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David Topi Answers Your Questions — Answers #2

We continue with another delivery of answers to the questions that you have sent me through Twitter.

134 One question, is there any request to deprogram the addiction to junk food? Or the need to consume any food all the time?

Every addiction is formed by a series of mental and emotional components, as well as physical ones when there are substances that, from the organism, activate these physiological needs to eat something that, in general, is not too healthy or advisable for health, but that the body “demands” by the combination of the psychological need imbued in us, as by the activation of the chemicals that generate the implementation of these programs. To deactivate these reactions, in addition to trying to put our will into full expression to curb and control our impulses to eat something that is harmful to us, we can create a petition ourselves, using the format we already know from other articles, that we request to our being or Higher Self that eliminates all programs, patterns, “I’s” or subpersonalities, as well as the rest of the components that are within the activation process of the need to eat any type of these “foods” without control.

135 In some previous article you had talked about how many of the things that we carry around in our energy structure and that are a ballast have been covered with “neutral” energy to be able to cross to the timeline 42, can you explain this mechanism or this process and why is it done or has it been done like this? Who makes or covers with this type of energy which could not be eliminated? Thank you.

As you have seen over the past year, there have been many “emergency” procedures and some “energetic tricks” to be able to move from the temporal line suffering the strikes, attacks and manipulations of a whole management system against the humanity who opposed it. One way to accelerate the frequency rise of subtle bodies to line 42 was to “neutralize” all blockages, energies, frequencies and elements that we all carry on our backs, and that weight us down vibrationally, so that, if we do not something about it, it was practically impossible that none of us had raised enough of particles to be able to tune into the energy currents of line 42.

The way to do it, then, is simple. Our Higher Self during the process of raising bodies that the personality and soul of each human being was performing, generated or created a layer of neutral energy, without charge, that covered those points of the energy system more “dense” and “negative” in the person, those who most balked the frequency and made it more difficult for that body in question to go up. Neutral energy is used because the uncharged energy can then pass the different barriers and frequency fields “upwards” with total ease, being neutral and without resistance, and then leaving the energy “ballast,” blocking or whatever, “hidden” temporarily and without being able to affect the overall frequency of the body in which it was. This way, all the bodies have been raised to 42, and once the membrane that prevents the descent back to the 33 is placed, they begin to remove the “wrappers” of neutral energy on all the blockages that we have, returning to drop us in frequency now they influence the whole of our structure, but without being able to get us out of line 42, from which we still have to work those blocks, limitations, fears, schedules, etc., but already in an environment energetically much more favorable for this and without fear that these blockages would prevent us from going up or crossing the timeline 42, which was the objective priority of the work carried out in the last two years.

136 Hi David, how do you measure the evolutionary level of a race or a species? We say that those who created us or who manage the life system are evolutionarily speaking more advanced than us, how can you know that? And what scale is used to compare the evolutionary levels of different races or species in the galaxy? Thank you.

Every species, race or group has a collective unconscious that is located in one of the non-physical planes of the base planet for that species. In our case, and as we already know, our group collective unconscious is located in the lower part of the Earth’s mental plane.

On the other hand, our galaxy is “constructed” or structured following a precise and fractal model, starting from the law of the octaves, so that the Milky Way, as well as other galaxies, is divided into seven macro planes, which at the same time are divided into seven sub-planes that, in turn, are divided into seven sub-sub-planes making a total of 343 sublevels where you can locate a collective unconscious of a species.

Those races or groups that have evolved to very high levels, already have their group or collective unconscious mind at levels above level 300, that is, although their physical or energetic counterpart or the equivalent is on planets that can be more or less physical, their mind or morphic group field is in the highest planes within the structure of the solar system to which they belong that will also be in the higher planes within the structure of the galaxy, being, evidently, planets that we, from our level and with our capacities, we can neither see nor can we interact, capture or know their existence by being in other frequency bands of this galactic structure.

Thus, by “measuring” the level of the collective unconscious of that race, its evolutionary level is determined. The human race, at this time, would be in an evolutionary level of the “third course,” because we are, of those 343 levels, or we have, our collective unconscious in the third level starting from below, which is the mental plane of our planet. Other races such as the Anunnaki or those that rule the life system on Earth are around level 50, and the race we call Draco, in some of its sub-species, is around level 70, so that we can see that they are not the most evolved in our Milky Way. On the other hand, many of those species or races that support us are above level 200, with the majority in the 150 to 200 range for some groups that have been giving assistance to the planet, and to its forces and hierarchies, to attempt that we can move forward with this evolutionary change.

137 I have read in a forum that there are people in appearance who are not in reality, but are programs of the matrix. How should you interact with them if they are in the immediate environment? What if they create problems for you? Is it possible that a family member is so? Can they have children? Thank you.

Although it is very difficult for many people because of the programming that we have to accept this, not everyone that seems human and that we see on the street is human although it has a “container” or “package” that shows it as such to the naked eye. There are many races that are like us, or very similar, and that go unnoticed among the population, who are studying us or observing us, but who are practically indifferent to what happens on the planet. There are also people or physical vehicles that have no soul or Higher Self connected, being simply bodies generated in laboratories or in the bases of the control system and that act as mere “machines” at the service of “elites” and those who manage the earth. There are also those that we call organic portals that you can read about in this other article, and there are also “three-dimensional holograms” of people that look physical but that are nothing more than holo-quantum projections inserted in this “matrix,” something like the “woman in red” from the movie Matrix that most of you already know.

