Canceling Pacts and Active Agreements with Asimoss and Company


We had left the previous article waiting to see if we got permission to relax the rules of the game that would allow the highest levels of ourselves to take a more active part without incurring the risk of violating the free will and the different processes that govern the evolutionary system of our planet.

As complex as it may seem, the fact that Asimoss and company play “dirty” and break all these rules, does not mean that the rest of the players will do it in order to counteract them, in the sense that there is a certain “sense of honor” and of “respectability” of how evolutionary systems work for the different races, groups and species that try to advance each one by its evolutionary path, and for that reason, in some way, not even at the level of the being that we are, at the level of the Higher Self, it has been tried previously, because it had not been necessary either, to execute a request to change the rules on the game board in order to assist more directly. If we had not done so, not even our Higher Selves could have assured in the medium or long term that this level jump was not going to be eternalized (not to stop or prevent) with so many blocks and obstacles.

Therefore, what happened? That indeed it has been given permission by Rawak, as solar logos, to Kumar, as the planetary logos, and by Kumar to all the Higher Selves to actively participate in the final stages of this final race towards the goal that represents the new Earth, the 15.6Hz matrix for line 42, starting, as we have already seen, by actively expelling all the members of those races that continue doing the impossible to prevent it.

So, what are the new rules of the game? They have not changed in the aspect of how we will continue to move up from frequency, vibration, to how we will continue to deprogram or heal our physical and energy vehicles, etc., but they have varied in the sense that the Higher Self is given the same degree of free will that the soul has. That is, if the soul could request “things” towards the being and this could be executed because it was requested by one of the self-conscious parts of the human being, now the Higher Self of each person, according to their lessons, sacred plot, learning and evolutionary needs, may execute other processes, healings, deprogramming or whatever it deems necessary to overcome the blockages, attacks or obstacles placed on its “earthly” counterpart to prevent its progress, even if it has not been requested by the personality or by the soul.

Does this mean that the Higher Self takes the reins and relieves the personality of the responsibility to direct the process? No, it only means that when it is necessary to intervene because they are making it difficult for us, it can be done even if the personality or soul does not ask for it, but it will not intervene to take away, at the personality level, the work we have to do with the compression, consciousness and learning that this entails. In a first step, this means that, now, all the Higher Selves of the planet are actively expelling all Asimoss, Amoss, Zuls and others that are found in the energy systems of those avatars and personalities that guide at the “human” level.

What are the races in control going to do then? Run away from these energy systems. Where? Good question, they do not know it, they are stumbling, trying to get away from the energy field of those people whose beings are already taking all present entities to the solar dump.

All right, good news so far, but are all these entities removed by default? Not yet. We need to go a step further, because in some cases, they are taking advantage of certain permits and pacts given by humanity in general to avail themselves of the right not to be expelled because, at some point, the soul of that person, in some incarnation, gave permission for it, consciously or unconsciously.

So we are going to revoke those permits, we must not give them a truce or let them find alternative solutions or places on Earth from where they cannot be expelled, they are looking for how to do it, even jumping between parallel realities, so we have to act fast and avoid them finding hiding places that we cannot reach, at the moment.

What are these permits? From the creation of the lhumanu by Asimoss, and by placing under their control the entire newly created human race, by deception, manipulation or simply by fear, all the clans and tribes of the original lhumanus were gradually giving permission and accepting submission to the “gods” of yesteryear, recording “on fire” these permits in the collective unconscious and creating a “global” permit that has allowed these races to jump or play on the edge of the evolutionary laws without receiving the consequences for it. By canceling these permits, which we will ask all the Higher Selves of the planet to do, now only with us asking it to ours, and communicating it among all, having degrees of free will sufficient to execute, they will do it, and we can avoid that a being is in the position of not being able to throw a Zul, mantis or reptoid of a human being because the same soul of the human being to which it is coupled gave permission for it 10, 3000 or 200,000 years ago. Therefore, with this cancellation, we will have tens of millions of Higher Selves already free of restrictions to be able to act firmly and directly.

This on the other hand, it leads us to the next question, what happens to the “human” members of the control system that are governed by these races? Does it affect them? This answer is complicated. Many of the characters “in control” that we see and do not see, known and those who are behind the scenes, do not have a soul, at least not a human soul, and some are not even linked to a Higher Self, therefore, there is no way to get there. Perhaps I’ll give more details of this topic in some other article, but now we can only get entities from these groups of those people who are “human,” in the sense of having a “human” soul and a Higher Self connected to it, within a “human” vehicle and physical and energetic body.

So, we go with the request, then, only once, and we retire, calmly, with tranquility, without anger, without the spirit of revenge or vengeance and with naturalness:

I request the cancellation, elimination and erasing of all permits, pacts, agreements and contracts created, accepted, imposed or submitted to humanity since its creation, present in the collective unconscious of all the levels of the planet, present in all the souls of the people, in their records and in their Vedic and akashic memories, in their energetic structures, in their soul and spiritual facets, in their transgenerational energy fields, in their lineages and genealogies prior to the current incarnation, from the moment in which the soul was born or was created as such, and through space and time, in all versions of me, in all my parallel and simultaneous existences, at any time and situation in which these contracts, pacts and agreements are active or present. I request that energy processes and octaves that are still active under control of these agreements be eliminated, so that no energy can keep them active. Once canceled and erased, I request again the execution by all the Higher Selves, all over the planet, for all mankind, of the petition to expel and extract all kinds of entities and members of the Asimos, Amoss, Zuls, Animiss, Alomiss races and the rest of those groups that govern the system of life on Earth, and that they are taken without delay and by the energy extraction procedure, to the landfill of the solar system, with the help and assistance of those who support each human being in each incarnation. Thank you.

Now yes, I think we’re going to take the lead and start directing the situation. We will see how they react and what countermeasure they try to apply, but optimism is great and hope grows at times. I encourage you to verify all this with your Higher Self, as you already know how to do, and to be flooded with the flow of joy that runs through the higher planes of our planet at this time. Thank you.

A hug,

David Topí



The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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This reminds me of getting rid of the kind of ‘fine print’ of a contract that nobody in their ‘right mind’ would ever agree to:D

Lila said This reminds me of getting rid of the kind of ‘fine print’ of a contract that nobody in their ‘right mind’ would ever agree to Click to expand… The concept that we "sign contracts" prior to come to this reality is a way to explain "why" some things do take place that we us humans find unjust, unfair, irrational, etc. They began proliferating through the "new age" movement and they are IMHO simply another iteration of the "explanations" I heard in my youth from different sources: "this or that happened because it was the will of god," "it… Read more »

NDE’s seemed to answer many of those questions. I’ve read a thousand of them. As diverse as people are most I read are personal yet so similar to each other that they corraberate each other.
Hailstones Melt

Carl said The concept that we "sign contracts" prior to come to this reality is a way to explain "why" some things do take place that we us humans find unjust, unfair, irrational, etc. They began proliferating through the "new age" movement and they are IMHO simply another iteration of the "explanations" I heard in my youth from different sources: "this or that happened because it was the will of god," "it was Allah’s will," etc., every time we questioned the "why." We probably could spend days and days discussing the issue and not arrive to a final solid answer… Read more »