Eliminating Races in Control and Destroying Their Collective Unconscious


History has always told us that, when humanity sets out to try to advance in its evolutionary path, the laws that govern macro-planetary processes and those energies that we tend to face as action-reaction, cause-effect, tend to be magnified, like an elastic band that is stretched towards one end will try by all possible means to return to its normal state of equilibrium, making a contrary force, and opposing an enormous resistance to the force that stretches it.

Now, for the analogy to have some meaning, a part of humanity is like that elastic band that is trying to stretch to reach that other evolutionary level, that other “15.6Hz matrix,” that other reality, and the forces that are against it are like the energies that try to return the rubber band to its point of rest and initial state. As the resting and initial state of a rubber band is a neutral state, there is no greater problem in the struggle of natural forces that occur in this mechanical system, but as the current state of rest of humanity is an “inactive” state of unconsciousness and certainly “negative,” to return to it does not make any sense and does not produce any benefit to anyone. This means that, now that we are stretching and stretching to continue and move forward, the forces that pull us back and back again do so with more intensity, and are causing more resistance and damage than people could be used to and know how to deal with them. In any case, as always, in the process of “advancing” the part that has the greatest power of will for it always wins, and in this case, we encourage you to strengthen the will against those “forces” that, with more impetus each time, try to stop what we are getting.

A coup d’état

To counteract this effect a bit, we also have to give a hit on the table from time to time, an “enough is enough,” and a “leave us alone,” and, for that, we must know what are the weak points of these forces. With what we are going to explain now, whoever wants to put it into practice, will give a small thrust to the hundreds of entities, forces, egregors and all kinds of beings that are still active to, first, drain our energy, second to confuse our psyche, third continue to manipulate it and fourth to prevent that nobody, absolutely nobody, rise of vibration within the levels of the temporary line in which it is.

How do we do it? How do we fight against something we do not see? How do we believe something we read in an article that someone says but that we do not have any certainty, proof or way of corroborating by “material” and “normal” means? We are going to fight with the conscience, because at the moment in which many millions of people “understand” something, the potential of manipulating that “something” is uncovered by the information that is integrated, and by the power we have when we know what is happening and how to change it.

Each race by its name

The first thing that we are going to do is name things. You all know that the two main races that hold back the advance of humanity and the advance of the evolutionary step are those that the Sumerians called Anunnakis, on the one hand, and the one ufologists generally call Dracos. Well, these names do not have “power” because they are “invented” by human beings, so that, not being able to use the true name with the true vibration, we do not have as much facility to fight those that manipulate us. It is as if you, being your real name Anthony or Sofia, are called Frank or Irene, giving less “impact” to any interaction with you that may occur, or reducing the energy range of mental forms and requests made against your, because you are not using the correct vibration of the real name that you have assigned and correlated with your physical, energetic and mental structure, and, therefore, if you do something against “Frank” being Anthony the real name, energetically speaking, “Anthony” does not receive the force or impact, since there is a “mental screen” associated with another vibration that receives what is issued against him, but that is not directed to the true frequency of the name that represents him.

Something like this happens with the entities and races that are behind the manipulation of the human race, by not calling them by the proper name, we do not have so much power over them. And that we are going to change.

If we heard a telepathic conversation between two members of the races we call “Dracos,” we would hear that they refer to themselves as “Amoss,” because the name we give to their constellation of origin, “Alpha Draconis,” they call it “Amiris” and hence, “Amoss.” If we heard or tuned to a mental conversation between two Anunnakis, we would hear that they call themselves “Asimoss,” which, as you see, is very similar to “Amoss,” since, in some way, the different races that make up the conglomerate that the ancient Sumerians called Anunnakis, are distant relatives of these first. Therefore, “Amoss” and “Asimoss” are two more powerful names to be able to reduce the impact on the psyche and counteract the power over us than the use of the terms “Dracos” and “Anunnakis,” and that is what we are going to do from now on.

And this is for what?

Very good, very curious and very beautiful, some will say. What is it useful for? This serves because we are going to put a petition to our Higher Self to extract and do everything possible to expel all Amoss or all Asimoss from us and from our surroundings. How is this? Are they around me? They are all around the world, because they are acting, and this we have already mentioned more than once, from the physical plane, in the area above the ultraviolet that our eyes do not capture, and, from there, they are slowing, blocking and manipulating all human beings with two objectives, that nobody’s vibration go up to the last octave of line 33, from where you can go to 42 in some time as we said, and that no one passes the lower levels of the 42, from where you can change reality also at some time, when is it time.