The difficulty for the “normal” human being is to believe all this and accept it, dealing with them in general is not usually a problem because they behave like every human being within the limits of a social interaction given by the programming of their minds and energetic systems. In general, all of the above, except organic portals, do not have a family, do not have “history” as human beings and are only “automaton machines” for the interaction of the control system with humanity “from within,” being able to fulfill orders, execute certain actions and create situations against some people, without them noticing in the least that, who is opposite or passing by, has no existence as human but it is only a physical body with a mental programming controlled and managed by an external system to us.

138 Hello. Only subtle bodies “hook” to a sublevel within a timeline? Are not the mental and consciousness spheres anchored, or does the level where the subtle bodies are anchored affect them but it does not “correspond” to them to anchor? Thank you.

The mental spheres are part of the mental body, as well as the sphere of consciousness, which is located on the mental plane but interacts and belongs to the whole of this body. By moving the mental body to line 42, all these components rise equally in line and the whole of the psyche remains stable and balanced at the same frequency level where this body is located.

139 From the beginning of the creation of the Lhumanu, certain “contracts” were granted by the elites to the races in control, agreements that continue to maintain us in great energy currents of submission. What does it consist on? Is it possible to reverse them, cancel them…?

When the Lhumanu was created by manipulation of the trodoon turned into Manu, this converted into Lhulu and then by natural crossing of the Lhulu with the Manu (see question 91) they ensured that the new genetically created species was aware of its creators and surrender to them. In this way, many energy contracts and agreements of submission, adoration and all kinds of homage and compliance to the creative races were formulated, which, over time, were renewed and were expanded so that, as the number of lhumanus on the planet grew, all of them were subject to and abide by what the “gods” decreed. Since by the pyramidal structure and management that was inserted, the “elites” from the first moments of the creation of the lhumanu had the power to speak on behalf of all the members of humanity of each historical moment, the races in control concluded “pacts” and agreements with them so that, in exchange for the control of a few in circles of power, the rest submit by contract to our creators. These contracts, in addition, were codified in the collective unconscious, so that they continued in force throughout generations and endowed to Anunnakis and company of the possibility of not violating to a certain extent the rules of free will, because they could, and continue being able to manipulate humanity, due to these “permits” that were given for that purpose. Obviously, these permits were given for manipulation and deception, but even so the majority remains in the collective unconscious.

Many can be erased or are being erased, since the fact of disconnecting more and more people from the religious systems, for example, where a large part of these contracts of submission to deities of all times are found, goes little by little canceling some of the energy blocks in the different collective unconscious of the planet where they are registered. But even so, it is complicated to revert them all due to the unconsciousness of the majority of humanity and to continuing giving energy and power to those who pose as gods and “divine” figures of any religion and historical time.

140 Hello. A doubt. In the space between lives does the soul merge with the higher self or is it still 2 differentiated parts even if they are the same being?

No, the soul is never merged with the Higher Self, it is always separated from it and maintaining its structure so that the components of the being or Higher Self, together with the spirit if present, and the soul of the person, with only the covering the causal body, are the “parts” that are executing the process of entering and leaving one incarnation to another one, from a linear view of time, and taking a different avatar in each life with their personality and energy system.

141 Hi David, why is there a difference between the four “primary” elements associated with the forces of nature with regard to the elements used in other traditions such as Chinese medicine where they use wood or metal, for example to talk about types of energies or forces in the human body? Thanks for everything.

All the philosophical or metaphysical systems of the history of humanity have started from the same ancestral knowledge and archetypes imbued in the trodoon when it was considered to be the species destined to be the dominant and “caretaker” species responsible for life on Earth. So, in the “group mind” of those first self-conscious beings, an ancestral knowledge of the laws of creation, of the functioning of life on Earth, etc. was already imbued.

Then, with time, the manipulations, the changes and the learnings of the lhumanu regarding this ancestral knowledge, different versions of it were developed, making changes here or there, adding or removing elements, laws, concepts and knowledge according to the changes that occurred in the psyche of the human being in different parts of the planet, etc. In this way, the four primary elements, plus the Akasha or ether, which form five “tangible” and real energies existing throughout Creation, even if with other names in other places, was derived in philosophical, energetic, medical and metaphysical systems where some of these primary elements were divided into parts, or applied to different areas of human life and, therefore, its name and part of its characteristics were changed. As each level of the structure of the human being and the planet has different elements, frequencies and energies that form it, although their definitions come originally from variations and combinations of these five primary elements, it is correct to speak of metal or wood for example in this traditional Chinese system, because they are derivations of other superior archetypes existing in the causal plane of the planet that, when reducing them to more tangible subjects, have been taken as different forces or elements, although they are derivatives and combinations of those already existing in higher archetypal levels of which the human being has lost all verification, knowledge and access to.

A hug,

David Topí

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