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We continue with another delivery of answers to the questions that you have sent me through Twitter.

127 Hi David, what is your opinion about the Mandela Effect? Since I already have two experiences regarding the death of famous people and after a few years I see news about them and they are still alive.

The Mandela effect is a term that is associated with people who remembered having watched on television exactly the moment Nelson Mandela died in prison. The funeral in his honor, and everything else. In reality, Mandela survived the prison, and lived some time outside of it before dying. But as much as we say that it is so, that their memory could have played a trick on them, many find it difficult to assume it. They saw it “with their own eyes.”

The process through which an event that happens in one of the parallel realities that coexist on our planet ends up “slipping” mentally in ours is the cause of what is known as the Mandela effect. Our planet, as a multidimensional structure that is, has several parallel realities in which different versions of many of the events that we, in this reality, to which we are bounded and fixed by our anchor point, perceive in a certain way are produced. When, due to changes, distortions, spontaneous openings or random events of connection between these realities at the level of the mental plane “sneak through” from one reality to another, there are people who are influenced, because their mental body and their sphere of consciousness at that moment has tuned the mental scene of a situation that comes from an adjacent reality, and therefore, they take it as a real event in it, and they perceive, in their illusory and holoquantic reality, that this event has happened or it is really also happening in ours.

Then, when the mental scenario of the event dissipates, for example the death of Mandela, because it does not have an etheric substratum and less a “tangible” physical counterpart in our reality, one realizes that it was an “illusion,” a mental “distortion,” but not when one is connected at that moment to that “intruder” scenario, which is as real to our psychic perception as any other. Thus, thousands of people have been able to really perceive something that energetically comes from another of the parallel realities of the planet, and have integrated it as part of their memories, but not everyone has done it and that is why it is not a universal perception for all and, when that scenario is no longer there, and those who perceived it try to check it and verify their memories, it turns out that the “solid” and etheric reality of this “dimension” in which we are does not agree with what we are sure to remember and have perceived at another time.

128 Hi David, I am sending you the following question: When we make requests, is it necessary to be very specific? Or can we trust that our Higher-Self will know exactly what to do, if we only mention the topic or program we need help with?

Our Higher-Self does exactly what is requested within the existing possibilities for it, and does not expand or change or modify by its own volition the requests that we make, since it has no “power,” so to speak, to violate free will not even from his “earthly” part and personality, executing something that has not been requested. Therefore, only what is requested is answered and executed, sometimes being sufficient for a generic request, or sometimes it is very important to make tremendously detailed requests if we want to get help for something more concrete and “fine-tuned.” The same applies to those we call our guides or spiritual protectors, because they follow the same rules: they attend EXACTLY what has been requested, so that vague or broad requests only produce generic and vague help, within all efforts that they do to assist us as best they can within the capacities that they possess, and within the rules of the evolutionary game in which we find ourselves.

129 Hi David, here are other questions: How do the Control Centers relate to and interact with the Mental Spheres? and How do the Control Centers relate to or interact with the different bodies (physical, etheric, mental, spiritual)?

The control centers are directly related to the chakras, rather than the mental spheres, as follows:

• Instinctive center – is located simultaneously inside the first and second chakra.

• Sexual sub-center – is part of the instinctive center and is located in the second chakra

• Lower emotional center- is located inside the fourth chakra

• Lower intellectual center – is located inside the third chakra

• Lower spiritual center – is also located inside the fourth chakra together with the lower emotional center

• Motor center – is located inside the fifth chakra

• Superior emotional center – ditto sixth chakra

• Higher intellectual center – eighth chakra

• Higher spiritual center – seventh chakra

• Center of universal consciousness – CUC – is located in the ninth chakra corresponding to the center of the sphere of consciousness in the mental body

Therefore, the mental spheres work with several of these centers according to the programming necessary for it, the motor center, for example, works a lot with the subconscious sphere, the lower intellectual center works a lot with the conscious, etc., but there isn’t a sphere for each center with exclusive use instead the mental software of the different spheres is used to execute different functions of the control centers and coordinate them or make them work correctly. The subtle bodies are also related to the various centers according to their function, the emotional body for example with the emotional center and the limbic system of the brain, the mental body with the neocortex and with the intellectual center, etc.

There is an introduction to the basic control centers in the Gurdjieff literature and in the EMEDT mental deprogramming course we treat them thoroughly to deprogram them, heal them and clean them of all those blockages, programs and limitations that they have.

130 Hi David. How does it work at the energetic level the influence that we attribute to different planets, sometimes misused in ridiculous or sensational horoscopes, but at the psychological or evolutionary level where it seems to have some importance the planetary situation at the moment of our birth?

The solar system to which we belong, like everyone else, is a huge field of energies that fluctuate in all directions, on many levels, in all directions. All the celestial bodies, planets, asteroids, comets and components of the solar system that we do not even see because they are not within the frequency range that our devices and technology capture, are constantly influencing each other, through electromagnetic forces, through energetic impulses, through energies of attraction, repulsion, cohesion and disintegration. No living being on any of the planets of the solar system is exempt from the energetic influence that existence supposes within this enormous “vibrational soup” in which we find ourselves, and these energetic influences constantly interact with our electromagnetic field, the “egg of energetic light” that we mentioned in the last article.

