Eliminating the Tops that Mark the Limits of Physical Reality


Now that we have a couple of generic processes in place to reinforce our energy structure and the feedback mechanisms between parts of it, as we have seen in the last articles, we can start with other cleaning and deeper deprogramming processes, and perhaps more complex, which can help us continue moving towards higher levels of the timeline in which we are.

In previous explanations, we have given guidelines on the functioning of the preconscious mental sphere and its connection with the Collective Unconscious to create the individual reality from the projections of our pineal gland; to be able to proceed with the work of today, those of you that do not have this recent material, we recommend its rereading in the archives of the blog to bring back to consciousness the basic knowledge about the functioning of the psyche and how the world we consider “solid” and physical is projected and materialized.

Once done, let’s go into the operation of another part of this same mental sphere, to eliminate programs that hinder or impede the work of frequency elevation. In this case, the programs and archetypes of “materiality” or “physicality.”

What is a “materiality” program? To call it in a way that we intuitively understand, it is the content in our preconscious mental sphere, and with a “data folder” in the subconscious sphere, and in its corresponding layer of the mental body, which records all those frequency values ​​and parameters that mark the limits of what the human mind considers to be and is part of the solid and physical world.

What does this mean? That we have encoded in ourselves the frequency and energy limits of everything that has to be decoded and interpreted as belonging to physical reality, to discard or filter and save without using the data of everything that falls outside those same limits. In this way, all our senses have maximum and minimum limits on the frequency thresholds, the parameters of the “waves” and the vibrational limits that they have to register, preventing things that fall slightly beyond those limits to be perceived, for example entering the frequencies above the violet that few people are able to capture visually, or at the upper limit of normal hearing frequencies for every human being, which we no longer grasp, because is filtered and discarded by the mind, with all the rest that we are not programmed to accept.

So, how does this leveling of parameters prevent me from raising the vibration of my subtle bodies? What it does is that it prevents the particles of the physical body, in their energetic part, from going or going beyond in vibration of a certain frequency top, which is the one that marks the vibration that our programming assigns to the “physical” plane, therefore, if we want to go up to sub-level 21 of the timeline 42, which has a very high vibration, we can only increase the frequency of our particles as long as there are no programs in the mind that tell us (internally) that we “cannot pass.” In this way, by removing or modifying these frequency ceilings, we can raise much more the energy counterpart of the physical body (that is, the bodies from 1.2 to 1.7 as we explained in question # 87).

What happens if the physical-energetic body cannot raise its vibration beyond certain limit? That then the higher bodies will not reach as high as they could, because of the “anchoring” of having the physical-energetic body at a much lower level. That is, we have explained in the last year that to go up to line 42 we were moving first the causal body, then the mental, the emotional, the etheric and then the physical. As we have seen in the previous article, in addition, all the components are connected to each other, so that when the causal body rises, the physical one is also altered to a certain degree, and when moving or healing a body to raise from a sub-level within the temporary line, all the rest is altered to some degree also. So if the physical-energetic body is blocked when we reach a certain level of vibration because there are programs in the mental spheres that indicate that the physical part can only vibrate up to a certain threshold X, the rest of the bodies will be doomed to not to be able to go up much further until the densest part we possess cannot be raised above this current threshold and frequency limit.

This has positive consequences in many aspects, since it could be that by removing certain thresholds of perception and frequency elevation, the decoding parameters of the reality that we do not see now are also modified, causing that, it can, and only can, come to perceive something more visually and auditorily that what we can now perceive since we will have changed the minimum and maximum threshold of what is considered part of the physical plane by our decoding programs of reality, and will be given by good data packages that until now are stored directly in the subconscious because they belong, by programming, to the “etheric” or energetic part of the reality and, therefore, not necessary for day-to-day management by the ego program.

To eliminate these limits and modify them according to the needs of each one, we will use the following request:

I request that the filters, tops and thresholds that limit the programming of my mental spheres and mental body be removed from the perception of the data and energy packages that come from the energetic part of the so-called physical plane, so that what my senses capture and pass to the mental spheres and that is now being stored, filtered or discarded because it is not useful for the management of the ego program, is included in the packets and data that are to be decoded by the conscious mental sphere as part of the tangible reality to my senses. I request that filters, programs, archetypes and protection programs be removed, as well as firewalls and distorting elements of the process of receiving, decoding and interpreting these same data packages, eliminating in turn the limits that mark the limit of what is considered my physical reality, and thus allowing the particles that form my physical-energetic structure to rise in vibration and frequency according to the parameters established by my Higher Self for the timeline in which I am. Thank you.

From here, this deprogramming will allow us to start an easier process of frequency rise while giving us a greater capacity to perceive, as the subtitle of the blog says, “the world that we do not see”.

A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given transients.info direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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