Out of Body Experiences to the Spirit World (Part 1)



Spiritual realm, astral travelling, and the souls’ journey

It takes a time before one of the out of body experiences comes through again with more insights. It is like an energy that is releasing itself slowly from within the soul.

This is what often happens to me when the energy is ready to be known by others. It is very intense, and as it is coming from higher dimensions, the information is handled with care and love.

It is my experience but it may be of some guidance for those who feel they are drawn to.

I am not writing an argumentative article, it is up to everyone to believe or not in what I have to say. My purpose is not to convince you, but only to inform you. You are free beings and for sure have your own experiences.

In sharing them without judgements of any kind, we can bring more light onto this world.

Before Sleeping… Preparation for Astral Projection

I always clear myself before sleeping and do self healing asking my higher self, soul, guides and angels for guidance and protection during my astral travels. I know that I am always travelling during my sleep time, and that’s why I do it on a daily basis.

This is a way to lighten the energetic bodies and to remove all the energies you can absorb during your day to day activities and those who have been stuck in you… including all pains, traumas you may have kept in you… Clearing oneself is good to do before sleeping using energy healing. It elevates you to higher frequencies from higher dimensions and you keep upgrading yourself everyday.

The more you vibrate in a higher frequency and the more your astral travels will be beneficial for you, as you will be able to connect to high spiritual beings and they will carry on taking care of you…

The Astral Projection to the Spiritual Realm

I have been there many times during my Astral travelling.

Different Experiences of Astral Travelling 

What I mean is that you receive the guidance that you need in a specific place every time. The spiritual Realm is a highly vibrational place with multidimensional spaces. This means that every space has its own specificity in working with souls. it is open to all souls including the animal kingdom souls, human souls, and other being from other planets who have souls.

So each place is related to a soul cluster or family from a specific place. In each place souls are not at the same level in their evolutionary process. Michael Newton PhD talks about this very clearly in his books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, New Case Studies of Life Between Lives.

I projected in place with white constructions that looked like schools. I was with many other beings who were souls. I could see them as souls because of their shapes shown in different auras. I received from that place information about how a soul travels from its physical vessel and the planet it was incarnating in. There are different portals depending on the planet you have been incarnating in, and also the level of evolution your soul is at the moment when death occurs. When receiving this information I understood why some people during NDE don’t have acmes to Source’s Light and even don’t remember anything.

You Go Where Your Heart Leads You

It is up to anyone to see the light inside. What I mean is that your heart leads you to where you have to be. Some souls stay in what some spiritual teachers call the bardo, waiting for a new womb to reincarnate on earth and come back to life again, without experiencing the bliss to be in the spiritual realm. I don’t know how or why this happens for I guess some information are given to us for a reason. I also feel like when you die believing that you don’t have a soul, your soul will stay errant for a while until a help comes to you and free you from lower planes. I know that because I helped many souls as a soul carrier to join the spirit world with the help and the assistance of high spiritual beings who for most of them were Archangels.

It is actually very important to clear oneself and to open more and more to love energy because in being in the love and the truth we are, we quit this world very light and pure.

The Schools of the Souls

In the Spiritual Realm, the schools have different levels of teachings according to what the soul had engaged to learn while incarnating, what it has finally learned and what it needs to do so that it can evolve more after leaving the physical plane.

The souls are guided after their incarnation to houses with many rooms for healing. They look like hospital corridors with doors in both sides. These places are glowing a white light and are pure clean places. There is a very high frequency inside which reminded me, each time I was there to carry souls, of when you clean your own house and it smells good with a zen atmosphere. It’s very peaceful.

So YES there’s a healing that occurs and is done after leaving the physical vessel we incarnate in. There are many healings, each one has its benefits as each soul has an amount and a number of healing sessions to do in the spirit realm.

I was seeing many guides and spirits around talking to the souls in a galactic language, but well understood by souls as they have access to it naturally. It is a mind to mind kind of communication, souls may change colors sometimes while communicating, it is their way to express their feelings and thoughts. This is their way to heal each other too. I was seeing actually the souls in holographic human shapes, and I recognized some of them who were part of my soul family, and some of those who passed away… including my father…

When the process of healing is on, there are some steps to take to enhance it with actions and missions, or let’s say tasks to help younger souls who had to leave soon their physical incarnation and did not evolve enough at a spiritual level.

I understood that those who are receiving healing, become able to heal others who are less developed at a soul level. The healing is done without any hesitation as part of any soul to do this. But each soul carries a specific blueprint and so each soul brings a specific energy healing part of that blueprint. So those souls who have been healers during their incarnations on physical have more experience than those who have been unconscious of this skill.

Healing Souls: Auras and energies

In healing young souls, it is said that the soul becomes its own healer and takes specific color or aura.

