Faith Has Been Tested | Nine’s Path Pleiadian Tarot, March 7


Summary: In what ways has your faith been tested? In what ways have you outgrown your inner structures of belief? The time has come to return some of those relics to the place where you found them, honed, polished, and sharpened through the journey you’ve taken them on. Others will be glad you did. Meanwhile, prepare for initiation, and relax about it. The best thing you can do to prepare for what lay ahead is to surrender. Ssh, listen… your heart has something to tell you.

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Six of Swords (reversed)  — The Hierophant — Queen of Cups (reversed)

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot, Feb. 28 2019

FOUNDATION: Six of Swords (reversed)

Within the privacy of your mind, you’ve been able to sort through some fundamental things so you can make a move forward, as the times are requiring you to do. While you have prepared yourself well to move on into uncharted waters, your due diligence has revealed some things to you that you’re not so sure you want to bring along for the ride. Sometimes, leaving a belief at the foothills of faith is a healthy move, once the faith has been tested and found either to pass or fail in suiting the needs of personal evolvement. What have you recently discovered you’ve outgrown, in terms of articles of faith? What rituals of passage no longer apply to the landscape you’re entering? Lo and behold, you’ve come to the realization that you got it! One last foray back into the wilderness from whence you came, and you can return your library books. Give back those treasures you honed to sharp perfection in the machinery of your mind, so that those who prepare to take a similar journey are equipped with the tools that their evolved readiness requires for them. Take care of this before you move on. You’ll have something new to pin your faith on. Meanwhile, deliver the tools you needed back to where they can be picked up by the ones waiting for them. Clear your cache.

LODESTONE: The Hierophant

Mark the moment well. Take note of what’s happening. Great changes are afoot and you’re at the threshold of initiation. It might not be what you thought it would be, but it’s sure to be everything you need… if you have the faith. Lately, your faith has been tested, whether that’s been in your own mettle or in the structures upon which you rely. Those undercurrents of reality that never seem to change are indeed about to undergo a massive and definite shift. You might only notice the little changes; truly, the bigger shifts can be more difficult to pinpoint within a pattern accessible to personal application. However, something’s at the doorstep, and it’s finally ready to be noticed. When you realize what it is, you’ll be in awe. Descent of revelation is at hand. There is wisdom in surrendering, for in releasing rigid patterns of unbelief, you open and relax into receptivity. For what you’re about to receive, you may well indeed find yourself truly grateful. It is the underpinnings of a new patterning of faith’s fundamental physics.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Queen of Cups (reversed)

When faith has been tested, when the past is let go, when you find yourself at the turning point of a new initiation, it is well to withdraw into the heart’s font of wisdom. Contemplation is going to beckon as the terrain once familiar reassimilates around a new fundamental frequency of understanding. At such a point, your mind is not going to be as helpful as your intuition will be. If you tend to let yourself be drawn by your feelings from one point of time to another, sit back and contemplate your motivations for being thus led. While you might not be able to navigate a new set of circumstances by pure mental calculations alone, couching your wits in a balanced sacred space of intuition’s design might be just what you need to get along. Get comfortable with the heart’s wisdom; get back in touch with the mechanism of self-trust. Feeling your way ahead will lead you well, if you spend some time getting to know yourself more deeply. Gaze inward without obstruction.


“Love nibbles at the edges of man’s knowledge of divinity until love is all — and creation of love is all — that is seen and desired. At that point, love has rendered ‘no win’ to ‘free to do anything’ through a test of faith to dent your protective illusions of being special while everyone else is not. You are all special, and that becomes apparent when love has gotten past the creative rules and regulations your mind has set up by telling you, in some way, that you are loved. It is at that point that the game begins to shift.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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A note about the spread used in Nine’s Path Pleiadian Tarot: The cards represent the foundation, the lodestone (or inner knowing), and the most OMward direction (path to highest understanding and experience). More insight on Pleiadian Tarot, the path of Nine, the League of Light’s Pleiadian teachings, and the work of contact Maryann Rada are at the Nine’s Path website. New insights for the world and for individuals are posted here on every week. Be sure to check back regularly to see the Pleiadians’ clues for the next step in our collective evolution. 

