I met with a group of friends last Sunday (28th). One read out a message she received from her cat, via a psychic. It explained that areas of Canterbury and Christchurch in New Zealand are having chemicals released from the ground which are dangerous to people’s health. My conclusion after hearing the message, was that it was being purposefully done, similar to the situation with chemtrails, and could be taking place anywhere, globally.

A prediction from the full message was spot on and related to Cyclone Fani in India, which I discussed in a thread here over on our community forum, The Roundtable.

Below is part of the full message from Jerome, my friend Anne’s cat.

Thank you, dear Jerome. Anne wondered if there was something in your area that would harm you.

“Yes, there is, and I cannot deny this. But I do not feel the harm will kill me. I am foolish at times and do not take enough caution, but I am a bit slow, and I love being slow. Slow isn’t negative, it isn’t lack of intelligence as it is different than this. I walk around with the attitude of a plodder and enjoying my own company, and not always aware of what is happening around me, living in my own little world of magnificence. And I have been like this since I became an older teenager, but I have survived to date.

But the harm I am talking about that is in our valley and I will call it valley, in the immediate area of the valley, some chemicals are being spread.

I will try and explain further about this.

These chemicals are not the sprays that are used to combat weeds.

These chemicals are relating to creating weather patterns. And they can affect hormones, affect growth, cause liver issues, dementia and so on.

I have memories relating to when chemicals were used on people as experiments. (from emotions WWII)

And any chemicals I am sensitive to, Anne is picking up my fears on this, and picking up memories relating to what I have witnessed (past life).”

Jerome, some people suggest chemtrails are conspiracy theories  

“There is truth behind the chemtrails. Leave me for a few minutes, and I will pursue my thoughts relating to this.

Hey Faye, you may return and chat with me.

I am not happy about shifting to a new home, but I am also aware that the shift will be great for all of us. I love our home, and I will adjust to a new home. I do intend to shift with you Anne, I cannot view my soul contract of when I will not be here physically.  I thought I better share this, in case Anne thinks I am shirking from sharing my awareness.

My thoughts now return to what I have suggested relating to chemicals.

Sometimes aeroplanes will be used for chemtrails.  But the chemicals that I have advised of in our area is different, and they are released from the ground up, and it is a vapour, a funny chemical smell that I can smell sometimes.  The chemical when it has been released spreads out like a mushroom.

I have suggested that this chemical is used to create weather patterns, and Faye thinks if that were the situation, surely this would be released from the air, but you can have chemicals released from the ground. Native Americans would beat their drums commanding the weather gods, people let off skyrockets to celebrate, and sometimes the rockets will alter the weather patterns.  And chemicals released from the ground depending on the type of chemical some will travel upwards and cause pressure that envelopes.

Many people were experiencing serious headaches, throbbing heads, sore blurry eyes, flushed face, itching skin over 3 different periods recently. And the symptoms were relevant to the chemicals being dispersed.”

Faye: Thank you, Jerome, please keep sharing. Are the chemicals getting released only around where you live?

“I will keep sharing, in the last 9 months as far as I am aware the chemicals have been released 3 times in our area that I am aware of. They have been released once at the foothills towards Sumner. They have been released 3 times no it is 5 times in the Lincoln belt.  And they have been released along the Waimak River at different locations.

They are not chemicals that are released to control overseas bugs (insects) where there might be mass spraying of certain areas.

I also have this to share, and sometimes there are reports of certain specific bugs (insects) in an area that is invasive, and that there will be spraying in these areas, sometimes these sprays are relating to controlling the bugs, but sometimes the sprays are relative to controlling other things.

In a country like New Zealand, all this sounds outlandish, but it is factual. Every country or majority of countries because a few countries are separate. But every country will have an alliance with other countries except for a few countries that do not have rules of behaviour.  And New Zealand will sell itself to other countries, and other countries will carry out chemical experiments.

For humans and pets, taking large doses of B Vitamins will help the body dispose of any chemical residues that they have breathed in, or absorbed through skin or hair.”

While we can’t exactly stop this from occurring, what you can do is feel into it, to see if it resonates, and if it may be going in your vicinity. Simply from being aware may be helpful in many other ways.

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Hey, Laron, you know I would love to reply to such an indepth article. Cats are sentient beings, and particularly sensitive in ways in which we are not, such as seeing in the dark at night, using whiskers to suss out their environment, etc. Perhaps your readers are held back a little by the fact that the channelling is from a cat via a human. Perhaps the human interface is adding some meaning? But I don’t think so. The oversoul of a cat can see the bigger picture, just as a human’s oversoul or higher self can. It is very… Read more »