiated by Asimoss, something “strange” knowing the “character” of this race and of its allies like the Amoss, “conquerors by nature” and “fierce” warriors, to put it in a “poetic” way. As always, check everything with your Higher Self to continue receiving the certainties that you need for your confidence in the process.

Therefore, if they are not preparing “something” on the planet and making preparations to get out of here, they may try to regroup somewhere else and then come back. The planetary logo seems to contemplate this possibility and orders are being given so that no one escapes. We will see what those forces that assist us do to take care of it, because, to the vision of the human personality, it is normal that this type of situation seems to us rather taken out of a Star Wars movie and, therefore, directly induces disbelief and the activation of associated programs. That is why, possibly, the details of any type of intervention will only be explained to us, if it occurs, when it is finished, to avoid that our fantasies and distorted thoughts create scenarios in the mental plane that can cause unwanted energetic movements that interfere in completing successfully these planetary cleaning octaves.

On the other hand, many may have seen that my Facebook page and my Twitter account no longer work, they have been deactivated. It had to be done as a “defensive” and precautionary measure, since the egregor of both accounts in both social networks were being used against my energy field, being also a “beacon” to locate me, and be able to “reach” me, because that is how they look for us and locate us in general, by our “electromagnetic signature,” not by the physical postal address, therefore, we had to quickly undo both egregores and dissipate all their energy to be able to “disappear” from the radar until we see that happens. The blog is protected and “hidden” for some time now, both etherically and mentally and also its egregor, but not the rest of the accounts and technological systems that I use. The dissemination of the articles you have available directly through the blog, telegram or email, which have not generated egregor important enough to make it a problem to use.

Well, with these explanations in mind, let’s go with the deprogramming of the routine that we need to add to the process that we started after the last article.

“Alarm” routines for expanding consciousness

All of us, at birth, initiate from the mental spheres a connection protocol to the collective unconscious that governs the geographical area in which you are born by default, not only the global collective unconscious of the temporal timeline 33 or 42, but also the local, regional, national collective unconscious, etc. This protocol automatically activates programs that monitor how the person is, energetically speaking, “measuring” the expansion of their sphere of consciousness, which is what marks the evolutionary level reached by that human being.

As we have talked about it before, and as you have seen in the lecture on the deprogramming of the mind, the sphere of consciousness is a five-dimensional torus that is part of the human being’s mental body and in which not only our personality is located, and our “artificial” consciousness, but also the connection with the consciousness of our Higher Self.

The way to monitor those people who expand their sphere too much, beyond what is stipulated as “normal” for an “average” human, is to install as standard a “code” or program that “jumps” when the sphere of consciousness reaches a size beyond what is “stipulated” according to expectations or what is desired to have. By jumping this energetic “point,” someone (belonging to the control system) sends some entity to “see” who it is and what makes that human being expand his consciousness beyond the “usual” and, once proven, they increase for the person the code of danger that we all usually have installed in the etheric and mental body, and that classifies us to the races in control and the millions of entities that depend on them and that we continue to expel.

Therefore, we will remove both, the codes that mark us and the programs that warn of when we have exceeded a certain level of consciousness expansion, and, in addition, we will request that this petition be shared with all the Higher Selves of the planet, so they, although the personalities of their human counterparts never get to read these lines, can receive the deprogramming if the soul and the Higher Self as a whole decides so since, remember, that having changed the rules of the game, now the Higher Self has the same degrees of free will that the soul has, and then they can execute for the whole of the person that which is in favor of their greater good, even if their personality is not aware of it. This is possible because the personality is artificial, is artificially created and artificially managed by the ego program, therefore, it has no “hierarchy” (in a certain sense), being subordinated to the soul, the spirit if present and the Higher Self, but, as until now the Higher Self did not have free will to act if the personality did not ask for it, we could not initiate this type of actions that now we can.

In this way, we will ask our Higher Self, those who wish to do it, to eliminate the codes that set off the alarm when reaching a certain level of consciousness, we will also eliminate the codes that identify us with a certain degree of “dangerousness,” and we will ask our Higher Self to explain to the rest of Higher Selves what is being done, and that they freely decide if they wish to execute the same by communicating directly to the soul. If the soul accepts it, then it will not be necessary for the personality to ask for it to be able to do this deprogramming in all the human beings of the planet simultaneously.

This is not a guarantee of success, remember that a few articles ago we made a test of this mechanism and only about 10 million souls paid attention to what their Higher Self asked them, while the rest, due to fear, programming and the confusion caused by the data packages that came from the collective unconscious decided not to request the help that was proposed. To prevent this from happening again, we will ask the Higher Self to block any data packet that goes down from the collective unconscious to the soul with the message “what is coming from your Higher Self is not right, do not listen.” The same thing that was sent last time, and we will see if this time we have more success.

The request, then, several times, until you have the confirmation that it has been completed 100% and joining it to the request of last week, is the following:

I request to my Higher Self to eliminate all the codes and energy packages that mark me and identify with a certain level of “dangerousness” and “discomfort” in the management system of humanity on Earth, completely erasing any identifier present in me that can be used to monitor my evolutionary, energetic and “dangerous” status according to the vision of the races in control, entities that collaborate with them and the management system of humanity.

I request the elimination from the sphere of consciousness the programs, devices and elements that mark and warn when it has reached a level of expansion greater than the allowed and registered by Asimoss and other races as the maximum level agreed to human beings and that initiates the protocols of tracking, surveillance and blocking of the people who have reached this level of consciousness.

I request that all data packages, programs and mechanisms that are related and working in parallel with these alarm systems be erased so that they cannot send any kind of warning to the unconscious collectives to which I am connected that I have made evolutionary advances or I have erased my energy identification codes.

I request that this request be communicated to all the souls and Higher Selves of the planet, so that they act freely and decide if they wish to execute it, even if their personality is not aware of and has not acceded to this knowledge or request, sufficing the approval of the soul or of the Higher Self to proceed with it. I request the blockage by the Higher Self of the packets of data that can be sent to the soul from the collective unconscious to try to confuse it and prevent it from correctly receiving this information through the usual communication channel with its Higher Self. Thank you.

With this, we continue moving forward, and we will soon see how the situation and the planetary cleanup octave continues, which I am sure will have great results and positive consequences for all.


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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