With my perspective on global warming and climate change, I also get into the subjects of the new earth, shift in consciousness / golden age, maunder minimum, space weather,  webbot, galactic alignment and a few other things to provide insight into our evolving times.

Yes, climate change is real, but the main causes are not human based. The general situation with global warming is also full of fabricated data, really to support the false concept that humans are fully responsible for climate change. There’s a lot of information now supporting the fact scientists have falsified research.

A study published in the American Meteorological Society’s Journal of Climate showed that climate models exaggerate global warming from CO2 emissions by as much as 45%. Another study in the journal Nature Geoscience found that climate models were faulty. As one of the authors put it, “We haven’t seen that rapid acceleration in warming after 2000 that we see in the models.” Findings from the University of Alabama-Huntsville show the Earth’s atmosphere appears to be less sensitive to changing CO2 levels than previously assumed.

Ben Davidson, who’s more commonly known as Suspicious0bservers on YouTube and has hundreds of thousands of followers—possibly more—is a brilliant self-taught expert on space weather and earth change activity. He recently published the video below, titled, Fatal Flaw In Climate Change Science. It goes on to show that all climate models are flawed because they do not use particle forcings from space (amongst other things). Ben included, “Adding just the medium energy electrons… the potential effect of CO2 goes to zero almost immediately. I’m sure some climate scientists went and they tried to use this data, they saw what was going to happen, and they went back and asked him for it (the data) without the particle forcing.”

Ben’s not influenced by a company or Government policy, or even the cabal, he shares his science through teaching based videos as well as reporting via 3-5 minute daily news videos on earth change and space weather through his channel here. Many of his conclusions on what’s occurring lines up with my overall perspective.

An older article from ViewZone states, “”The earth’s climate has been significantly affected by the planet’s magnetic field, according to a Danish study published Monday that could challenge the notion that human emissions are responsible for global warming.” (…) “He and his colleague Peter Riisager, of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), compared a reconstruction of the prehistoric magnetic field 5,000 years ago based on data drawn from stalagmites and stalactites found in China and Oman. The results of the study, which has also been published in US scientific journal Geology, lend support to a controversial theory published a decade ago by Danish astrophysicist Henrik Svensmark, who claimed the climate was highly influenced by galactic cosmic ray (GCR) particles penetrating the earth’s atmosphere.”

For more detailed and specific explanations on extremes in temperature, check out Theodore White’s posts on his Facebook page here . With regards to Chicago being colder than Antarctica this winter in the US, see this post, as Theodore explains it all so well.

Yes, pollution is real, deforestation is real—that situation isn’t as bad as what people think though, see this article from CE, NASA Happily Reports The Earth Is Greener, With More Trees Than 20 Years Ago Thanks To China & India—all of these things have such a small impact in comparison to the natural cycles occurring within nature and our universe, which includes incoming energies from space. People have been cashing in on this as a result, whether they know the truth (which is unlikely) or they are just taking advantage of the situation.

I now quote Joe Martino, founder of Collective Evolution, “I recall a conversation I had with Gregg Braden where we were discussing research about the climate and what the data is TRULY showing. Amidst all the C02 alarmism I asked “Gregg… it appears to me that it’s more likely we’re headed into a global cooling period than a warming period.” He responded with “that’s precisely what the data shows, and it appears humanity is suffering from amnesia when it comes to the cycles of climate.”

For about six months solid, back at the beginning of 2013, I was following Clif High of https://halfpasthuman.com/, who co-created the webbot, one of the most accurate future predicting software that has been publicly discussed. During that time I spent a great deal of energy tracking the predictions and reporting on many of them via my metaphysical (and consciousness raising) site, http://transients.info, so I know it had a very high level of accuracy; the timing of things was not always easy for Clif to interpret though. The webbot’s data indicated this upcoming mini ice age, many years ago now.

These extremes in temperature, and earth changes, which I feel began more solidly around May, 2013, are only going to get worse. This period we are in, this cycle, has been predicted to occur since Nostradamus wrote his quatrains, likely even before that! Dolores Cannon’s three volumes on Nostradamus are an excellent source. Having been trained by Dolores in QHHT back in 2011, and having many clients who’ve had similar information come through in comparison to what she released throughout her 20 or so published books, on top of other practitioners shared info, I’ve found her technique to be very reliable; in my opinion, the interpretations and meanings of his quatrains via her client(s), are very accurate (note there is free will, and different timelines—multi-verse theory). A number of these quatrains spoke of these troubled times, and already so much of what Nostradamus predicted has taken place.

