Expelling all the “Negative” Entities and Forces on the Planet


We continue with information on the state of the situation that we had started a few weeks ago, explaining the need to expel the Asimoss and company to be able to continue with the steps and stages that lie ahead to continue climbing sublevels in the time lines 33 and 42, depending on where each person is tuned at.

To this day, just under 20% of all members of the six major races we already know are off the planet, in the solar dump, or have fled the Earth to their home planets, especially the last one we had explained, those who call themselves “Olslar,” and that, because they have the least relationship with Asimoss, and the last ones to arrive, they are the ones that have less interest in disappearing after the global shake-up and expulsion that is ongoing, and that keeps all the Higher Selves of all the human beings waiting to have within reach of the energy field of each one of us any of these members of the main races in control.

What happens then with the rest of beings that we generically call “negative entities?” Are they being expelled? Not right now. You know that there are millions of entities that are not corporeal, in negative polarity, that inhabit and occupy the different energetic levels that form the physical, etheric, astral substratum and lower mental plane, as “place of residence,” and, therefore, and at the moment, this type of entities are not being expelled because before you have to remove from the planet those who really give orders and manage the system of life on Earth, and then, since there are many millions, that requires more help than what we have for the extraction process of Asimoss, Amoss and the rest, which are only a few thousand in total.

Therefore, we are going to ask for help to also cleanse the planet of non-physical entities in negative polarity, which are subject to the races in control, as a large part, either they have been created by them, or they have been brought from their planets of origin to assist them in the control and management of humanity. The planetary cleaning at this scale will be very complicated, you can cast with relative ease an Anunnaki because it has certain “physical” characteristics, which, although we do not see them, are part of its structure, having internal organs, “bones,” having a series of layers and subtle bodies, having a “solidity” to some extent, which makes them detectable and “huntable,” but expelling beings that are pure energy and that move through all the fields and structures of the Earth with total speed it is much more difficult and complicated, taking into account that many of them can enter and leave the energy field of the human being with tremendous ease and move from one plane to another, from one reality to another, from a negative energy state to a neutral one, etc., before being detected by any of us.

Even so, it is important to start the cleaning process of this type of beings too, otherwise, as long as they remain everywhere, and continue to be nourished by the energies of the human being, in addition to doing the “dirty” work for Amoss and Asimoss that they do not approach us, for the most part, but rather “send” these “subordinates” to do the work of manipulating and lowering the vibration, and to alter our energy systems, and try to sow as much chaos as they can in our realities, we will find difficulties to keep climbing frequency and vibration towards the highest levels of the timeline in which we are.

So who executes this cleaning? Our Higher Selves are not enough for this, since they do not have access to anything other than the energy field of their “human” counterpart, therefore, it is necessary to ask for help from Kumar, the planet, and the groups and forces that assist him, so that the “forces of nature” in their higher hierarchies are the ones that act, because the “first level” elementals, that is, of lower hierarchy, do not have power against them either. Therefore, hoping that it will be enough of us asking for help, so that it is received and accepted, the request to Kumar passing through our Higher Self is the following:

I request my Higher Self, to direct this request to Kumar, as planetary logos, so that it sets in motion the mechanisms of planetary cleansing through the hierarchies, forces and groups that assist it, as part of the forces of nature and care of the physical and energetic framework of the Earth, so that all entities, beings and groups that do not have the authorization code of Kumar to remain on the planet, and use it as their evolutionary habitat, are expelled to the landfill of the solar system. I request that this request be placed in a loop so that all the forces and beings that can begin to cleanse and expel entities perceived as negative by the human race, because they are hostile to it, because they are subject to the races in control or because they are actively working to prevent the advancement and evolutionary process of humanity, be continuously expelled and extracted from the planet until there is no entity that does not have authorization to remain here. Thank you.

What does it mean that we have to be enough for the help to be accepted? Within the energy parameters that govern the activation or non-activation of some of the global requests that we have been making in recent months, it does not matter how many people, in number, request something, but how much energy is involved in the process of requesting it, so that, if a few thousand people, who can get to read this blog for example, we request some kind of assistance and we do it through our Higher Self, the combined “power” of the Higher Selves that make the request is what is taken into account to determine whether it is possible or not, whether it is feasible or not, whether it is acceptable or not, to execute that request. And how do our Higher Selves measure the “potency” of the petition? Through the conscience of the person who executes it, taking into account whether we make the request conscious and focused on what we are doing and asking, or we do it by reading something just by reading it and with television in the background and thinking of something else, simply so that our “ego” program has the perception of “feeling good” by doing “something” for humanity.

