Involving all Higher Selves in the Process of Expulsion of the Races in Control


We had concluded the article a few days ago with the request to ask Kumar and the forces and beings that assist us to get involved in the process of expelling the different races in control of the life system on Earth, and to destroy their collective unconscious. Well, the process is ongoing and unstoppable, although it is or will be long, because the resistance, as expected, of the main races that we already know with their true names, and another one that we are going to give now, is being “fierce,” in “energetic” terms.

The collective unconscious of the Asimoss (we know them as Anunnakis), Amoss (Dracos), Alomiss (Mantis), Zuls (insectoids) and “Animiss” (a species that has an antoid form, that is, evolved from what we see as ants in our planet) are at 25% of their elimination, or in other words, approximately 25% of the energetic particles that form the mental and psychic fields of these races has been eliminated, transmuted and dissolved. Obviously this is done little by little because, we said, we had made the request to our planetary logos to “break” the “quantic” links that exist between the energy particles that form these mental fields, therefore, we are not doing it with technology or with any type of “apparatus,” but it is being done at the level of the “base” and “quantic” reality, that is, by order of Kumar’s consciousness dissolving particle by particle the energy that form these collective unconscious.

And how have these different races reacted? They have gone from communicating and using their collective unconscious, as they have done up to now, to communicating technologically, just as we would do to talk to each other, but evidently their communication technology is centuries ahead of ours.

And the expulsion protocols of entities that we had executed in the first article? They are also underway. A priori, there are now some 5000 Higher Selves who have received the direct request from their personalities all over the world to extract entities and other energy systems from their “earthly” counterparts, that is, we who are now reading this.  That means that some 5000 people gave, or have given so far, the “order” to their Higher Selves to start, in a loop, to remove entities as fast as they can. It is another great step forward, although it is still little compared to the whole planet, and that makes Asimoss and company “moving” and hiding in energy systems of people who are at the lowest levels of vibration possible, which are very difficult to reach with this type of information, since, at the moment in which any of us accesses what we have published and makes the request, the processes are automatically initiated to remove them from the person and send them to the landfill of the Solar system.

So, how are we going to be able to expel them from the planet if they are hidden, connected or anchored to people who will never read this blog or any other source of information that allows them to execute the petition to their Higher Self? We are going to put another request to the personalities of those who are already aware of what we have explained; those who ask our beings, to ask Kumar to involve 100% of the rest of the planet’s Higher Selves. A bit convoluted, but now you will see why.

But, first, on the other hand, an important question, does not this violate the free will of those people? Yes and no. We will explain everything.

Executing from the personality or from the soul

When a request is made to the Higher Self, it must be requested either from the personality or from the soul, so that either the conscious part of the personality asks for help, as we have done and will continue to do, or the soul, without the personality knowing, decides to request the help and executes the same. The Higher Self guides, assists and supports the soul, and the soul is the one who must guide, assist and direct the personality. In the latter case, it usually does not always do so, because the personality is endowed with so many automatic management programs controlled by the ego program that the soul can hardly block or direct them as he would like, so it is not normal for the person to function in conscious mode under the baton of the soul but, in general, we operate in automaton mode almost all our life under the baton of the ego. But that does not mean that the soul has less power, in fact, the soul can request the spirit, if present, and the Higher Self, that they execute just as the personality does.

And how does this influence not violate the free will of the person? If a few thousand personalities ask their Higher Selves to ask ALL of the Higher Selves of the planet, through Kumar, to instruct their souls to make the requests, then we will get millions of souls to receive the information that comes as a packet of data from your higher Self, the soul then decodes the data packet, and executes it, returning to the higher Self the request to “do this that you have explained to me because I agree with it.”

It is convoluted as I said, is to use “tricks” that do not have to be used in a normal evolutionary process in a free species, but obviously, neither Asimoss nor Amoss play clean, and we have to find a way to, without violating the rules of the game, get rid of them as soon as possible.

Thus, when a number of Higher Selves consciously ask the rest to help, they will also do so, because who is in charge again is the planetary consciousness, in a higher hierarchical order saying what what can be done and what should be done. So that all the Higher Selves that receive the request, when coming from Kumar, will execute it towards their souls, and these, we hope that they respond, freely, but collaborating.

All this puzzle as you can guess is not my invention, I, as the personality who writes this, see the complexity of the negotiations between Higher Self to see how to do what, when and at what time, I receive the ideas and plans of what is intended to be done and then I explain it to you, being a game in which all the reactions, cause and effect and countermeasures that those we are fighting and trying to expel start. So we continue with the intention of removing them from the planet at all costs and for each step we take we must see then how they try to counteract to take the next decision of how to move forward.

Therefore, the petition to our Higher Self, again, without fears, egos or any type of nervousness, only once and then “we withdraw,” is the following:

Addressing my Higher Self, to my being, I request that this petition be transferred to Kumar, as the planetary logos, so that it involves all the Higher Selves of the planet who have an earthly incarnation through a human being at this time, to initiate the execution of the loop petition that requests the extraction of all entities, beings, members and forces of the races known as Asimoss, Amoss, Animiss, Aalomiss and Zuls, as well as the rest of the groups, forces and races that attend, collaborate or are submissive to these principals. I request that all the Higher Selves of the planet receive this request, which was previously communicated, and transfer the information to the soul of their human counterparts, indicating what must be requested for them to execute the petition, without violating their free will, but with the indication that it is important that it be done for their greater good and growth, so that they are free of the restrictions imposed on them by the races in control, so that they are free of manipulations and so that they cannot hide in their energy systems as measure of protection against the extraction protocols that have been put in place to expel them from the planet. I request that all souls who, out of fear, insecurity, disbelief or ignorance do not wish to execute this petition, be granted the right not to do so, but that they try again, after a time, to request it again, so that the maximum number of Higher Selves of the planet are simultaneously involved in the cleansing and expulsion of the Earth of all those who stop the advancement of humanity from the higher levels of the system of management of it. Thank you.

With this we start another point of the offensive, and we will see what happens from now on.

A hug,

David Topí



The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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