How Programs are Activated in Minds via the Collective Unconscious Connection


In the previous article we explained that the manipulation of the human psyche is done from the connection with the collective unconscious, energetically, through the preconscious mental sphere, and that from this we activate different fears and programs so that we desist from working in ourselves in the process of evolutionary change, inserting all kinds of mental forms associated with the idea that “it is not real.” To understand why we have performed the deprogramming of the last entry, and the need to block this type of manipulative processes in the future, we will explain in detail its operation, at a “technical” level, to understand how it is possible to activate, “remotely,” the fears and thoughts that we have talked about in the previous post.

Everything is uploaded and stored in the collective unconscious

All right. We know that everything that the human being thinks, emits or processes mentally is automatically stored in the collective unconscious, in its different local levels, regional or global levels to which we are connected. The programs that the preconscious mental sphere possesses, a part of them, are the ones that are in charge of uploading to this raft and mental repository everything that arrives to it, as if it made a backup of the data and stimuli that it receives. This allows humanity to keep at the level of the mental plane, for each of the different realities of the planet, a copy of the bubbles and mental processes that human beings generate constantly, and makes everything we think, idealize, imagine, fantasize, dream and mentally project, be stored completely in our collective unconscious without losing even one of the data packages issued by any of us.

On the other hand, in the opposite way it works in the same way, everything that exists and is stored in the different collective unconscious is lowered to our mind, and from there to our mental body, but there is a filter in this part of the psyche that limits what the preconscious mind is going to collect from the collective unconscious, because individually we do not have the capacity to store all the content of it, nor is it necessary to keep the mental bubbles generated by other billions of people in our memory. Thus, in the channel of “downloading” of data, everything that is not intended for personal use is filtered, and it already comes with a different codification that indicates that it is what the filter of the preconscious mental sphere should let pass, or not, to the interior of this sphere for later use or operation by other levels of the mind.

This process of encoding the information of the collective unconscious is done automatically by the mechanisms inserted by the control system and the races that are in power and management of it, so that, to all the data that we humans constantly upload randomly and without any kind of general importance, a certain type of energy code is assigned to it, while all the data present in the collective unconscious that is of general interest, as part of the common structures that support reality in the planet, or because they are part of the programming that is to be inserted into the minds of all people, is assigned a different one that is codified to be accepted by the filter, identical, that we all have in this sphere.

Since this process is automatic, the races that created the first “versions” of today’s homo sapiens, saw the possibility, through this mechanism, of also inserting in the psyche all kinds of knowledge, ideas, control programs and systems of beliefs appropriate to their interests and that will facilitate the control and management of our species, using religions, education, cultural systems, etc. Thus, because the mechanism of “backup” and “update” present in the preconscious sphere works autonomously and constantly, imbuing certain programs and any type of information in the collective unconscious, they automatically assigned codes (by technological means of manipulation of the energy of the collective unconscious) to the information that was “lowered” and that was recorded and stored in the mental body of the person once collected and processed by the preconscious mental sphere.

Sending pulses through the filter

So, if what you want to do is activate programs present in the psyche of most people, because they are part of the standard programming that we all have, instead of downloading a program from the collective unconscious with an identification code that allows the filter from the preconscious mind to let it pass, what is sent is a pulse with the same code, but with instructions to activate a certain type of mental content. That is, knowing that, for example, the “fear of change” is codified for almost everyone in the same part of the psyche, from the behavioral pattern and the sphere of consciousness, the order is sent to activate that fear with a pulse that contains the standard location and the code of the program to be activated, because our fears are still programs, both mentally and emotionally, the latter being the one that collects the “energy load” of the fear program in question and, therefore, having each “fear” or program in us a specific frequency, you just have to emit a certain type of pulse with that frequency towards the psyche of all the people so that, the preconscious filter lets it pass, it arrives at the repository of programs and the manager thereof, the Ego program, and then the order to “activate” the fear of this or the behavior of the other is executed.

As right now we cannot avoid emitting those pulses and we cannot, for the moment, safely manipulate the filter of the preconscious mind, even if our beings or Higher Self consider how to do it and how we can execute some changes later, what we can do is deprogram, as we have done, what they intend us to activate to our detriment, so that, regardless the many “pulses” and orders that they emit, there is nothing to activate in us and, therefore, their attempt is completely ineffective. With this, we can see a little more clearly the potential that we have to be able to execute and create what we set out to achieve, and to what extent they have tried to stop us, because only by confusing the personality they can prevent us from moving forward. In addition, it allows us to understand a little more the complexity of the human psyche, the complexity of the control mechanisms that govern it and the difficulty that we all face when it comes to eliminating the influence that they have on the mind, because they act, as we say, through the “back door” of the conscious mind, converting our potentials and capabilities into our main opponents, using the same mechanisms present in human programming to activate what holds us back, instead of what It activates, empowers and makes us grow.

Finally, as a summary, remember that while there is awareness and attention to this whole process, these mechanisms loose power, because they only work when we go “in automatic mode,” that is, when we let it be “Kit,” like the pilot of the vehicle of that series of TV “Knight Rider,” the one that takes the reins of the management of the reality of the individual. The moment we start to drive in “manual mode”, taking the steering wheel hard, and the “Michael Knight” that we all are inside the car at the controls, the external manipulation processes loose a large part of the power they have now over most people. Wherever there is self-observation and consciousness, there is no power of the automatisms of the mind over the life of the person.

A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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