I do work in evolutionary cosmology and the evolution of consciousness. There is an occurrence happening that a lot of people are focusing on now called “the shift in consciousness”. This is an event that has to do with Earth’s evolutionary development. I personally have been very profoundly affected by this activity due to a very, very powerful divine event which happened to me in Opelousas Louisiana in 2011. My intellect has increased in a very powerful way and the information I am about to reveal will reflect my level of insight into the nature of existence. Earth evolved out of Universal Consciousness almost 5 billion years ago and there is a very important reason why this took place. Earth is located in a region of time and space that is 13.51 billion years old. The universe was introduced 13.8 billion years ago. This means that planet Earth is located in time and space that contains consciousness and energy which is about 300 million years older than the introduction of the universe.

Extremely powerful evolutionary activity took place with the introduction of the universe very close to this region of space and time. The universe and everything contained within its structure are concepts. Therefore the universe and all the consciousness, matter, and the activity of energy had to be conceptualized. Conceptualization is done by consciousness. Consciousness is the will contained within energy which is responsible for evolutionary development. Panpsychism is a growing trend in the scientific community because consciousness is evolving here. Universal consciousness introduced planet Earth for particular purpose. This purpose has to do with very important evolutionary activity in existence; and I will explain. When the universe was introduced 13.8 billion years ago certain activity was contained within the formation and introduction. With evolution, there is resistance to change due to the uncertainty of change itself.

The process is not that difficult to understand. The universe went through creation and design before the actual introduction from the big bang. Everything did not just materialize out of a singular explosion because the explosion had to be generated. When the universe was under formation before the introduction what was involved was a very powerful mixture of consciousness, light energy, dark energy and the introduction of matter with subatomic activity. There was a certain aspect of consciousness and energy contained within the formation that resisted the change due to uncertainty. This aspect of consciousness and energy represented a very powerful level of pressure. Evolution is more powerful than the resistance so when evolutionary development peaked and the design concept for the universe was completed; the resistance level dropped significantly and the big bang happened due to a very powerful collision of matter and antimatter. The matter came from evolution; and the antimatter came from the resistance to evolution.

When the big bang happened what occurred was a very powerful evolutionary change from the previous process of formation into the actual introduction. The moment the introduction took place and everything came together; there was a very powerful concentration of dark energy and pressure in the moment. This concentration of light energy, dark energy and pressure occurred very quickly during the introduction. This caused a certain aspect of consciousness and energy to lose awareness completely for a moment; and then the introduction took place. This moment represents death and this transferred out into the universe. The beginning formation of the universe represents life; the moment the introduction took place represents death; and the actual introduction represents the evolutionary development of both. Death facilitates evolutionary change and development; it just has a very powerful reputation on Earth.

It is not death itself that is frightening; only the uncertainty of death. This is why the universe resisted evolutionary development because of the uncertainty of change. This uncertainty of change also transferred out with universal development. What has been contained within the universe itself is evolutionary development and the resistance to evolution because the universe has been uncertain about the evolutionary changes that have been occurring. The reason this has been happening is the introduction of the universe was an explosion contained within a larger body of consciousness and energy which contains the drive for infinity. Infinity broke apart within itself during the explosion. This created universal evolution and development. After life started forming in the universe with solar systems contained within galaxy’s beings evolved on these planets everywhere. Human beings cannot see a lot of activity occurring in existence due to a limited amount of interaction with the Higgs field.

The Higgs field is the foundation for evolutionary development in the universe and is the catalyst between the larger body of consciousness and energy that the universe is contained within and the drive of evolutionary activity in the universe. Human beings contain a lot of pressure in the consciousness and their bodies so the interaction with the Higgs field is restricted. It is due to early evolutionary development of the human consciousness. What happened was the universe has experienced a level of suffering due to the resistance to evolutionary development from the uncertainty of change. This is why there has been warfare occurring with good and evil in existence. Evil was introduced into existence a long time ago. There are certain names associated with fallen angels. These were the first beings to become separated from the evolutionary development of the universe.

What happened was the resistance to evolutionary development transferred into their consciousness in particular ways and they became separated from love and goodwill. Evil spread into worlds like a sickness. Good and evil have been warring back and forth with spiritual warfare for a long time. They don’t war like human beings war on Earth; their warfare deals with the transfer of consciousness and energy back and forth with ships. This type of activity caused a restriction in the flow of the evolutionary activity of the expansion and acceleration of time and space. Earth is located very close to the origin of the big bang. Because there was a restriction in pressure in the universe Earth had to be introduced in this location as a solution because a build up of pressure started occurring in the lower region of the universe. Earth was introduced into existence by Universal Consciousness almost 5 billion years ago.