So right now, there is no human being on the planet who is involved in his own personal growth path who is not being watched more closely by minions and members of one race or another, who are the ones who have mainly taken the task of prevention for all leap of consciousness and level for the human beings.

Well, how do we know this is real? Again, the easiest, always ask your being or Higher Self a confirmation of what is being explained to you: “if it is real that the names of those we call Dracos or Anunnakis is Amoss and Asimoss I request to see such a thing in my reality….” “If it is correct that working with the real names of these groups they have less power over me I request to see such a thing in my life…” And all those possible questions that you may have to get certainty about what you are going to work on, those who want it.

On the other hand, since they are not alone, but other minor races subjugated to them are part of the cast of forces and entities that slow down and act against humanity, we have to do the same also with these. The race that has “insectoid” characteristics is called “Zul” by them, and the race that has “mantis” characteristics is called “Alomiss” by themselves. Therefore, although other names that you may have heard are also correct, that is, although other denominations have been used to refer to these four great races in control, we have to use the name that the same races and groups grant themselves internally, because it is the name that is associated with their collective unconscious.

Dismantling their collective unconscious on Earth

And here we are also going to “attack.” I hope no one feels upset by this “infusion” of “battle” energy from today’s article, since we are being blocked at huge levels, when a part of the population could already be almost at level 21 of line 42, what is happening is that instead of rising, there are many people who are again below level 5. When many people were already close to the last octave of the 33, they have fallen back to levels below 10. That way we end up going nowhere, because the path that lies ahead can be made eternal if we do not give an effective blow, we are the ones who have to take the reins of this process, because, as much we are being assisted us from the outside, they cannot violate our free will and do things for us. Therefore, we are going to start dismantling the “local” collective unconscious, that is, on Earth, of the great races in control, and this amounts to dismantling their telepathic communications systems, since they do use their collective unconscious as a means of support and communication, not as a means of manipulation as in our case, and as we have already explained.

And what consequences does this have? What will happen to me if I start to “fight” against them? You will not have any if you do it from your Higher Self, not from your ego, personality or even at soul level. What does this mean and what is the difference? That only asking our Higher Self once and then “retiring” will be enough. Why? Because then all the Higher Selves of the planet that have received the request of their “conscious” parts at the personality level will begin to work together, in bloc, and it is something that they have decided to do, since, being outside the structure Space-time they can act without the possibility of retaliation. Since it will be impossible to know, by an entity, if the attack came from one point of the planet or from another, it will be difficult to find the origin of the person who requested this intervention. Also, as a precautionary measure, we will also overshadow this request as you will see now.

So, let’s try to see the favorable consequences that this clash of forces can have, coming out of apathy and the “passive” and reactive mode, and start functioning in a “defensive” way taking power over what we have the right to manage, our own path of growth and the evolution of our species.

The request, as always, is as follows:

I request that the petitions I make to my Higher Self be obscured from this very moment so that, externally, they cannot be perceived or read by any force, being or entity that is present in me, stalking me or monitoring me. I request to initiate from my being and the rest of Higher Selves all the collective mechanisms of destruction of the collective unconscious of all races, groups and species that govern the system of life on Earth, initiating the process by the collective unconscious of the Amoss, Asimoss, Zul and Alomiss, disintegrating their communication systems, their group connections, and destroying and erasing all the content of them, at the level of information, power, energy and control capabilities. I request that all the Amoss, Asimoss, Zuls and Alomiss present in me, in mine, in my surroundings and around me, be expelled to the landfill of the solar system, giving permission for them to be expelled from the planet by force when they do not accept to leave voluntarily after the warning of my being or Higher Self. I request that this petition be looped from now on, that it be constantly being executed by my Higher Self with codes of the highest priority and that it remains active until I give the order to cancel it consciously. Thank you.

We hope it has the desired effect and that it gives us a break to be able to continue with the work that we have pending.

Eliminating the great races in control, second phase

We had concluded the previous article with the request to start dismantling the collective unconscious of the four great races in control: Amoss, Asimoss, Zuls and Alomiss, and we had initiated the protocol so that our being or Higher Self would initiate the “extraction” from our field energy of any entity that would anchor to us or connect to our electromagnetic field. In the petition that we put, there was a reference to the “solar system landfill,” so we are going to begin to explain and review what has happened and we will continue with more requests to continue working on the expulsion of these races that has already been decided not to allow continuing to manipulate humanity.

