Cleaning “Negative” Energy Pockets & Re-Raising Energy System Levels


All the processes that we have launched in the last weeks are still at full capacity. It has been a wise move to have the rules of the game changed, that our Higher Selves have as many degrees of free will as we have at the soul level, cancelling all the agreements and permits that allowed Asimoss, Amoss and others use the “evolutive” rules at the limit of them, without transgressing a part of the rules of the game to maintain the system of manipulation, and putting all the Higher-Selves of all the human beings in the whole planet to extract them, in a loop, constantly, when any of the members of the six major races that we already know approached or interacted with the energy field of any of us.

As a result, there are fewer than 50 Asimoss left on the planet at this time, something unimaginable a few months ago, there are less than 900 Amoss remaining and combining the rest of all the other forces and groups together, less than 2000 members of the other races who have been in control of the system of life on Earth for millennia. The process to finish expelling these groups now passes to another phase, because they no longer expose themselves to move among the population, they do not leave often their operations centers either hidden underground or in underwater areas, and we do not have any human being in those places with a Higher Self that can “extract” them to the solar dump.

But it seems that it will not be a problem, because, according to the information that our Higher Selves share by the movements and scenarios that are formed on the mental plane, they are preparing to leave, either to try to re-group as we mentioned in some articles, or to return to their planets of origin and there we do not know what will happen. But it seems that the strategy is to leave the Earth, since they cannot remain eternally hidden in their bases, however prepared they could be for it.

The several million non-physical entities, incorporeal, that do not possess the codes that grant them permission to remain on the planet according to our planetary logos, have been reduced by more than 30%, of which there were several million of them of many levels, power and characteristics, now there is 30% less.

Although the members of the control system of level 3 and 4, which are already all human, and of which we will talk in some other article, continue to generate entities from the egregors and pockets of negative energy that are on the planet, many more are being extracted than all the members of the highest circles of power are able to create to counteract this offensive that we have set in motion.

Precisely to help in this process, all of us can intervene again assisting in the cleaning of all these pockets of negative energy, massive egregors, dense concentrations of low vibration that exist in the physical and etheric plane, and which are being used as raw material to create, from there, the energetic structures to which they are then given a certain consciousness and become “entities,” which are used, as has always been done, against humanity, but in a less massive way, and, until now, without us having the knowledge, the tools and the power to counterattack back.

So, first, a request to our Higher Self and teams of guides and protectors that assist each one of us to help in the dissolution of the energetic charges and egregors, and to be able to accelerate and assist the “forces of nature,” the hierarchies that assist Kumar to cleanse the planet more quickly. The petition is the following, once is enough, to our Higher Self, and we “retire” quietly after having done it:

I request to my Higher Self and all the team that assists and protects me, to collaborate in the dissolution, transmutation and disintegration of all energy rafts, egregors, low vibration bags, negative energy layers and blocks and all present energetic accumulation in the physical and etheric plane of the Earth that is being used against humanity, against its evolutionary path, against its greater good, against its processes of learning, growth and advancement. I request that this petition be looped and that it become part of the “automatic” processes that all Higher Selves on the planet must execute as part of their energy maintenance functions, both in the environment and space of their earthly counterparts, as well as collaborating for the greatest good of all mankind. I request that this petition be transmitted to all the Higher Selves of the planet whose personalities do not have access to this information so that they receive it immediately and can execute it according to their free will and decision. Thank you.

Another process of personal cleansing

On the other hand, since once we launch the petitions we cannot do much more than wait for them to begin “to bear fruit,” since all of these planetary forces are working on it, and now our Higher Selves with them, what we can do is to continue to work in us, at the level of the energy system, at the level of healing and the elimination of what we carry on our backs, in order to continue letting go of what “lowers down” the vibration of our structure and components.

If in the articles of last year you saw that we had published requests to move the subtle bodies one by one towards the highest sub-level of the timeline in which we are, then we had given requests to fix the anchor point to that sub-level, then we had put “frequency caps” so as not to descend from it, and to start the process again, like a climber who is advancing putting safety pegs and ropes to fix his position and ensure the ascent, we are now going to introduce a request that do all the above again, and take one more step, inserting a greater vibration in the particles that form us to recover all that lost ground that we had discussed in the previous article.

Therefore, this request that I put replaces the set of requests that we had so far to raise the bodies, anchor them and set the caps, adding the insertion of energy charge to imbue more power to our particles and, with it, to recover quickly the highest level of the timeline that we had reached.

This request to our Higher Self, a couple of times will be enough in most cases because we ask that it stays “in a loop,” and monitoring again at what level of the timeline is each of our subtle bodies:

I request to my Higher Self to insert through the energy of the “Source,” of the quantum field that surrounds me and that pervades everything, a continuous flow of energy in all the particles that form my subtle bodies, components and energetic structure, raising the vibration of these particles to be able to move each one of my subtle bodies to higher levels of the timeline in which I am. I request that the rise of my subtle bodies be started again, one by one, towards these higher levels of the temporal line, covering with neutral energy pockets those blockages that prevent me from passing from the lower levels, so that they are worked out when I am already above sub-level 15 of temporary line 42 or above sub-level 21 of temporary line 33. I request that my anchor point be fixed and frequency caps be created each time one of my subtle bodies consolidates its frequency and vibration in one of the upper sublevels of the timeline, helping to fix its position and frequency to avoid as far as possible falling back from that sublevel. I request that this petition be looped, and that it be shared with all the Higher Selves of all the people incarnated on the planet, so that, although their personalities do not have access to this information, their Higher Selves together with their souls may decide if they wish to raise the vibration of their structure even if the personality is not aware of it, to the point where the intervention of the personality is necessary if it finds itself outside the lowest levels of the temporal line it occupied, to be able to continue with the process. Thank you.

As you can see, this request already does what we need right now, we ask that energy of the highest possible vibration be inserted in each particle, which causes the particle to vibrate faster and raise its frequency, we ask then to raise the subtle bodies to recover all the levels that we have lost, and we ask that in each level that we manage to arrive, the anchor point is fixed and “frequency caps” are inserted so as not to descend.

Then we ask it is shared with 100% of all the Higher Selves on the planet, so that all of them can execute it even if they are somewhere or with circumstances that under no premise it would be possible for them to read things like this article, but we only ask that it is executed until they leave the area of ​​greatest danger, of the lowest levels of their timeline, because it comes an evolutionary moment in which if the personality is not aware, and does not decide to do the work that needs to be done, it is not produced greater advance or possibility of change of any level. It is only an aid to raise a few hertz the average frequency of all the bodies of all human beings, and to recover the land that for so many millennia has been removed by means of manipulations of the control system.

Therefore, the effect of the request on those who do not do it consciously is none other than to remove it “from the mud” if it’s Higher Self executes it, which possibly all will do, but not to raise it beyond a point where the person has to “take the reins” consciously if he wants to move forward.

Let’s see how the situation evolves in the coming days or weeks, and try to return to the highest levels of the timeline in which we were before the recent turmoil events, to see if we can get rid of those who rule in the levels 1 and 2 forever, and then think about how to deal with the following levels of the control system that, for the time being, have not been affected by the work we have done so far, and continue to be in charge of all areas of the system of life on the planet.


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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Thank you David and Thank you Carl for the translating. Very much appreciated.