Correcting Distortions and Erroneous Decoding of Blog Material


The processes that we are seeing and explaining in these last weeks are giving us, little by little, the tools and guidelines to be able to undertake an enormous work of frequency change that you already know that we have ahead. Even so, it is necessary, from time to time, to try to make adjustments in the comprehension of the material that we are publishing, to avoid too many distortions produced by the own decoding’s that each of us do when interpreting what we read in the articles.

What does this mean? Each person, as you have already seen, interprets and decodes the reality and the data packages that he receives according to the programming he carries on his back. Hence, for each article, when it is decoded by the mental processes of each and every one of the readers, different interpretations are generated that are automatically uploaded to the collective unconscious by synchronization processes that we have in the preconscious mental sphere, and that we have explained before. In this way, by “reading” in the collective unconscious what is the decoding we have made of the delivered material, our Higher Self evaluates whether it has been understood, integrated, or otherwise, what was intended to be communicated. Since we have the mechanism to read this collective unconscious and its information at that level of the structure of the human being, when it is detected that many information or concepts have not passed the minimum filters in the psyche of those who follow the blog, and who have been misinterpreted or distorted by the belief systems present in us, it is necessary to intervene with articles that clarify concepts to, once again, assimilate everything correctly and correct the information stored in the collective unconscious, since, if it is stored in us distorted or badly interpreted, it has no value because it is not aligned with its original purpose.

We are going to list some key points that need to be revised for the correct interpretation of the material published so far:

There is no value judgment on the part of any being, Higher Self, hierarchy or of those who assist us with regard to whether it is “good” or “bad” to be on a temporal line or another, that it has been a “punishment” for some or a “prize” for others. The concept that “salvation” and “level crossing” comes from outside is completely false and distorted. No one is saved or left to be saved; no one is forced to move to a higher evolutionary level or to stay in the current one. It all depends on the person, their decision to move forward and grow or not to do so, or to have done so in the past when the temporary line to 42 was open. The belief imbued in the collective unconscious that the process of passing a “course” is imposed or managed externally is completely erroneous. The work is completely individual, personal and non-transferable. The assistance received is to offer the passage channels and to protect the structures of the same; it is like putting a ladder that allows transferring from one point to another. From the outside, only the bridge of passage is set and protected, nothing is done or is left to be done so that humans cross or stop crossing it, therefore, there is no intervention to force some to pass to the “New Earth” or brakes so that others do not, the responsibility is individual and the struggle against the belief system so long manipulated in the common psyche is enormous, since millions of people do not believe that they are the ones who must take the reins of the process, but they hope that something external will come and favorably solve the issue for them and being in that new “idyllic world.”

The fact that only about 5% of the population has managed to change to the timeline 42 is not “good” or “bad” either. It is what it is. There is no “emotionality” or “sentimentality” about it on the part of the Higher Selves and forces that assist us and, therefore, there is no concept of judging some for being on one side and others for being on the other. Humanity has to continue learning and advancing and each line offers different opportunities for it at different evolutionary levels. Third grade children are not recriminated for being in third grade if they do not have the level to go to fourth, but third year students do not have to continue in third if they are ready to move to the next level of studies and learning.

With these two ideas in mind that we wanted to reinforce so that they can pass as many filters and possible mental sieves, and get to consolidate in the largest number of people who follow these processes, and who had completely blocked these conceptualizations, we corrected briefly other recodifications present in the collective unconscious, but distorted with respect to the original intention of our Higher-Self to deliver the material we have been publishing.

a) The “new matrix” is not an “idyllic” or “mystical” concept. It is a structure as real and tangible to the senses as our current planet. You can “touch” with the same hands with which you now touch the walls of your house, when your hands are in the frequency of the “walls” of that new structure. The whole process we are doing now is so that our current energy structures tune in the future and can move to the structures of the next evolutionary level.

b) People who are going to “transition” to this new reality will do so without anyone knowing, in the sense that there will be no massive world events, disappearance of millions of people or things like that from afar. Those in 42, we have said that they will move away very quietly, and very naturally, from those in 33, until there is practically no contact and, when the time comes and we explain how that transfer is made, the first will go through and the rest of the world will remain the same. No alterations, no hysterics, no apparent changes in the life of the planet. The passage to the “new matrix” of a few tens of millions of people and their exit from this evolutionary level will not affect the life of line 33, because precisely one of Kumar’s guidelines, as planetary logos, is that everything is done without interference of one line over another and who has to continue “studying in third,” do not have to know that other students have gone to fourth. We have already explained that the change occurs by family group, preventing within the same family or close nucleus the “disappearance” for good one of the members. Nothing like that will happen. Review last year’s articles on the subject.

c) Many people who believe they are in 42 are in 33. There have been and continues to be many attacks and manipulations on us to generate the illusion of change, for fear of not being part of it. The physical plane is still a shared plane, and all the races in control and many types of entities have descended to the physical-energetic plane, to the part not visible to the human being within the physical reality, to continue manipulating and blocking us from this level, so dense for them, but the only one that they can now use, since the membrane was placed to separate the temporal lines, they can no longer access people through their superior subtle bodies. It is advisable to use and combine multiple tools and ways to check the information we receive to make sure we are in one line or another. If one does not work or does not give clear answers, try another one and combine them until you have the certainty that there is no manipulation in the mechanisms of reception of information, and that it is aligned with the truth of your Higher Self or being.

d) Finally, we must take the process calmly, but without pause. Nothing is a matter of minutes or hours, but the rhythm of work of the articles will be increased by seasons as they go through the deprogramming and healing processes that lie ahead. Our Higher Selves are those that detect when a process has been completed through the “feedback” mechanism that exists between all of them, so that it is verified what percentage of those destined to execute a healing or deprogramming have done so, and if it is appropriate to go forward or give more time. At that moment, the preparation of the information to be delivered in the following article is activated and in this way, everything is put back on track to proceed with another round of deprogramming, healing or explanation of the necessary material. It is not a linear process, although the most important points are already delineated because it is known in advance what must be done to adapt to the process of change that we are going through, it always depends on how we go “planetary” wise with it, to make the decision what topic or exercise is necessary at what time.

I trust that these small clarifications add to the set of everything that you are integrating and that helps to stabilize and settle ideas. We keep moving forward, in the next article, we return with more work to take another step forward in this process.

A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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