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Autumn 2018 Signs of the Event

« Lim Timah Lum twinlim » 

« Lim Timah Lum twinlim
Limahlum twinlim
Tuwah twimlim
Twinlimah Tuwahliminh
Twinlim twintig
Tuwah twinlim’tiflinmah’
Tahawil timah NU
Tahawil timah LU
Twinlak timah LUNU »
Message from the Stars, 21October, 2018, 12:59

Few Preliminaries: Understanding the Light

Since August 2018, and may be much later around July 2018, my out of body experiences were intensifying and I was astral projecting all the time during my sleep time.
Since the late eclipses during the summer of 2018, we have been receiving so much light in our light bodies and things have been tough for many of us. The New Earth is on her way to embrace a new level of consciousness helping our bodies to integrate a new higher level of frequency and vibration. A level we never experienced before.
Everything in all worlds is made of energy, vibration and frequencies. The higher we vibe, the higher we go and can feel the change. Every change brings a new frequency in our light bodies, every vibration connects us to a multidimensional reality. The universe works this way and not the way around.
As I was shifting too, I was witnessing so many things and these are for most of them messages from what some called « The Event ». I won’t change that terminology with another one as I feel okay with it. Some people thought that it may be just part of a big process of spiritual awakening and of the current shift in consciousness.

I was not engaging in any of what people may have said around The Event. I was in the flow as always placing myself as a witness because that’s how I feel being able to experience things. I see, feel and hear the energy that is around me. I hear with every fiber of my being. I see with my being too.

I even don’t need to make any effort for that, it is how I am, it is how I behave in a very natural way. So if you feel some tingling and vibes while watching my face, it is because I am a healer and a natural channeler of the Universal Energy, part of a greater reality. This reality is multidimensional. So I define myself as a multidimensional healer.

My energy flows and reaches many people around. It is the way we are connecting now through this process of awakening ! We are all receiving information through the light that is sent to earth now from up high dimensions. Many benevolent beings have been working on this to help humanity at a soul level first and now at a heart level.

So if you want to understand what was happening during the last months and weeks, you should imagine that it is as simple as when you light a candle or a lamp and get inside of it.

The light has been invading and processing a deeper healing in all of us. Everyone felt it differently because every soul and heart has its wounds related to experiences from far past lives.

There has been a long karma cleansing process and many have been through this. The fact is that once The Light enters your bodies, it makes you shift immediately and you can no more relate to your old patterns and style of life. That’s from where the pain comes. So do not worry so much about this process, it is your soul and heart guiding you to be in alignement with Source and your soul mission.

Let’s summarize the latest Waves of Light we have been through for a while now
1- July 2018 : 3 big huge eclipses : Solar and lunar eclipses during moon cycles New and full moons.
These periods were times of rebirth after death. I can say that some parts of us were being erased from our bodies at a cellular and DNA levels to be embraced by the new light codes coming from higher dimensions. The moon and the sun were shifting and we have been shifting with them.

2- August 2018, we began witnessing the new light codes coming in us. I have been witnessing them in a very obvious way as I was seeing them in my home and sharing their messages on my social media pages. Here is the first one that appeared over my head while I was sitting in my room after I took my morning shower. This was obviously a ship from Andromeda.

Then I began having some extraterrestrial light beings shapes as in this picture.

Two days after these beings showed up, I had my first encounter with a UFO from Andromeda on September 2018 while I was trying to reach my car on a different parking than the one I used to go to. I posted a video of this encounter and shared it on my facebook pages. I also has this hand over my bed that morning as if the hand of an Archangel was standing in my room’s wall. This happened on September 26, 2018.

On July 2018, during a vacation in my hometown I had a very strange out of body experience where I saw a huge UFO flying near my home, entering inside a building that is near my parents house where I was at that time, and urging some people to get out of the building because they were doing some secret work inside if it. I draw the UFO when I woke up at that moment. This happened in a parallel world to my hometown where I have been witnessing many dragons and cloud cities and golden lights from the Central Sun every evening, when I was on the beach near my home.

When I talk about the signs of The Event in this article, I mean visual, spiritual and physical signs. Not only information coming from QHHT’s or predictions or channels, but also very clear, visible signs of awakening light key codes I have been personally experiencing for weeks and months now.

The Event is Here !