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As a healer and writer, Maryann Rada’s career has crossed over many diverse paths. Trained in healing modalities from energy work to holistic therapy, meditation, yoga and metaphysics, she has helped countless people find their way to empowerment through forgiveness and knowing of the self. The healing energies she serves are inherent in all as the inborn connection with the divine, and this is embodied in her writing as well. Her professional career led from scholarly publishing at a world-renowned East Coast university to the hotel, resorts, and fine dining industry, to writing for an international executive coaching organization, and finally to one of California’s biggest biotech companies. Destiny, however, waits for no one, and an abrupt shift in life circumstances turned her path face-to-face with quite literally another world. Her personal channelings from Nine for those who have contacted her directly for such guidance have touched the place of healing with uncanny heart-centered exactitude, as her clients have remarked. In service to the source of love and healing, she continues to carry forth the message of Nine, with several works in various stages of completion, intent on humanity’s progress towards wholeness, peace, as well as self-understanding for individuals and the planetary consciousness of the human, being. You can learn more by visiting the Opalescent Nine website at [URL][/URL].

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This reading coincides with what’s been going on in my personal life. Surrendering has been a message I received elsewhere too recently. My unfaithful parts have been tested. All is well and there is no more reason to worry and keep myself in fear consciousness. Thank you for the affirmation!

Perfectly resonant, Maryann! As always, thank you! I thought this was an interesting revelation: "The best thing you can do to prepare for what lay ahead is to surrender. Ssh, listen… your heart has something to tell you." At this moment, the ONLY surrendering I’m doing is "surrendering" to what I feel is my deepest, TRUEST Self. That perfect and unique expression of who and what I truly am. I feel (with increasing conviction) that NOTHING can pull me from that path–it’s almost like my goal has been marked with a laser beam and I’m following that beam, straight and… Read more »

I had just had a thought about the concept of surrendering. Someone commented to my boss that I’m a fun guide on the farm. It is easy for me because I’ve gotten to the point in my life where most of the time I just don’t care what people think of me. I’ll act things out for the children and don’t care if I look like a nut because we are laughing and learning something. I’m happy – they are happy – that is all I want.
Yes, trusting myself, trusting the process, trusting my instincts, telling my children, husband, friends, people I work with to trust theirs… it’s been a huge theme recently.
I feel like some of the times I didn’t in the past trust fully are coming up for review so as to show me how it’s okay to put aside other considerations and sink into knowing to trust.

Linda said I had just had a thought about the concept of surrendering. Someone commented to my boss that I’m a fun guide on the farm. It is easy for me because I’ve gotten to the point in my life where most of the time I just don’t care what people think of me. I’ll act things out for the children and don’t care if I look like a nut because we are laughing and learning something. I’m happy – they are happy – that is all I want. Click to expand… I want to take my kids to this… Read more »


Maryann said Surrender is going to lead to some very interesting things Click to expand… Such as the college entrance fraud in which Lori Loughlin participated. She is a Hollywood actress who has played kind and honest women and works on a lot of Hallmark programs. I know that life is quite different from the movies, but many people I know, as well as myself, are going – "Whaaaaat? Not Lori!!!" For those of you who don’t get this channel – the overall premise of their programs is that a woman is struggling to find her purpose in life and… Read more »


News is reporting that Hallmark fired Lori, who has 2 big shows, Garage Sale Mysteries and When Calls the Heart. The daughter had a deal with Sephora for some kind of make-up, and that appears to have gone down the tubes, as well. While this may seem to be trivial in the grand scheme of things that need to change, I believe this situation is affecting quite a few people because it is on a level at which many people can identify – it is not some distant people in DC doing things we don’t understand. It may do far… Read more »