Well, first question, who has decided? The planet. Kumar. Why it had not decided before? The planet, in itself, as the logos, soul and being that governs the structure of life on Earth is “neutral,” to some extent, of what happens with the conscious life inside it. Neutral does not mean “passive” or “indifferent,” it means that, from its own order of hierarchy, it allows all the necessary processes for evolution in the physical body it occupies, the planet we call Earth, and, therefore, as long as it exists learning, experience and evolution despite the complexity of the situation, the logos does not have to intervene, because those “players” using the game board that “he” represents, are receiving valuable lessons and mutually catalyzing multiple experiences. However, this is over. Or it starts to end.

Imagine if you saw that several cells, bacteria and microorganisms that form you are in small internal “fights,” that, while they remain in the area of ​​your body where they are bounded and do not interfere with other systems, they do not produce major problems to the whole body, so, you, as the greater consciousness that governs the body, allow that interaction between “beings” that live in you. But, when that interaction affects the other parts of you, and the parties in conflict, or at least one of them, goes beyond all the limits allowed, then the body as a whole intervenes and stops them.

What is it that has caused Kumar to intervene? The breakage of the barrier that separates line 33 from line 42, which has facilitated many Asimoss, mainly, crossing the line and this, cannot be tolerated in any way. How have they done it? With technology, with “energetic drills,” so that you can understand me, opening gaps through which the different entities that are at their service can go through to stretch back to the lower levels of the 42, that do not take us out of it, to all of us that are in this timeline. This is already fixed, solved and is beginning to eliminate the entities and members of these races in a massive way, but cause and effect, the reaction that touches the action of breaking something that has been put by the planet itself, is the expulsion from Earth of those who have exceeded the limits of what is allowed by our planetary logos.

So, expulsion to where? In the petition, as I was saying, we said “the dump of the solar system.” What is that? Every solar system has an area where all the negative energy residues of that system accumulate in all planes. In ours, is located above the so-called causal plane in an area of ​​the solar system that we would say is close to Saturn, if we had to put a spatial location, which is not entirely wrong, but is an “energy” zone, and not physical, of the structure of the system in which we find ourselves. In this “landfill” all the “toxic” energies that are expelled and cleaned from the different planetary spheres are “transmuted” and “discarded,” breaking into their constituent particles the bonds that unite them and disintegrating all kinds of “polluting” energy waste that is generated everywhere in the whole solar system. Therefore, it is a natural mechanism that is present in all solar systems and is supervised by the same forces and hierarchies that help the being that we call the solar logos to keep everything in balance and in the highest degree of harmony possible.

Thus, when we ask that all entities be expelled to this place, we are taking them to the energy recycling zone, since we cannot send them back to their planets of origin because our Higher Selves do not have a direct system to “teleport” them there, but they have a method of “energy suction” from our body or energy system to this point, therefore, when we ask that something be removed and expelled, we can add it to the solar dump, which, although by default is like that, enhances in the personality the “conscience” aspect of understanding of what is happening with what is being asked.

So, on the one hand, our Higher Selves are trying to cleanse us of all the parasitic entities that have been coupled to prevent our progress, on the contrary, to date, according to Higher Selves estimates, there are just under 2000 of them doing so, that means that there have been about 2000 people who have asked their Higher Self to start working to dismantle the collective unconscious of the breeds in control and start cleaning them. It’s little, but it’s a step forward. Even 2000 Higher Selves is not enough to be able to extract the thousands of entities that are everywhere, and, therefore, we need more help, because either thousands or thousands of people ask their Higher Selves to join the process, which cannot do it without the request of the personality because you cannot violate the free will even between parts of oneself, or else we will ask for more help from other forces that assist the planet to do the same.

The result of these first measures of the “battle” that we have started to cleanse the Earth from these races has been, as some of you have noticed, that our social networks fell for a few hours a couple of days ago when the petitions began. How is this related? All collective unconscious of these races, I had mentioned on Twitter, are getting content and information absorbing everything that is shared on social networks, so that they have access to the “psychic” content of each one of us and have downloaded in their collective unconscious all the information of all the networks and have an energetic thread from the collective unconscious of the person that is behind each profile in each network. This means that, although we do not use our real name in the profile of the networks that we have, there is an energetic thread from the mental body towards the collective unconscious, both the human collective unconscious, and in the four mentioned races. So, obviously the best thing would be not to use social networks, but it is not a problem for them either, as they continue reading our collective unconscious 33 with their technology, since only a few thousand people have completely disconnected with the requests of the latest articles, and there are still millions of human beings plugged into it.

