Preparing to Upload Information to the Collective Unconscious of Line 42


On some occasion, throughout the past year, we have explained the separation of the collective unconscious into two blocks, one for each of the two macro temporal lines that exist on the planet. What we have not explained so far is what is going to be done with the new Collective Unconscious of line 42, because, although for now it is still in formation, and is growing with the emissions and projections of all those connected to it, using the mechanism that we have explained in the previous article, this Collective Unconscious is far from being “full” of the necessary knowledge of what is going to be important that we have for the management of the “new matrix 15.6Hz” by those destined to inhabit it at the time.

What does this mean? If you remember, months ago we made a simile of evolutionary curriculum of everything that anyone preparing for this change in level of consciousness should “master” and know, and those points that we put on our list were no more than the “headlines” of all the knowledge that we will need as a group, when we have to start creating, assembling and managing a new human society 15.6Hz starting from scratch, because, as some of you can already imagine, the new “matrix” is completely virgin, uninhabited (it only contains at this time the mental and etheric structures of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms). So, when we “move” from “school,” everything must be built from the beginning, and it must be done following the new evolutionary rules of this planetary structure that Kumar and those who assist him are in the process of creating. A few months ago we had commented that in the octave that leads to the solidification of the physical plane, and that will be the equivalent of the “most solid” level to our senses, we were in the note RE of the octave that governs this process, now, entering this month of February, we can say that we have reached the MI of this process of crystallization and manifestation of the last part of the structure that will sustain the life of the new level for the human race of the current line 42, one octave above the current vibration that we have.

Another piece of news, and good news, is that according to the decision of the Higher Selves group, the time lines will open again in a couple of years or so, time being something very malleable and changing, since remember that, from outside the temporal-space framework in which we move, everything exists simultaneously, so, in linear time, that the barrier and membrane that separates line 33 from line 42 is removed in a couple or three years is only an approximation and we do not know if it will be in less or more time. The agenda marks, as always, the evolutionary process of those currently on line 42, since it will be only when they arrive, that we all reach sub-level 21 with at least the soul and the causal body, and we are at a level high enough so that line 33 cannot be lowered again, when then those who are in the last octave of line 33 will be allowed to go to line 42, completing the group of those who will get to move level evolutionary. As I say, it’s good news, because that means that those who get now in this time to climb from the level of line 33 where they are to the last sub-level of it, can make the jump to 42, and then to the new reality at some point.

Why has this decision already been made? Because, it seems, the plans (again) of the management system on Earth aim to “pull down,” towards the first levels of line 33 all the rest of humanity, lowering and lowering the frequency and energy status of each and every one of the rest of people, which will turn life on line 33, if they succeed, it is not so clear that they can do it, in little more than a little via crucis in every corner of the planet.

On the other hand, the management of a whole new life system, the new reality, with only a few million people is very complicated, so it is necessary to assist more human beings so they are prepared and ready to move from “Matrix” when allowed. Two or three years go a long way from a person’s linear point of view, so for the moment, we have no choice but to continue working and taking care to advance as much as we can as we monitor and see what macro planetary decisions take the forces and groups who assist us as well as the planet itself.

Filling the Collective Unconscious of line 42

All right. We said that the Collective Unconscious 42 is still very empty, practically only contains the (little) knowledge of those who have already connected to it when changing lines brought with them in their mental spheres and mental body, and that is something that it has to be to remedied. How is it done? Uploading information to the Collective Unconscious 42, obvious answer. How is it done again? Imbuing and sharing huge amounts of information that has to be read and integrated by as many people as possible, so that, when read and understood, at least a part, and then automatically uploaded to Collective Unconscious 42, this knowledge will be established and consolidated, providing the future database that we will use consciously to manage the reality that we will have to build and co-create among all. Remember that we already explained how we are going to do it or how we are supposed to do it in this other article. This means, of course, that the current Collective Unconscious of line 42 will be the future Collective Unconscious of the new humanity and will be moved from the current mental plane 7.8 Hz to the mental plane 15.6 Hz when we make the change.

Therefore, the only way to upload information to the Collective Unconscious 42 is to publish much of it, and that is what I hope to be able to do from now on, even if the rhythm of the articles is accelerated a bit and does not give you time to read or to study them all, it is necessary to begin to dump huge amounts of advanced knowledge in Collective Unconscious 42 so that we have it available in the future.

Why is not this knowledge directly inserted into the Collective Unconscious without going through us, through our psyche? Because it does not consolidate. For Collective Unconscious data packages to take hold, they have to have a solid connection with the mental body of the people who are forming it, otherwise, there is no equivalent to energy “pegs” (such as those that hold the strings from a camping tent to the ground so that it does not fly), these mental bubbles end up dissipating and dissolving in the matter of the mental plane. Thus, in order to consolidate a whole repository of data that serves as a support to those who have to manage the new evolutionary level, there is no option than to start delivering all this material as quickly as possible, because, although it seems otherwise, it is not so far the moment in which the first wave of line 42 is allowed to pass to the new matrix, because, as in some tweet we had commented, the step will be made by groups and waves, making the “jump” first those that are more advanced in all the senses (at the level of vibration, energy and knowledge), then those that are at a lower level, then the third, etc.). That’s why we had also mentioned in a previous article that nobody, in general, on line 33 would find out when those of the 42 are “leaving,” since it will be done by small groups and these will be more than prepared at the level of knowledge, healing and deprogramming when it happens.

As you can see, everything seems to be well calculated and planned by our Higher Selves, beings, guides, protectors and hierarchies that take care of this process of level change, and hopefully we can keep up with the pace of work that has been planned for it. In short, we are already with this material in new articles that must be brought to light and imbue without stopping in our mental structure and the new Collective Unconscious.

A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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