Out of Body Experiences to High Dimensions

Many of the astral projections I had during this period of time were around my current personal life and there has been a deep healing within these experiences. I have been shown many parallel lives in different worlds as a human being, but also in other dimensions and planets. In this article I will relate to the most important for me. What I mean is that their importance resides in the universal message they bring at both metaphysical and spiritual level. They hold the energy of the places I have been to, and relates to The Event for most of them.
So here we are and I hope you find some inner guidance in these experiences.

The Cave of The Giant Seeds (Peru)

October 10 2018

It was a conscious astral projection during the morning. I saw a door opening in front of me. I pushed it a little more and walked inside. I felt I was flying fast at that moment crossing a long green winding tunnel, riding a brown dragon as I was seeing his head just below me and on my sight. He took me to show me a new Ley line situated in a cave in a parallel world in Peru.

He told me that it was a place called The Cave of the Giant Seeds.

I was stunned when seeing the seeds because they were really giant and I was looking so small facing them. He said that theyare the seeds of the new 5D earth, holding the energy of the new Ley line that connects the earth to more portals opening from many star systems. I flew again in that tunnel during the morning in between 5-9 am earth time. But for me it was very short time.

The tunnel was green emerald filled with plants in both sides of it. The sound in the tunnel was buzzing and I was shaking but the dragon as a great helper was very comforting.

Then I was in a wide space seeing the earth from high space surrounded by starlights. I saw a humanoid extraterrestrial being : brown hair, green emerald eyes, smiling gently to me before leaving my field and vision.

I talked to her because I felt a female being with beautiful glowing eyes asking her from where she was « Andromeda! » I heard. She came back again near me to fade away soon in deep space.

When back in my home I entered by the living room and saw my cat sleeping. She growled when she saw my astral body ! So I directed myself to my room. There, all the furnitures looked upside down and this was unexpected to me. They were floating in my room like holographic objects. I tried to go back to my physical body laying on the bed, but the bed was also upside down, and I didn’t know how to get in.

My two plants were moving too, made some subtle movements below me as if they were watching me. I heard chuckles. It was like a « welcome back ! ». And actually it was for real. I sat a little longer in the void of my multidimensional space watching the bed and my massage table just near. I sat on my bed trying to reach my body again and finally made it but it was different this time, I felt that my astral body was not yet ready to return. So I said « back to your physical body now ! » which made me enter in a rush. I gave my astral body a name to help myself and be more aware and conscious of my astral projections.

With The Adar Lwch Gwin

1-The White Mountain, October 27, 2018 I was flying with the Adar Lwch Gwin, my magical bird heading south the Loch Ness. We flew over a green mountain and crossed a portal which opened to send us to The White Mountain of White Lions… and it was flat at its top.
A white lion showed up and came our way. He started turning around us from left to right then from right to left. The space was suddenly higher and wider and we saw a land inside that place : « this is a parallel world to a mountain in South Africa, said the lion. It is connected to Gaia and considered as its core connecting all the parallel worlds inside and around, it is a multidimensional portal to Sirius. You are going to hear about it very soon. »
I never heard about this mountain in South Africa and googled it. And my surprise was big when I discovered that actually a « white mountain » exists


2- YUDZ The Crystal Land, August 2, 2018
My magical bird came fast and we joined to fly. He was happy to take me on his back again. There were beautiful wind waves allowing us to fly higher and higher and to move faster to the east side of the Loch Ness.
We entered a deep space filled with crystal trees. Quartz crystals in between them were planted on the ground. It was the second time that I visit this realm in a week.
I asked my bird why we were here, but he gave me the same usual answer « You will know ».
A female being appeared in the pathway surrounded with the crystal trees. She was wearing a white long dress, had white-blond hair, electric blue eyes and a golden crown. I thought of an elf or of me in another dimension, a pleiadian priestess from outer space. She was beautiful and pure.
She took me by the hand and we stood in front of a huge crystal which was about 2-3 meters hight.
She said finally : « You are in the most ancient place where we left an ancient quartz crystal from Lemuria ! You are in YUDZ the Crystal Land. She invited me to walk in the crystal which opened like a door. Once inside the portal, we were watching many light codes floating around us and the space was as if filled with mirrors and rainbow color waves.
She asked me to sit keeping my hands over my legs and to let the energy enter me… I did.
I felt a flash of light entering from above my crown to spread in all my chakras, and reaching the crystalline ground. Then she told me to open my arms and keep them in that position for a while.
I felt two lines of energy flashes were forming from my head to my two hands like a triangle. It made another one from down to reach my heart and a circle finally surrounded the two triangles of quartz crystal. I was spiraling and felt a deep vibrational and exciting flow of energy in all my chakras. She said that those who have the privilege to enter that land are pure souls. She kissed my forehead and my crown chakra.
We left the portal back to the crystal trees and then to the bank of the Loch Ness.
The experience was very powerful and I have received intense key codes in my vessel. I was eating less since April 2018 because my digestive system was like more and more sensitive leading me to eat more vegetables and fruits.