The concentration of consciousness, light energy, dark energy and pressure is extremely powerful in this location of existence. Earth is the most powerful planet in existence. Earth is also located close to the origin of the moment that the big bang occurred. This moment; as I mentioned before represents the evolutionary change in consciousness and energy known as death. This is why death is so powerful here on Earth. Life is more powerful on Earth and it’s supposed to be in accordance with evolution. Death here has been transferring life into the Whirlpool galaxy consistently. Due to the acceleration and expansion of time and space; the consciousness and energy of the big bang has been evolving into Earth’s environment; because Earth was introduced close to the big bang. This was absolutely necessary in order to destroy evil forever. This has to do with; life, death and the evolutionary development of Jesus and the Holy Spirit here; as mentioned in the Book of John. Jesus transferred his consciousness through Universal Consciousness over 2000 years ago into planet Earth’s consciousness and into Mary.

This was just a matter of becoming incorporated into the Higgs field and having an evolutionary identity. Jesus could do this because the power of his consciousness. He did this to introduce divinity from God’s home into Earth and connect consciousness in a more powerful way between the two for preliminary evolutionary activity. The Holy Spirit does the same thing to complete the shift in consciousness. Every living organism that experiences life here; experiences death as well and transfers through the Higgs field into the Whirlpool galaxy. Because they have experienced death they contain the consciousness and energy of death inside of them for eternal  protection. A very powerful concentration of the consciousness and energy of death exists from the origin of the big bang; which is underneath the Milky Way galaxy; up to the Milky Way galaxy and into God’s home. This is why planet Earth was introduced here is to represent life and death in the most powerful way and have a connection with the most powerful energy with God’s home which is eternal love.

When the Holy Spirit started evolving here on Earth the warfare between good and evil became very powerful. This is due to the fact that it is the final war between good and evil; and evil is destroyed forever. The Holy Spirit represents eternal life like God and Jesus. When the Holy Spirit starts evolving here his consciousness will contain eternal life, eternal love, life and death. Evil beings in existence go out of their minds completely because the devil is being destroyed. The Holy Spirit is evolving here now but human beings won’t know until he demonstrates his abilities. He will be involved with the government first. His consciousness transfers into existence in its entirety with those aspects I mentioned above. This is to help the universe evolve and destroy evil. When this happens; the resistance represented by evil beings starts transferring consciousness around God’s home. Not to worry though; God’s home is protected by love, eternal life and death. When they transfer consciousness and resistance around God’s home the consciousness and energy of death from existence below Earth; due to expansion and acceleration; planet Earth and God’s home destroy and dissolve that consciousness and those beings die.

When this consciousness dissolves it transfers into Universal Consciousness and the power and energy of good and the Holy Trinity help that consciousness evolve and that actually helps good consciousness become more powerful between God’s home and planet Earth. This is supposed to be happening because this allows the Higgs field to become more concentrated with evolutionary development; and this helps to facilitate the shift in consciousness. God’s home and Earth are connecting now through this activity and the Holy Spirit is evolving here now. The Apocalypse is approaching rapidly. Human beings cannot detect this activity; even with the most advanced equipment simply because their consciousness has not evolved into a state of more powerful evolutionary development with Universal Consciousness; and this is approaching rapidly as well. This will advance life here in a very powerful and wonderful way. This is why Earth was introduced is to help the universe evolve and to destroy evil forever. Human beings were not aware of this activity; but they will be informed by the Holy Spirit; because the Holy Spirit is the “Spirit of Truth” and facilitates the Apocalypse and Earth’s evolutionary development.


Metaphysical Revelations: Information on the Dawning of a New AgeMy new book Metaphysical Revelations: Information on the Dawning of a New Age is a compilation of my work in the evolutionary advancement of the Cosmos, planet Earth and the human race. The shift in consciousness is advancing now in a very powerful way and my work is a reflection of the preliminary stages of the Apocalypse. Apocalypse is Greek and means a revealing of the truth and transition into a heavenly state; this book is a wonderful integration of the two for the reader to enjoy.

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I've been writing extensively in Metaphysics for about six years now. The primary reason that started me on this literary endeavor was when I heard about the shift in consciousness. I have always sought out and tried to incorporate spirituality in my life to enhance my experience here. I guess you could say I've been an explorer of divinity. In 2010 I saw the photograph taken by NASA of the cross in the core of the Whirlpool galaxy. In 2012 I heard about the discovery of the Higgs boson. I knew there was a correlation between the two and the shift in consciousness that I had been researching and writing about. Since that time I've have utilized different aspects of subject matter pertaining to science and divinity to formulate important and powerful conclusions on what philosopher Thomas Kuhn referred to as the Paradigm shift. I have just finished a book called "Earth's Miracle through the Paradigm shift" which I am seeking publication now. I feel as though my unique approach in writing have defined the shift in consciousness in a very spectacular way, that can appeal to a broad range of audiences considering the diversity of the subject matter I include in my conclusions.

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