More Preparations for the Upload of Information to the Collective Unconscious of Line 42


In the last article we talked about the separation of the collective unconscious and the different levels they have and to which we are connected. For those on the timeline 42, you already know that the connection from one to the other is moving naturally, and for those on line 33, we are going to give the guidelines for the total disconnection of all these Collective Unconscious for those who wish to carry it out. This will help to be somewhat calmer at the mental level, at the level of the psyche, since the total disconnection of the local, regional, national Collective Unconscious and the rest of the sub-levels until reaching the global Collective Unconscious 33, continues to have a very negative influence on the whole world, and will continue so if more drastic measures are not taken.

Before proceeding with the complete disconnection, whoever wishes it, it is advisable to ask some kind of confirmation to your being or Higher Self that it is the right moment for it, simply, requesting some signal in your reality if it is aligned with your greater good to execute the total disconnection of the collective Unconscious 33, and if it is recommended that you proceed with the protocol that we will put below. This also applies to those on the line 42, possibly even if the connection from the global Collective Unconscious 33 to the global Collective Unconscious 42 has been moved, it is unlikely that the disconnection of all the mini-Collective Unconscious to which we are connected will be completed, be at the level of neighborhood, city, region or community, country, continent, etc. The idea is to isolate ourselves from the subconscious manipulations that are constantly being made to us, because, as is the situation at the moment, it is one of the few weapons left to be able to stop the advance of humanity.

In another order of things, as some have seen in some other news that has been published, several countries are sending probes and ships to the moon (China did a few weeks ago, Israel a few days ago), it seems that suddenly, interest in our satellite returns and there are many projects to keep sending “things” to it. The reason behind this renewed space race for continuing to reach the Moon is that the preparations for the departure of the members in the first circles of power of the control system are being accelerated, “those at the top,” in case they lose control of the situation, in such a way that the “secret” part of those missions is none other than to continue bringing necessary supplies and elements to the different bases that are in the hidden part of the satellite, should it be necessary at some point to leave here, and have a place to take shelter of a humanity that they can no longer control. It is not imminent, but do not be surprised that there are still lots of missions and “scientific” shipments and the like to “Selene” to complete what they lack in their “lunar residences.” We will see if those who assist us intervene destroying them completely or eliminating the ships and all kinds of elements that are sent into space.

Well, for the part that belongs to us, the disconnection of the Collective Unconscious 33 in all its levels is the first step to take to reduce, once again, and a little more, the control of this system under which we live. It is something never done in the history of humanity, that individuals belonging to a conscious species have to disconnect from the common mental field that gives them the opportunity to be connected with each other, even if they are not aware of it, it is something unheard of, it is something that is not done, why do you want to dismantle the mechanism that allows it to create the common reality in which it exists? The answer you already know, a species like ours that cannot use that Collective Unconscious for the function it has, but it is subjugated to it, submitted to it and manipulated by it. Therefore, for a large part of the population, the best solution is the disconnection of the Collective Unconscious at all levels and to continue to function a bit in autonomous mode and connected only to the collective unconscious of which it forms part and to the Collective Unconscious 42 if it is in this line.

What consequences does this bring? It brings the feeling of isolation and disconnection, which, although only lasts a few days, that is, you can feel weird a few days when a series of energetic threads that are the ones that connect us from the preconscious mind to the different Collective Unconscious disappear, right away you will get used to it and you will feel more liberated. But, again, I recommend that you consult if it is appropriate to do it, perhaps for some person, for his programming, needs and lessons in progress, it is still necessary and advisable to be linked to the group mind, therefore, pay attention to your Higher Self and proceed accordingly.

The request for total disconnection is as follows:

I request that all the connections present in my mind and energy system be eliminated and deprogrammed at all the levels of the collective unconscious of line 33 to which I am connected, whether at the local, regional, national, global and other intermediate levels to which I belong, leaving only my connection intact with the collective unconscious of which I am a part of. I request that my connections be moved to the collective unconscious of line 42 if it is my turn to be in that line, or that all the mechanisms of the line are disconnected if, because I am on line 33, I still do not have the ability to tune into the mental plane of line 42. I request that the download of the filter of data packets from the Collective Unconscious of 33 to my preconscious mind be blocked, so that it does not accept more data packages that come with the codes of the programs inserted in it for my manipulation, control and programming, and that the receiver and installer programs of these data packages are adjusted so that they do not execute the function of reprogramming my mental spheres to the commands of these mental “software” packages. Thank you.

With this in a few days you will be completely disconnected, be patient if there is any strange sensation of “isolation” and “separation” that you do not understand, and you will see how much quieter and calmer you are then, although you cannot identify why, since, one of the reasons for the constant mental agitation is the constant activation of the thousands of programs that are continuing installing in us and that the pulses from the Collective Unconscious that we have explained in a previous article continue to activate without stopping.

A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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