When I wake up in the morning I no more feel hunger or the need to eat. I am very slow at eating and feel as if my physical body has changed.

I guess this experience is part of the process I have been in since I received the Golden Crystalline Light of Grace. From time to time I receive new downloads especially during my sleep time.

Afterward the need to adjust is very sensible, like a call of the soul to just sit and let the energy does its work.

For me huge downloads began on July 2018 to intensify on July 31 until today.

Lyra : The Lyra Golden Imprint Blocks
28 October 2018, I astral project to Lyra

I was living there in a house and have the same daughter as mine in my current earth incarnation. I was living in a very futuristic city with evolved beings who use highly sophisticated machines such as curved phones with a blue crystalline energy. We could recharge the phones and other machines with this using our connection to the energy itself via the satellites that are placed in huge centers which look like cylindric constructions. We all have the ability to connect to it and recharge, use our machines with only our hands and mental abilities.
I have been in Lyra before, and witnessed the blue energy Lyrans use for their planet and also for the earth to help with the current shift.
I already talked about it in a previous article.

The blue crystalline energy flows deep in the heart of Lyra, underground. I was in that previous astral projection a tall blue being and working as a researcher in a laboratory where the energy is stored to provide all the planet for free.

This time, I was in my home and I don’t remember seeing myself as a blue being, but as a female humanoid being. I was working for a caucasian not very tall humanoid type being, with white hair, round shaped face and body, wearing a black jumpsuit with golden large geometrical shapes which were the symbol of the community he belongs to.
My work consists in creating such artistic shapes for him in printer black blocks. The colors were merely golden with other blue, green, yellow orange shapes but in tints that are very different from earth’s colors.
The being comes everyday late in the evening to take one with that same shape, but each one was holding a different frequency of light and information. So inside the golden there are other colors hidden from the eyes for a purpose.

The machine I was working with, was a very sophisticated one, and works with the blue crystalline energy. It enters the shapes and creates different colors that are clearly unknown by humans, nearly indescribable.
They consist on other color derivations from those we know as yellow, golden, blue, green and orange amongst all. They are surrounded by a white aura, me and the caucasian being could only see.
The symbols are shapes of an ancient knowledge from Lyra based on sacred geometry shapes that are also very uncommon for humans. Those look like waves of energy that we use for healing and connecting to Lyra history.

They hold some kind of a deep vibrational frequency that Lyra healers use for their healing technique. The frequency is made of a range of waves surrounding the geometrical shapes and each wave makes spirals around them creating other waves all the time. Some symbols inside the imprint block hold the names of the group who created it. And actually the message of the Wave Tree I draw was bout some « silent frequencies of the light »…
Here it is

« Innocent eyes breaking the silent frequencies of the light. You work in harmony achieving a great purpose, in the secrecy of silent frequencies.
The Lyra Golden Imprint Blocks are the main language of those frequencies, they move in a secret space to spread light and wisdom.
Those cannot be understood by human words and language. You have to access it with your senses, at a soul level. Your heart will follow the trail of the stars which ignites this knowledge coming from so far.
This is the language of the Light.
In Lyra there were a bunch of light workers who gathered to spread love, peace and wisdom through a land broken by wars and sufferings. the more they were creating the imprint blocks and more light was spreading through the land at a multidimensional level, to Orion, Vega, Sirius and all the Pleiades star system.

Languages of light were flowing in eternity, and still they are.
As star seeds, you have a memory of them, planted in your roots, and from there, all is brought back in, for you to spread the words in the secrecy of silent frequencies… » November 18, 19, 20, 2018.

The being was not only supervising my work but also my whole life and my daughter’s friends too as the printer blocks had to be kept secret. It sounded like a new technology from deep space to carry and work with.
I don’t know also if I saw a past or a parallel life in Lyra. But I know I have been there many times during my astral projections.
This out of body experience relates to a hidden knowledge about some types of humanoid type beings who represent a community of being around sacred geometry symbols.
The first thing was the guidance I felt while drawing these symbols in an artwork and it is also the way the imprint blocks are made. I draw only one because they are multiple blocks with many programmed shapes and information.
Secondly, I trust that other imprint blocks will come back released from my memory by themselves, each one at the right timing.