Furthermore, not only do they move energies in us daily and constantly, they also impregnate the fields of the different planes of the Earth, influencing collective unconscious, egregores, energy masses, vibrational bags, structures and supports, etc. On the other hand, we are also impressed by different forces and energies that, from the moment of birth, give us certain characteristics, as if we were clay molds that, at birth, receive a special modeling simply by the energies that were present in our environment and place of birth at that moment, so that the physical body and its energetic structure, are impregnated with an enormous amount of vibrations and forces that come from all corners of the solar system, to us and to any other being in any moment of space and time.

These influences are also related to the position in the space in which our Higher Self is located when it links with the body in the incarnation, so that, depending on where the Earth is in its galactic journey, the energy of the point of birth has certain characteristics or others that then affect the development of subtle bodies to a greater or lesser degree, give a certain impulse to certain situations within the sacred plot of each individual, endow us with certain emotional and mental characteristics, etc. Since these energies are more or less calculable and have been studied from different fields and approaches by astrology since time immemorial, and thanks to the archaic knowledge of the races that created the physical vehicle that we now use, we can have an approach to understand its influence in things like astral charts and so on, even taking into account that there are influences that we associate with known planets and celestial bodies that are not correct because we still do not know, we have not discovered and we do not have constancy, of other elements that exist, planets and other bodies, which are those that really cause certain electromagnetic fields in us and that, being in other frequencies and vibratory levels, are completely unknown to us, so we cannot correctly assign the origin of the influences of everything that reaches us, where it really comes from and how and why it affects us.

131 Most of the literature I have read says that we have chakras or energetic centers in the etheric plane. Others say that there are also energy centers in the emotional and mental planes… my question is: Is there any energy center in those planes or are the energy centers of the etheric plane that “are reflected” in those planes?

The chakras, as well as the rest of the components of the structures that form us, are not in the etheric or mental planes, but in the bodies that we possess. That is to say, the etheric body, which is made of energy from the etheric plane, has a set of transmuting elements of light energy that we call chakra by its Sanskrit name. These chakras or vortices are responsible for the emission of a type of electromagnetic energy that forms what we call “aura,” and there are chakras or vortexes in all the subtle bodies, but with different configuration and function. Thus, the chakras of the etheric body are known by the literature that we can easily find, but there are other types of chakras in the emotional body that have certain peculiarities different from the etheric in order to process and work with emotions and feelings, there are chakras in the mental and causal body that have different functions from the etheric body in order to process, capture and transmute mental energies and forms that come from the mental plane, etc. In general, the composition of each subtle body, although similar in structure, differs in function and, although we speak of chakras in all bodies, these energy transformers have each in their place and position a different work to ensure that the whole set of our structure works perfectly.

132 Many people seem to have or are waking up the ability to communicate with trees or animals, how do you do that? What mechanism of the mind facilitates communication with the other realms of nature without that “conversation” being pure imagination or invention of the psyche? Thank you.

It is evident at this point that all the kingdoms of nature are conscious and have the capacity to communicate mentally with each other and with the human being as well. Although the animal kingdom and the vegetable kingdom possess different cognitive, psychic or mental structures, they also have a morphogenetic group mind or field that groups them all together and allows them instant communication between members of the same species from any part of the planet to any other part, the power to enter into synchronization with that communication and be able to “connect” then with the mental process of issuing and receiving data and content packages with animals, plants and trees, even minerals, and it depends on the ability of the person to activate certain programs in the mental spheres that facilitate this interspecies communication, and that some human beings have developed or possess by default, by life mission or by simply being the chosen configuration for this incarnation by his soul and Higher-Self.

Therefore, the “software” that facilitates communication with other realms is mainly located in the subliminal mental sphere, and is a kind of “translator,” so that we understand each other, between the processes and mental forms that possess and use the kingdoms of nature and the mental processes of the brain and human mind. Thus, if the “mental waves” with the content of a conversation that a tree or an animal are generating, at their level, with their concepts, in their way of communicating with their species, are captured, decoded and interpreted properly, the Human being can interact with these other realms more or less naturally, without being anything strange, esoteric or fantasy product, that communication is taking place. This mechanism, in addition, is what allows many species of many races and different places to communicate telepathically among them, because it is not necessary to know the language of a species or race to be able to issue and receive mental packages with the concepts that they want to transmit, and then the receiver’s own mind decodes and adapts to each one’s internal system, arriving to “understand,” mentally, what the other has issued, without there being any need for the words or vocabulary used to have been similar . It is a form of communication by data packets and by concepts, something similar to what we spoke a few years ago in other article.

133 Hi David, what connection do identical twins have and twins have the same Higher Self? Thank you.

Although identical twins start from the division of the same ovule (fertilized by a single sperm) and twins start from TWO different ovules (and two sperm), at the level of soul and Higher-Self they share only part of the physical and mental structure having been born from the same parents and within the same family collective unconscious. What happens is that both at the level of DNA and at the physical-energetic and etheric levels, the fact of sharing identical characteristics can facilitate that two related Higher-Selves, or at a lower level, two close and similar souls with similar purposes, they decide to use those two bodies with similar parameters and characteristics to be able to work together their evolutionary processes, their lessons, or their life purposes. But they have two separate and separate Higher-Selves, as well as two individual souls and, although in one life they incarnate together in the same family as siblings being identical twins or twins, they may simply not be in another and can occupy other roles within the family or family group in which they embody.

A hug,

David Topí


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