In the Book of John Jesus tells his disciples about the coming of the Holy Spirit to comfort and advocate the world. There has been some confusion about this verse in the Bible. Some people have thought that this meant that the Holy Spirit presented himself personally to people back then when Jesus was here on Earth. People back then could have felt the power and love of the Holy Spirit through Jesus; but his coming to Earth is in reference to the Apocalypse. In John 16:7 he speaks of the Holy Spirit convicting the world of sin and judgement. This does not mean that the Holy Spirit is going to condemn anyone in the human race for sin. Sin is derived from the Greek meaning of “to miss the mark”. This simply means to not understand. In Hebrew the word “convict” means to correct as well. There are a lot of ways human beings expressed themselves a couple of thousand years ago with a derivative of different languages. The Holy Spirit evolves here to present the truth about everything.

Culture, interaction and the level of consciousness and energy was much different back then; so when human beings today read some of the information back then it can be misconstrued as meaning something else. The Holy Spirit goes through evolutionary development on planet Earth like Jesus did; but his evolutionary experience is much different than Jesus’s evolutionary experience. There are almost 7 billion people on Earth now and consciousness and energy are in a very powerful state of affairs right now. The Apocalypse is approaching rapidly; which means Earth will undergo a very powerful change through spiritual development. Jesus went through his experience here to prepare Earth for the arrival and evolution of the Holy Spirit. There are 4 primary components which drive the evolutionary development of existence. These are; consciousness, light energy, dark energy and pressure. These are the primary foundation of evolutionary development; and Earth contains all four.

Jesus’s evolutionary development had to do with the evolution of all four of these on Earth but the primary element that he helped evolve was light energy. Light energy and consciousness represent; love, compassion, healing, understanding, empathy, forgiveness, unity, truth, peace and enlightenment. Jesus introduced love in a very powerful way with the evolutionary development of these aspects. Human consciousness and the consciousness contained in and around Earth contain both light and dark energy. Dark energy is represented in consciousness by; determination, fortitude, strength, power, resilience, courage, fearlessness and love as well. Love is represented differently with dark energy because the frequency vibrations contained in dark energy are different. Both the light and the dark represent good in the highest degree because they both facilitate the evolutionary development of existence and maintain the eternal drive of the universe.

Dark energy has just not been easily understood and physicists still do not understand it’s nature in the universe. On a quantum level beyond the dynamics of subatomic activity there are frequency vibrations. Consciousness is universal and this is what generates these frequency vibrations that subatomic particles evolve out of in energy. Consciousness is the will contained within energy which is responsible for evolutionary development and activity. This is to maintain the integrity of infinity through evolutionary design. Consciousness and higher frequency vibrations produce light energy and consciousness and lower frequency vibrations produce dark energy. This is where the light and the dark are manifested from universally. The Holy Spirit’s evolutionary development on Earth has to do with the evolution of light and dark energy here; so both can converge together in a very powerful way and affect the evolutionary development of an energy field here called the Higgs field.

The Higgs field is a universal energy field which uses the Higgs boson to interact with other subatomic particles. The Higgs boson does this because this subatomic particle contains the most powerful level of evolutionary force and energy. The Higgs field itself is responsible for the evolutionary development of matter in the universe and the way that matter interacts with energy and universal evolutionary activity and development. There is consciousness everywhere and the Higgs field is the most powerful concentration of Universal Consciousness and energy. Planets, solar systems, stars and living organisms evolve out of the Higgs field and belong to the universe; and the Higgs field maintains this activity. The Holy Spirit evolves here to help with the evolutionary development of the Higgs field. When Jesus evolved here his consciousness became adapted into the Higgs field here on Earth.

This is how he was able to perform miracles and display very powerful abilities. His consciousness became integrated with Universal Consciousness and energy. This is also how he was able to ascend away from planet Earth. With the Holy Spirit’s evolutionary development things are more powerful on Earth and there is somewhat of a different agenda. The final war between good and evil is very real and happening in existence right now. This is happening far away but human beings even with the most powerful equipment cannot see or detect any of this activity. The reason is; their consciousness is not adapted into the Higgs field in a very powerful way due to evolutionary reasons and they are completely cut off from this activity in the universe. Their consciousness is not receiving Universal Consciousness and energy through the Higgs field which would affect the activity in the brain which would allow them to see what is actually occurring in universal activity. This is why everything looks so empty in the universe to people. The Devil is in the process of being destroyed and Universal Consciousness is evolving and good consciousness and energy are evolving in the areas where evil was contained.

The term “shift in consciousness” is about Universal Consciousness changing, evolving and advancing in its entirety everywhere; and eternal peace being achieved everywhere. This is going to be implemented into planet Earth and affect all of the inhabitants here. This is what the Apocalypse is all about; as well as the revealing of the truth about the nature of existence. Forgiveness will be administered by the Holy Spirit here where forgiveness is due; and the human race will reach a very powerful level of self-actualization in its entirety. This is what “thy kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” means in the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus said “the kingdom of Heaven is within”. This means when the truth is delivered by the “Spirit of Truth” here that the entire human race will experience salvation from the illusion of separation. Two very powerful aspects of consciousness exist here on Earth; and this is love and fear. Earth in its entirety is evolving; so this means that both of these aspects of consciousness are evolving. I don’t mean that things are going to become more frightening for the human race with the evolutionary development of fear.