Golden aura surrounded by a white light is the color of the great teachers and spiritual healers, because they have been doing this many times during their incarnation, and also in the spiritual realm. Golden auras are very quick learning souls, they sometimes become so deeply involved in their mission that they think that every souls is able to see and do the same things as them. It takes them some time to realize that they have very specific skills which lead them to learn how to trust themselves. Golden is the energy of infinite need of learning new skills and accessing some secret knowledge that other souls may not get as easily as the golden ones do.

Golden souls are very humble beings, even though they can have access to some unknown information for the other souls, they tend to share their knowledge freely as they are no more attached to ego and the physical realms. They are driven by their deep wisdom and self love.

Blue aura is a for those deep spiritual beings. A color and energy that leads a soul to become golden with time and experience. The blue souls are spiritual beings who have high purposes and need to have me-time. Loneliness is important for them to heal their own wounds and learn how to use empathy in a positive way without feeling drained by other souls’ energy. Blue souls come to life to access secret knowledge and have to train themselves to reach their goals. Blue aura souls are refreshing. Like the water they have the ability to clear souls very fast. They like water and tend to live near the sea when they incarnate on earth.

Yellow aura souls are those who will push themselves to learn more. They come on earth to learn and train themselves and sometimes they fail as their energy is very bright and may be stressed with others energies in ways that leads them to stop the process of learning. They are also good healers when they go to the spirit world as they can bring that joyful light in the heart of those souls who have been cut unexpectedly from their earth family and environment. When this healing is done, they can become golden souls without becoming necessarily blue souls. Yellow souls are inventive and creative souls and can help other souls in igniting artistic and writing skills in other souls.

There are other colors like the orange, green and purple souls who are all nearly at the same stage of the spiritual development. Their aim is to heal and help each other. They have access to those who have the same soul color as them, which is different from the Golden and Blue. I cannot say more about them. But it sounds that in healing each other they learn more about themselves in a more conscious way.

Healing and Teaching in The Spirit World

The healing process is mixed to learning and teaching in the spirit world. Souls gather in different classrooms to discuss their earthly healing experiences and then to learn from each other. There are many books in each classroom. Some of them are provided to extend the topics discussed during the meetings with a master guide. Each type of souls have specific master teachers. But this is because of what they need to learn after their latest incarnation. Books are in a golden light and are like old manuscripts we may see in some ancient parchemin in old sacred places. They have scriptures made of light languages. Each soul according to its evolutionary process has access to specific light languages and codes. The information in those books are directly channeled from the memories of many worlds.

They are different from the akashic records guarded by official gate keepers who also may incarnate on physical from time to time to help at a soul level. They can do this work without being conscious of it. But when they remember their work becomes more efficient and can change the evolution of many souls in a positive way. They carry on working from the spirit world and have their own classrooms helping other new gate keepers who are in need of understanding the process of healing and evolving as a soul. They become holders an energy which is very specific: it brings understanding and self awareness to the soul of the whole evolutionary process it has been in and how to cut cords with the energies it no more serve it. Some archangels work in helping through this process.

Times for Fun and Celebration

There are moments to stay together, feast and even celebrate a marriage in the spirit world between soulmates, twin souls etc… who are meant to bring back their light in the spirit world. These marriages are not like the human ones, they are divine unions with specific purposes. Each soul to soul connection and union has a mission. It is ways to be two for one purpose and help each other in evolving either self evolution and in helping other souls too. During my astral projection I was sitting in my room and witnessing a marriage between two souls.

Back In My Physical

I flew from the Spiritual Realm and felt my astral body floating suddenly like big balloon when back on earth. I was in my home but was able to see other realms around. It is like different gates with pathways. Some other times they take geometrical shapes and it is easy to enter them and enjoy their frequency made of sounds. Each shape has specific sounds.

I flew back in my physical finally after a long travel to the spirit realm. This was one of many I had during the last year.

To know where you have been during your astral travel if you cannot remember it, you have to go into a deep self hypnosis state. It takes time to learn how to do it, but with time everyone can. When in your memory, you ask and you can have the exact answer.

The information I am bringing in this article is related to the out of body experiences I had to the spiritual realm. I did not take it from any book or any other place, than the place I visited myself as I have been allowed to.

To release it here, in this note, I had to wait until the information is quiet consistant in my memory with the blessings of my spiritual guide from the spirit realm whom I met few days ago. I was standing in a white glowing space that looked exactly like the one I am describing here. I took a stair to reach the classroom and he came to welcome me saying “ Finally ! I was waiting for you !” . He was wearing white trousers and a tee shirt with the same colors, appearing in a humanoid body, bare feet, short cut hair to the neck and a smiling peaceful face.

He took me in the classroom, we sat with many other students and started the conversation about our soul missions.