In the second case, when the Higher Self transmits the request to Kumar it does so with a minimum energy power equivalent to the energy of the conscience that the person puts in the process of requesting it, while, in the first case, the Higher Self transmits the request to Kumar with much more intensity. For this reason, it was accepted to change the rules of the game, for example, because Kumar received thousands of requests with high power, because thousands of you made the request with a lot of intensity, and that was enough for a few thousand human beings to have been able to partially change the course of the planetary situation.

On the other hand, as you have seen, the way to know if an entity can stay or has to be expelled is through a kind of permission or energy code that Kumar grants to all the conscious life that inhabits the Earth. In this way, there are those who are here and can use the planet with total freedom by belonging to the hierarchies and groups that have that permission, and there are those who are here without having it. These last groups and beings are those who arrived millions of years ago brought by Asimoss and other races, but who never received the “pass” of Kumar, but simply appropriated part of the planetary structures as their own habitat, and with it began the decline of harmony and balance of the entire energy system that had ruled the planet until then. With this request, we have asked that those who do not have this authorization code be expelled.

Can they imitate the codes? Yes, technologically Asimoss, Amoss and others can do so, and, for that reason, they could “go unnoticed” and move around the planet with freedom, since they included “pass” codes in their energy structures, technologically imitating the energy codes granted by Kumar to his “forces of nature,” that is, the devic kingdom, elementals, and all the protectors and hierarchies of support for the biosphere and natural life system.

But, on the other hand, once Asimoss and Amoss and others see their numbers reduced, they will have less possibilities to interact technologically and to create entities (because they also create them) and, in the long run, in an undetermined period, the planet must be free both of all the members of the races in control and of all the “negative” entities that assist them. Hopefully this new offensive comes out well on our side and let’s see what countermeasures they seek to stop it.

A hug,

David Topí




The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given transients.info direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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Perhaps it isn’t a matter of "expelling" anything from anywhere. I would suggest that it may be a simple matter of understanding and respecting the purpose of so-called "negative" entities and accepting them as another aspect of "Self". Once they’ve been appreciated and respected as such, one can CHOOSE TO FOCUS INSTEAD on other aspects of Self that one may wish to express, explore, experience, or create. On this particular journey, I’m no longer feeling as much of a need to cleanse, clear, transmute, or CHANGE anything. I’m learning to accept and subsequently "let go" of any notions that "negative"… Read more »


I feel much the same as SG. We are pure consciousness at our core, we don’t have to set ourselves apart. I don’t believe that anyone is more powerful than me, or the need for a higher being to step in to change things. i endeavour not to identify with the illusionary outside world, where these ones we are talking about ousting are My personal feelings are that if we put our energies into ousting, we are acknowledging that we believe they can affect our growth, and that in itself is fear, whoever or whatever cannot affect our personal growth… Read more »


Stargazer said Perhaps it isn’t a matter of "expelling" anything from anywhere. I would suggest that it may be a simple matter of understanding and respecting the purpose of so-called "negative" entities and accepting them as another aspect of "Self". Once they’ve been appreciated and respected as such, one can CHOOSE TO FOCUS INSTEAD on other aspects of Self that one may wish to express, explore, experience, or create. On this particular journey, I’m no longer feeling as much of a need to cleanse, clear, transmute, or CHANGE anything. I’m learning to accept and subsequently "let go" of any notions… Read more »

IMO the negative entities have severely interfered with the "human experiment" for at least 100,000 years and that’s why they are being expelled from the solar system. They are not being expelled from this universe from what I understand.
Not from universe you get it right only no visum left that is valuable

This was a very interesting read with alot of accurate information from my understandings. I can relate to there being an overpopulation of malevolent beings residing in and around the earth. This problem is far to great for humans to tackle on their own. There is always a bigger fish, so to speak who is more intelligent than the current self. I feel it is an egoic trap to believe we are at the stage enlightenment and superior beings. This in turn would mean there are infact "more powerful" entity’s out there,, Aand here. I have no doubt that we… Read more »