The City over a Cliff
This out of body experience sounds to me like a prophetic vision coming from a parallel world which I sometimes visit for spiritual insights searching for wisdom.
I was driving and had to go to the top of a cliff.
It was a red road to drive on, and the more we go on, the more it becomes harder to attend.
I somehow arrived at the top of the cliff and people came to welcome me holding many gifts.
I walked there on the city over the cliff. surrounded by very kind people who were selling vegetables, fruits and some other things. The place was wide and beautiful with many trees and a high vibrational energy. Some kids were giving me fruits and smiling to me.
That was The City of Innocence and Beauty.
I remember a kid who came to give me 3 tomatoes. I ate them and felt happy. It was a vision of the new earth where people live in peace and harmony and don’t need to pay for anything. The only thing they can do is sharing equally earth treasures.
Getting to the top of the cliff was really hard, but the road was like a race track and I had to run to go to the top of it, as crossing it with the car was really dangerous.

I felt as if I was on a spiritual journey and that the car was no more useful. I had to walk or run using my own energy.
When back from the cliff, I met a very close friend who was on her way to go up the cliff. She said to me : it is so high and steep. I won’t be able to make it until the top !

I said « Once up on the cliff, you will receive gifts from the beings who live there. They will greet you and take you by the hand. »
I helped her climb til the middle of the cliff then let her walk up to the top before leaving that world.

The city was amazingly beautiful holding a golden energy and a highly spiritual and vibrational space. When you walk the cliff you feel the energy coming through you like a fresh breeze and then lights surround you to help you on your path.
I can’t explain this out of body experience in another way than my spiritual journey actually. I was sent there at a soul level to see what I have been through and the way I have been walking my path.
Astral projection is not only a way to travel dimensions but also to learn. Such experiences are given to us to explore ourselves and understand the true meaning of earth’s life and beyond.

During Crusades in Jerusalem
and other Conscious Astral Projections (November 6, 2018)

1- I was living in Jerusalem and saw myself in a very beautiful house. I was standing facing a mirror and had ling brown hair, wearing a white dress and a veil on my hair.
I knew it was a past life when I was there around 1100 when Christians where the masters of the city around a king sick of leprosy. The imminent attack by Saladin was frightening everyone and I was on my way to leave the city. The moment I was standing facing the mirror was the moment I left that world to come back in my physical body. But that was pretty short as I had to travel to another world.

2- In between 6-9 am I left to reach another world.
I woke up from the first out of body experience, so I started my morning meditation and self healing. I felt cold then warm healing energy. Then all my body was shivering crossed by a high electric vibration. That was the energy I feel when I do conscious astral projections.
I suddenly was out of my body to a house in a parallel world. I was sitting on a bed with a little kid who was hugging me and singing out loud a beautiful song in a language which sounded like a galactic language. So I started singing with him and we laughed so much. I saw my bed and my sheets when I was astral projecting and flying over.
Then the little boy started singing faster and faster and his voice was ringing in all my body. I felt healing energy and thanked him that I liked his tee shirt. which made him laugh so much. I realized that I was talking to him and singing with him in his language. I was surprised and so asked him from where he was. he said «  From the stars. Do you want to go there with me ? »
At exactly the same time I said « Yes ! », we crossed the room, and we saw electric wires and dust on the floor. We crossed the window and I saw the light outside but the energy surrounding us was very bright and there were thick and white bubbles.
We flew up high to the dark sky and many stars were surrounding us. Suddenly we were in the middle of nowhere and a white rain like flashes of light or snow flakes of light were falling around and on us. I heard a masculine solennel voice saying like a mantra this phrase «  Flakes, flakes, flakes… »

