Once the robustness of our energy structure has been reinforced and the whole field of energy that we have called “the egg of light” has strengthened its connections and components, let’s move on to other points that need to be reinforced and worked so that the frequency rise of all the bodies towards increasingly higher levels of the timeline in which we are is done harmoniously, naturally and with the least repercussions and possible counterproductive effects.

To understand exactly what we have done with the petition and the work of the last article, because only understanding and awareness of the why things help us to proceed properly with them and advance our evolutionary process, let’s see how the different elements that form us are “fastened” and connected, from the subtle bodies to their different internal components.

A network of energetic filaments

No part of our structure is independent of the others, none is disconnected or separate or unrelated to the others, no point of any position of the whole energy field is impassive, or unchanged, if there is a change at any other point. Therefore, everything affects everything, everything changes everything, and everything is altered, adjusted, harmonized or tuned in if you work in any part of what forms us. Structures and components closer together, and more interconnected, alter or adjust closer structures, even the fact of cutting a nail of the little toe in the physical body 1.1 alters molecules and energetic particles in the causal body. This is because there is a network of filaments and connections of all the systems with all the systems. We no longer only talk about the network of channels and meridians that carry chi, prana, vital energy from one point to another, but all the components and elements are intertwined with each other by tiny energetic filaments formed by particles of different types of vibration, but all with a peculiarity: transmit and feedback all systems with all others about what happens in each of them.

This makes us have, from the soul to the physical body, a system of sending and receiving packages of automatic information, which constantly propagate data of all bodies and elements to all others, making us see that, for that reason, there is information about everything that happens to us in any part of the body and structures, and there is feedback of what these same components exchange with each other at all levels. This mechanism is the basis, or part of it, of many therapies that allow obtaining data of the state of any point of the physical body by examining other parts of it, such as the tongue, feet, eyes or the ears.

Thus, it is easy to understand this mechanism at a physical and cellular level, since we know that the brain, the heart and other physical organs send and receive electrical impulses with information packages that facilitate our solid body to function correctly. Now, simply, we add to this knowledge that this same mechanism is also present in all the subtle bodies internally, and among all the components, in all the parts and “pieces” that compose us. In this way, both at the level of being, of the Higher Self and at the level of the soul and at the level of the psyche, everything is registered, shared, consulted and organized so that we can function as a perfect and complete holistic and interdependent system.

In turn, for this same reason, the adjustments of vibration and healing that occur with requests for deprogramming or elimination of blockages and dysfunctions that we have been working on, produce alterations at all levels and in all bodies, and that is why we have started this stage by reinforcing its connections and structures so that it is robust and able to handle more easily the changes that will come from now on. Needless to say, the request to continue adjusting and reinforcing all that we had published in the previous article can be done consistently and regularly, it will be the equivalent of adjusting the screws of a structure every so often to keep it stable and secure.

Cleaning the feedback mechanism

Once this is understood and explained, we proceed with the work to be done next, which is precisely to clean this feedback mechanism of everything that could prevent the automatic information packages that are issued and received by all the subtle bodies about the state of the other bodies and parts of them arrive and being decoded properly.

Who does the decoding of these packages in each subtle body? Is there any kind of information center in each of them that allows the management of this sending and receiving of data? So it is. In the same way that we assign to the brain and the heart the management of the whole physical body and its components, through the sending of impulses through the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system, the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body and the causal body have a similar counterpart, not at the level of organs but at the level of “energetic nervous systems” that perform the same function as the nervous systems of the physical body, and the equivalent of the physical brain in each of the bodies is the energetic particle that, in esoteric teachings, it is called the “seed atom,” of which we already made an introduction some years ago in this other article.

English translation: (Left to right, top to bottom)

The silver cord and its triplicity
Mental matter
Central vortex of the body of desires
Seed atom of the desire body located in the liver
Wish stuff
Seed atom of the mind located in the frontal lobe
Seed atom of the physical body located in the heart
The “sixes” where the silver cord breaks after three and a half days after death
Seed atom of the vital body located in the solar plexus
Breaking point

In this way, this “seed atom” acts as the equivalent to the black box of an airplane, collecting data that comes from the body where it is located, and retransmitting the information that receives through the connections of the equivalent to the nervous system of that subtle body. Each seed atom is lodged in a specific point of the body that governs, thus, for the physical-energetic body its seed atom is in the left ventricle of the heart of the body 1.2, for the etheric body it is in the etheric solar plexus, for the emotional body at the level of the “emotional” liver and for the mental and causal body are found in the head, at the level of the frontal lobe.

Possible blockages in the communications system

This mechanism then, which we are explaining, can present by accumulation of “toxic” and harmful energies, blockages of different types and different magnitudes, which can range from what we call etheric implants, to any type of energy blockage produced by years of accumulating dysfunctions and distortions in our structure. Therefore, the next step is to clean it, and for this we will use the following request to our being or Higher Self:

I request that the mechanism of cleaning, reinforcement and healing of the feedback systems, communication and sending and receiving of data packages on the state of the components that form me, be started up automatically and autonomously and managed by my Higher Self, once this request has been executed I request that the blockages, distortions and elements present in them that limit, block or hinder the proper functioning of this process, both at the level of the so-called seed atoms and at the level of the filaments and connections that form the information energy complex and distribution of data on the state of my structure, parts and systems that I own be eliminated. Thank you.

Again, this work will last a week or so, depending on the intensity and time you dedicate, and we will be able to clean up the entire internal communication system to carry out other cleanings and healings later.

A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given transients.info direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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