All of this fits in with the shift in consciousness, also known as the golden age, but which is really about the astrological age cycle, and that cycle matches up closely to the Mayan Long Count calendar based on the periods of roughly 2,000 years.

While the global temperature changes can be explained by the marauder minimum, there’s still a connection to the galactic alignment cycle too. John Major Jenkins has a short article about what that is here, http://www.alignment2012.com/whatisga.htm. He also has a number of books focused on this topic, such as, Galactic Alignment : The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan Egyptian and Vedic Traditions, and, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 : The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End Date.

I studied the 2012 phenomena from around 2004-2011, reading many books. I was also a moderator on the largest 2012 forum at the time. I had numerous interview requests back then (I’ve never been interested in the limelight, so never accepted one).

What’s going on in the world today isn’t because of cows farting, people cutting down too many trees (we do need trees though!) and Al Gore’s global warming movement.

Certainly, we are damaging our environment, there is no doubt whatsoever about that, but really, that has only a minor impact on the climate situation, as there’s so much more involved.

On top of all of this, coincidentally, and which may be hard to accept because of the metaphysical angle, the earth is going through an awakening; its consciousness is rising along with all of ours. This is discussed in Dolores Cannon’s book, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth. As a result, the earth is also expanding (“earth expansion” theory), hence additional earth changes including sink holes.

The energies from space, whether from solar activity, the galactic center, and/or other sources, such as stellar waves, which physicist Paul LaViolette wrote about in his book, Earth Under Fire (I’ve consulted with Paul over email on a few things), all contribute to the changes to the earth, from consciousness to climate and earth changes.

In September, 2015, I conducted a past life regression session using Dolores Cannon’s QHHT method (found here), which had a lot of information on this topic, specifically the many sources out there influencing the shift in consciousness. This was a great session which also included many other topics, such as the healing power of trees, how thought forms that are part of the global consciousness influence the earth changes, and a technique to help positively influence people in power and help them wake up more.

So, there are solar cycles, but also many other types of cycles, such as those pertaining to the astrological age. Because of this unique period—which is very similar to the cycle that took place about 12,000 years ago with Atlantis—there’s even more going on, from the rising frequencies, people’s DNA changing, many souls waking up leading to consciousness expansion and downloads—including animals to a lesser degree.

Most of us have a good idea of how to look after our planet. We shouldn’t drop trash everywhere. We shouldn’t pollute the air and water. We shouldn’t cut down trees without replacing them. We shouldn’t overconsume that of which is in nature. We shouldn’t let off nuclear weapons. We really shouldn’t have animal farms for the sole purpose of slaughtering them for food, as animals have souls and emotions too, which influences our energy system through their consumption. We shouldn’t do many things, but we do, as we have free will and an ego system that is being fed by many of our actions.

However, things are changing, people are growing on a spiritual level, and the future is looking brighter. While technology is advancing fast, it will take time for real change to come. Not everyone is going to suddenly drop everything and begin meditating each day for the rest of their life. These shifts in consciousness, which are partly connected into the earth and climate changes, are influencing all of us and the golden age is beginning.

Certainly, life is much more challenging this time around, because many are here to work out their remaining karmic lessons which brings struggle and suffering, so that they can take advantage of this cycle and graduate the Earth school. But it’s still an amazing time to be alive.

While I know I am more than my physical body, from the human perspective, it’s an honor to be taking part in this cycle with all of you.


A few additional sources:

Serious Errors Found In Widely Cited Global Warming Study

Author of the IPPC’s Third Assessment Report (Chapter 7) Shares His Thoughts On Global Warming

420,000 Years of Data Suggests Global Warming is Not Entirely Man-Made

US Senate Committee Chairman: Humans Aren’t Causing Climate Change, Schoolchildren Are Being “Brainwashed”

How scientists got their global warming sums wrong — and created a £1TRILLION-a-year green industry that bullied experts who dared to question the figures
(Note that I fully support us being as green as possible so I include this solely because of the data being incorrect & realize The Sun is not the most reliable source to link to.)

Webbot Global Coastal Event Summary as of May 2013

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