Energy Healing Session from High Dimensional Beings
September 24, 2018
It was during the afternoon. I felt a sudden fatigue and as if my physical body could no more handle me. I was in my living room siting on a chair and working on my computer. I laid down on my couch because walking was even harder.
I closed my eyes and fell in a deep unconscious state… I saw a tunnel turning like a spiral I was sent into and a bunch of green and yellow eyes surrounding me.
The energy was golden for most of it at the beginning then it was purplish blue and green emerald. I was unable to move, stuck on my couch and in that dimension. Feeling in between a physical and a non physical world.
At a time, I heard my daughter calling me but I could not reply to her. I was feeling that energy during the morning but in huge downloads.
Once the downloads of golden purplish green energy done I felt better and grounded. I never met these beings before and as I opened my eyes I was seeing the energy around me differently: before, I could see the sparkling photons and filaments of light, big orbs of white, blue, green lights in my home and outside, and I began suddenly seeing different colors of orbs and columns of light moving in my vision. A change in my energy field happened in a few time. My crown chakra was little in pain because of a pressure I was feeling during the healing, but it was very beautiful. While coming back in my body, I had a vision of a temple where light beings from different spacetimes and realms come to help us when we are ready to shift more in consciousness. But the travel, even though difficult for my physical vessel, was amazing for me at a soul level. I was feeling in between dimensions and only my consciousness was filled with light going deeper through the field that was opening.
I thanked the beings and opened my eyes once I felt ready for it.

An Astral projection To Mont Shasta July  29-30

I was with some people who were gathering under Mont Shasta. I felt as if it was a pilgrimage in a parallel world. The mountain was alive and I could hear and feel her breath and energy. We were walking on a path between some huge trees where white beings of light were standing in between the trees holding quartz crystals. Their energy was enough powerful to enlighten the pathway we were taking.

It was night time in that place but once out of that way, there we reached another place through a portal. We walked more in between crystals again which were in many colors. I remember seeing blue, pink, purple and golden yellow crystals. I heard “You are in the Crystal Dimension of Mont Shasta !”. Inside that land there were many caves, one of the paths we walked in was a leading to a cave which we could have access to via an underground bridge surrounded by a forest. When we arrived at that place, we met a huge blue being who welcomed us and surrounded us with an electric blue light as a shield. I recognized the being as archangel Michael who is the master of these places around the mountain.

An Astral Travel Through The Current Planetary Alignment… Peru In a Parallel Realm and Other Dimensions

January 17-18, 2019

I astral travelled to at least two places during the night.

First place was in Peru

I crossed the ocean and in a time I was walking over a chain of sea rocks.
I felt it could be dangerous but I had no choice, my soul was guiding me to a place of birth in one of my past lives.
I arrived in a village with very poor people who are for most of them little farmers. I recognized I was in Peru because of their wool traditional wears and their wool tapestry. They were talking in another language than the current one.
I entered a house I was guided to, and there were a man and a woman who were family members. They gave me a room to sleep in for the night.

Second Astral Travel
While sleeping in my home in Peru, I astral projected again and was back to the ocean walking on rocks. They were alive as if conscious of my presence. A guide who was like a young man was with me to take me back to where I astral projected at first.
He said « Do you want to go see a life with your current mother ? »
« Can we ? » I asked,
We were there as by magic standing in front of a big white house. I don’t know where it was.My mother was standing in front of me while I was preparing to take a car and travel again.

Third Astral Travel : The spiritual Realm

I was standing in a long white bridge and walked through it… There was nothing but energy around. I began hearing voices talking around
And suddenly I heard a well known voice :
It was my father’s voice
I was talking to my passed father on the telephone in a moment when I was on my way back here in France in my current reality. Sometimes it is hard for me to say “Current reality” as I am deeply conscious that it is actually multidimensional !

He was talking to me and I cannot remember what he said as if the voice was coming from so far. I remember I got the first message but the second was like an echo in the void and I asked « what ? Can you repeat Dad ? »
But it disappeared completely and then I was back in my physical burning from the wormhole I crossed. I could not get out of my bed and waited nearly an hour before leaving my bed and completely come back here.

The teaching From This Experience

The soul can take you to a journey you did not plan to go into.
I have been sometimes in Peru on astral with the Adar Lwch Gwin during high vibrational states when I meditate activating his energy. We visited some caves and parallel worlds around some sacred places as Machu Picchu.
This time I have a confirmation of a past life I once heard like a voice in me telling me « Peru was your home ». The land was calling me back again.
When planets are aligning some strange events may occur like soul travels and Mandela Effects.
I was seeing my father talking to me on the phone, sitting there behind that white bridge. Then the scene disappeared and I was only hearing his voice.
I wonder if spirits become more easily able to communicate that way during these cosmic events. And I guess it is true.

To Conclusion

The above experiences are very personal as always. I choose those who are of a universal learning and teachings, and you are not obliged to believe in them if you don’t want to.

I many times go through parallel dimensions and realms to discover a past life or a current reality I am living in. As multidimensional souls, we can shift more when discovering high dimensions and other realms we may be sent to.

In my next article I will relate to two or more astral projections I had recently and the teaching that I had received from them.


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