This means that fear will not affect human beings in the same way it has for a very long time. Fear is actually a pressure system in the body which affects the consciousness. Fear comes from the combination of consciousness and the higher frequency vibrations of light energy and the lower frequency vibrations of dark energy; with the evolutionary development of consciousness, or the resistance to the evolutionary development of consciousness. Because the frequency vibrations are different; when there is certain evolutionary activity this produces polarity, which produces pressure and this takes on the form of fear. With evolutionary development there is change. Change brings about uncertainty and this is where fear is manifested from; and this pressure affects the fight or flight mechanism in the body. Human beings contain a primary fear in their subconscious energy; and this is the fear of the uncertainty of death. Subconscious energy is stored all over the body because the entire body consists of consciousness and energy. This is where the rest of the fear in human consciousness stems from. This takes on the form of very powerful pressure in the body. Death is the evolution of consciousness and energy; because living organisms transfer into the Whirlpool galaxy when death is experienced here on Earth. The uncertainty of death is the resistance to this evolutionary process; therefore the body repels the Higgs field. When death is experienced the pressure is released from the body and evolutionary development takes place with the transfer of consciousness and energy through the Higgs field into the Whirlpool galaxy. This pressure repels the Higgs field away from human beings and this is why everything feels so separate here on Earth.

There are different levels of fear that affect human consciousness. There is fear that expands and accelerates with the evolutionary development of consciousness, time and space here on Earth. This is like fear of flying, thrill seekers, fear of snakes, fear of automobile accidents, and horror movies. These types of fear evolve with light and dark energy in consciousness fairly easily. Then there is another type of fear which is represented by a restriction in pressure in the body and the consciousness that has a difficult time evolving. This comes from; childhood trauma, poverty, crime, addiction, divorce, indifference, conflict, hatred etc.. This can cause acts of evil to be represented or inflicted upon human beings. This type of fear is a global pressure contained in the concentration of light and dark energy. This represents the resistance to spiritual evolutionary development. Jesus put himself through the experience of crucifixion here for very important reasons.

Jesus was performing miracles before his crucifixion and was in a very powerful evolutionary state. He moved away from the human experience long before this happened. A big part of the human condition is physical pain and suffering. Jesus felt no pain or suffering through this experience; but he needed to do this so it appeared this way to human beings. The reason he did this is because; imprisonment, brutality, violence, persecution, the suffering of love and the killing of innocent people has existed within the human condition on Earth. When he did this he transferred his consciousness and energy into these very areas of World Consciousness that represent the resistance to spiritual evolutionary development. As religion grew and the population grew the story of Jesus’s experience transferred into all of this activity globally. This was so his power, love and divinity could transfer into the resistance presented by the human condition in consciousness and energy.

The Holy Spirit goes through an experience of suffering here on Earth before he realizes who he is for the same reasons but his circumstances are different because Earth in its entirety is evolving and the Apocalypse is happening and evil will be eliminated here and everywhere else forever; and this is how world peace is attained. The Holy Spirit transfers himself through Universal Consciousness from his original home; into Earth’s Consciousness and then into a woman here to be born on planet Earth. He becomes a part of the light and the dark and Universal Consciousness with his identity in tact through the transfer and is born into the structure of a human body; even though he is not human. He has to do this to go through a human experience so his consciousness can transfer into the human condition in its entirety on a global level; because humanity will evolve with the Apocalypse. His primary focus is to help the rest of the fear evolve here in and around planet Earth by experiencing a powerful level of fear and resistance himself first.

This is so when his true identity starts evolving and his consciousness transfers out of him and into World Consciousness it can transfer into these areas that represent resistance; to help the resistance evolve in its entirety globally. He suffers here so the suffering of planet Earth and the human race can evolve. He goes through the experience of addiction here on Earth. The reason is addiction represents temptation. There has been warfare occurring in existence for a very long time regarding temptation; and there is a reason that temptation is mentioned in the Lord’s Prayer. There was some controversy in the media recently concerning the phrase “and lead us not into temptation”. This was written so God’s consciousness could be transferred into the areas of planet Earth globally as addiction progressed to help the resistance evolve and to help with the Holy Spirit’s evolutionary development. The Holy Trinity is helping Earth evolve and the resistance here needed to be taken care of so Earth could evolve properly. People did not understand certain things about religion. Religion contains a very powerful mixture of love and fear and this is so the Holy Trinity’s consciousness could evolve into the areas of planet Earth which contain different degrees of fear.