Well, then again, how has the attack on the collective unconscious affected the servers of these social networks and messaging services? Since the first thing our collective unconscious did was cut all the energy threads from their human counterparts to the collective unconscious of the Asimoss, Amoss and company, that is, the “etheric” links were “cut,” and if you alter and manipulate the mental part and etheric of anything, the physical part follows the process and ends up failing. So the physical technology that is behind the systems and networks that fell, they did it by cutting and “breaking” the etheric and mental systems that gave information to these group fields of information about us.

I hope that the relationship is understood, the more we attack its etheric and mental counterparts of the management systems of humanity, its physical elements also suffer, albeit to a lesser degree, the “technical” failures that come from the connection with “etheric failures.” So let’s see if they fail again or what other repercussion has this next point of the attack that we are going to carry out.

Another question we might have is, have Asimoss and company taken countermeasures? Yes, they have taken them, in the form of installation of a dome, or something similar, around their collective unconscious, something like a protective shield, but it will not serve them much, even for a long time, because everything is made of energy, and everything is made of particles, and the particles are conscious and obey a higher order consciousness that asks for something, so if we ask Kumar to break the links and connections between the particles that form the defenses of these races, the aspect “consciousness” of the planetary logos “commands” the aspect “consciousness” of the energy used by Amoss and others to “dissolve,” and, therefore, however science fiction it may seem, a higher hierarchy entity can always order all kinds of lower level energies to do what is asked or requested, because the universe is holoquantic, everything is a huge hologram made of particles that can be molded and manipulated according to the range or evolutionary level that you have, since the energy “changes” according to the intention of who is manipulating it, for being constituted of particles that are conscious, in their own “quantum” level, of themselves and of the forces that act on them.

Therefore, we introduce a second request, which we will do just as before, without egos, without being upset, without anger, without anything, neutral, totally neutral, to our Higher Self, one time and then we “retire,” so that, “opaque” as the connection is already, there is no possibility of discovering who did and who did not make the request, which is the reason, the fear, why many thousands of people have not yet decided to execute and ask to their beings what we put in the previous article.

Therefore, to move on, this is the new petition to our Higher Self:

I request my Higher Self to ask Kumar, and all the hierarchies, forces, beings and groups that assist him, to initiate all the necessary mechanisms, processes and octaves to eliminate completely all the races that manage the life system in Earth, starting with Asimoss, Amoss, Zuls and Alomiss, and then all the entities, races and groups that depend on them or collaborate with them to a greater or lesser extent. I request my Higher Self to request Kumar to eliminate, remove, destroy and extract all the shields, protections, counterattack systems, countermeasures and technology used to defend himself what has been set in motion by these races and that they have to continue controlling humanity. I request that my Higher Self requests Kumar and all the forces that assist him to eliminate all the collective unconscious and communication systems of the races in control, as well as all the technology present in their bases and operations centers. I request that these petitions be executed with codes of maximum priority, continuing with the extraction of all entities and beings present in me and in mine, and sending them to the landfill of the solar system. Thank you.

As you can see, we have asked our being to ask Kumar for something. Why so complicated? Because it is necessary that our Higher Selves be the ones who interact from their hierarchical level with Kumar so that the request has another level of “vibration” and “power” making the forces that can oppose this request not do so against the personality, but towards the being, which has no problem in dealing with the reaction to the requested action, and, of course, neither has Kumar when starting up the causes that will produce the effects that we hope to have. Therefore, as the personality we have is not within the equation of cause-effect or action-reaction of the attack process that is going to start up we will not have any problem to start with this request the mechanisms to continue liquidating those that govern the system of control over humanity.

A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given transients.info direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

Creative CommonsThis work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). You’re allowed to share this article for non-commercial purposes, but you must not edit or modify the contents. You must include all links and images, as well as provide appropriate credit — which includes a link leading directly back to this article at the top of your re-post. You must also include this licence information.

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David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, http://emedt.org.

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The father of cederic who arrived where harry supposed to arrive alone on band 4
According to David Topi’s article, the Mantis beings call themselves the Alimoss.

Another syncronicity appears! I just read about the Alimoss this week. My source said the Alimoss would include the Annunaki who are using this world for resources, human, plant and animal resources, and stripping earth like a giant corporation. That’s why they want to reduce the human population, to more easily subjugate them. But they will not allow a nuclear war because this planet is their money-maker.

Hailstones Melt
Sorry, I think I got the names mixed up, don’t want to misdirect. I went and re-read the article.

Alomiss – Mantid.
Asimoss – Annunaki.
Amoss – Draco.
Zul – Insectoid.

One thing is imossible to not see the names are quite similar except the insectoids