Those who were there with me had the same soul mission as me. He gave me few advices and told me to write a book in French “Sagesse” meaning “Wisdom”. The advice is to write a page each day until the copy book is filled. I have already written some pages Adenine it comes like channeled messages directly downloaded like an attached file. The first chapter is about the process of coming in the body when incarnating as a soul and the great challenges it brings at that early stage when birth happens.

He gave me a name and it was really surprising for me, but he said “Anne-Marie Élia Yvonne, is your name in the spirit world. Sigh the book with it.”

One day you will know more about yourself. Keep going and trust your intuition. follow your heart and take time for self healing. Take time to find a way to others with peace. All flows from within self, and the truth lays there. As you shut the mind and the ego, you learn to listen to your heart and intuition. Don’t spend your time asking questioning yourself or others or the things you feel from inside yourself. Those are given to you to follow your mission and evolve at a soul level. Remember you are your own master in many ways, and in any level you are attending.

Receiving Guidance During and After Astral Projection

Many are afraid of astral projection thinking that it may send them to lower planes, where they may experience very painful encounters with negative energy and beings…

I would say that your state of mind, your frequency and light body level are very important to have positive experiences, such as when you travel in parallel worlds seeing yourself with highly dimensional beings. Everyone with good intent and when they are healing themselves are able to receive this guidance. It is given during and after astral travelling, so you always need to open up and hear the messages through your intuition and stellar gate chakra.

So How to do this ?

As I said in this article, clearing oneself and eliminating all others entities from inside one self: jealousy, envy, hatred, gossip about others, egotistical behavior… etc…

You have to be in the heart sphere feeling that all flows from there.

To resume, I must say that negative energy can poison you from the inside. We are surrounded by entities because of the thoughts which travel the quantum field, and it’s important to clear out inner space asking your guardian angel guide etc… to help you do it every day and every night before sleeping.

For me this is necessary to have a light astral body, as it can become heavy with all the dross and impurities everyone can be filled with during the day when running every day life activities.

How to Connect to your Guide or Master Guide on Astral?

You really need to stick in the idea with your thoughts as your call is urgent sometimes, your guide is able to know your thoughts and urgent need for guidance. Once  you have been really integrating this thought process, you will have to write it down on your note book before going to sleep. Let is happen and never feel upset if it doesn’t happen ay first trial.

If you feel there have been something going on during your sleep time but you couldn’t remember the details or the visions, you will have to state that you want to remember them and be conscious of your experience in and after coming back in your physical vessel.

One night, as I was asking for guidance from my Higher Self, my spiritual guide took me to a parallel world to my grand-mother’s house in my Tunisian Hometown ( I have a French hometown too ! For those who don’t know me). I saw myself as a kid hanging around that happy place where I actually spent most of my childhood.

I was again dining my grandma who passed away on October 1999. My guide showed me kind go a hologram where I was myself walking at night, there on that road I used to take to go my grandma house, and where I have been astral travelling many times even when I was child. I remember when I was child and used to astral travel there, and then when back in my physical I was like “Oh ! Was I there ? What happened to me ?”

My guide took me by the hand and we walked again on that road trying to do something new at that moment. I felt the road was multidimensional and leading me to many places and worlds at the same time, including my current life in France as a French woman.

He said to me solemnly “Your childhood is your first time to experience your multidimensionality, he said to me, never forget this. If you need guidance, go there and many things will be cleared out from you, and many portals will open. ”

In accessing guidance and information during astral travels, we understand the purpose of doing it and why we all have the ability to go through the soul process of healing and awakening during our journey.

If you want to learn more about astral projection you can read my articles here


If you need healing or help to guide you through your astral projection journey you can contact me. I can help you through healing to become a good astral projector.

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Hailstones Melt

Hey, Henda – I loved your information and the way it just flows from your pen naturally. I also perceived a correlation which lets me know the veracity of the information. It is because you stated that geometries have corresponding sounds. This is a part of universal knowledge, not something that is necessarily written in books. This is something you know because you have been there, within the particular geometries, and the vibration of the geometries was also expressed as a sound. Obviously your work with the crayon paintings called “Trees” and many symbolic codes is also a way into… Read more »

Hailstones Melt I have to agree as this explanation helps me explain the creation portion of the bible. In the bible it says "God spoke and created thus and such". What I think it is supposed to mean is vibrational energies created some things. Whether the sound energies were actual words I don’t know.

There is much of the bible that doesn’t make sense to me until I find out about some universal or "mystical" knowledge. Then more parts start to make sense.


Thanks for an interesting article Henda. i find it interesting with the different colors of the auras. I have experienced the golden aura beings and the blue as well. One thing i did not quite understand what was the special connection between these colors of auras and young people?

Hailstones Melt
I have to thank SOC (Schrodinger’s Other Cat blog) for posting this remarkable vid:

The original website is: https://i-uv.com/space-orchestra-listen-to-26-distant-neutron-stars-play-unique-tunes/