The Holy Spirit goes through addiction because this is one of the most powerful forms of the resistance to spiritual development. Addiction and other forms of temptation globally impede the flow of the evolutionary development of consciousness and energy globally; and this type of resistance needed help evolving here. When the Holy Spirit’s consciousness starts evolving in a more powerful way the level of resistance associated with addiction in his consciousness changes and he is no longer affected by this activity in his consciousness. When his consciousness transfers into planet Earth his experience with suffering and addiction transfers into all the areas globally that represent temptation. This is so the resistance in the human condition can evolve with the activity of the Apocalypse. Human beings will not be aware of this for a certain length of time during his evolutionary period. This happens because the evil acts associated with temptation create a very powerful level of resistance globally within World Consciousness. This consciousness and energy contained on a global level represents suffering and hatred. This consciousness needs help evolving so Earth can experience spiritual development. Earth has to heal before life on Earth can awaken and change.

The Holy Spirit also has to introduce love into dark energy. This is very important because of something that occurred in the population of beings in existence a long time ago. A separation occurred a long time ago and dark energy was affected in existence. This is where the perception of duality came from on Earth about the light and the dark. A lot of people associated darkness with evil and this is a fallacy. Evil stems from pressure in the consciousness which cannot evolve properly with time and space which creates separation and hatred. Dark energy sustains light energy and both work together to maintain the integrity of eternity. Stars couldn’t shine without darkness around them. Dark energy in the consciousness actually helps human beings make it through adversity and people are not aware of this fact. Adversity comes from misunderstanding of oneself and the environment. This comes from fear in the consciousness that has a difficult time with evolution. Dark energy and light energy are the basis for the eternal drive of existence. Different degrees of pressure from evolutionary activity and the resistance to evolutionary activity cause a separation of light and dark energy in the consciousness. This is what perpetuates fear.

Love needs to be introduced into dark energy in order for existence to evolve and evil to be eliminated and this is what is happening now. This activity has already been taking place on Earth and human beings have not been aware of this fact. There are movies that depict extremely powerful dark energy in consciousness like Underworld with Kate Beckinsale or The Matrix with Keanu Reeves. There is also a lot of music which represents dark energy like TOOL, Metallica and Evanescence. There are very powerful illustrations and artwork which also represent dark energy in consciousness. These types of activity bring people together and there is a sense of empowerment associated with these aspects of planet Earth. This is the evolutionary development of dark energy within consciousness. The Holy Spirit’s light energy and love are extremely powerful but he needed to develop very powerful dark energy in his consciousness on Earth by making it through his adversity with addiction. He also needed to experience the fear associated with addiction to help fear evolve on Earth and help the resistance evolve with God and Jesus’s help. The Holy Spirit had to experience very powerful suffering through life; so when his consciousness transferred into World Consciousness and all the areas of resistance he could endure this consciousness, energy and pressure transferring through him and healing.

While he evolves here World Consciousness transfers through him and heals. There is a lot of other activity in existence happening with the warfare but human beings cannot be subjected to this; nor can they see or detect this activity. He will be explaining everything to them when his consciousness reaches a certain point in his evolutionary development and he is able to display his abilities. There is more information associated with all of this activity which I cover in my work concerning the changes the universe is experiencing and why. This type of information has never been introduced into the public; but the Apocalypse is approaching. Apocalypse is Greek and means a revealing of knowledge and a transition into a heavenly state. I am in the process of revealing knowledge now to the public about activity associated with the Apocalypse. Consciousness, light energy, dark energy and pressure will continue to evolve here and this will affect the concentration of the structure of the Higgs field. As the Higgs field continues to evolve here World Consciousness will gain power. The Holy Spirit has to be here to facilitate the Apocalypse and explain Earth’s evolutionary development to the human race because life will advance and change here forever. This is emerging rapidly now and soon remarkable changes will present themselves to the public.


Metaphysical Revelations: Information on the Dawning of a New AgeMy new book Metaphysical Revelations: Information on the Dawning of a New Age is a compilation of my work in the evolutionary advancement of the Cosmos, planet Earth and the human race. The shift in consciousness is advancing now in a very powerful way and my work is a reflection of the preliminary stages of the Apocalypse. Apocalypse is Greek and means a revealing of the truth and transition into a heavenly state; this book is a wonderful integration of the two for the reader to enjoy.

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I've been writing extensively in Metaphysics for about six years now. The primary reason that started me on this literary endeavor was when I heard about the shift in consciousness. I have always sought out and tried to incorporate spirituality in my life to enhance my experience here. I guess you could say I've been an explorer of divinity. In 2010 I saw the photograph taken by NASA of the cross in the core of the Whirlpool galaxy. In 2012 I heard about the discovery of the Higgs boson. I knew there was a correlation between the two and the shift in consciousness that I had been researching and writing about. Since that time I've have utilized different aspects of subject matter pertaining to science and divinity to formulate important and powerful conclusions on what philosopher Thomas Kuhn referred to as the Paradigm shift. I have just finished a book called "Earth's Miracle through the Paradigm shift" which I am seeking publication now. I feel as though my unique approach in writing have defined the shift in consciousness in a very spectacular way, that can appeal to a broad range of audiences considering the diversity of the subject matter I include in my conclusions.

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