Unraveled | Edition 67: A Collection of Informational Links

Unraveled is a collection of links that Laron (founding editor of transients), gathers over the week that relate to the topics the site is known for, such as the shift in consciousness, metaphysics and spirituality, science and technology, health, art and creativity, and life in general.



Unsealed Court Docs Reveal Monsanto Colluded With EPA To Stifle Cancer Research
“Newly unsealed court documents released earlier today seemingly reveal a startling effort on the part of both Monsanto and the EPA to kill and/or discredit independent cancer research.”

Revealed: the first ever picture of the sun’s north pole

Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things

“According to researchers from the University of Iceland, ALL Icelandic glaciers are projected to expand this year, this would make it the first time the glaciers wouldn’t have shrunk year-on-year in a quarter of a century.”

Interview of Gerald O’Donnell by Dr. J Ilias, on November 27, 2018.
“The interview concluded with an important message about our most probable future, as of now, if we remain entrenched in our old ways and drowning in our misguided and for now cherished separative conflicting mind programs. Please do not take the warning lightly but very seriously, together with the easy but yet to manifest solution offered. Do not discard or judge the messenger, as I was only used as a conduct and projection for the Oneness in order to help achieve Its permanent Presence in this lost confused realm.”

New Moon In Sagittarius: Pursuing Ideals

A “Little Ice Age” Is Where We Are Heading, According To Multiple Scientists
‘True polar wander’ and Earth’s ice ages
“Rice University geophysicists have determined Earth shifted relative to its spin axis within the past 12 million years, which caused Greenland to move far enough toward the north pole to kick off the ice age that began about 3.2 million years ago.”

Tsunami travels 200 m (650 feet) inland, damages a school and wipes out 2 homes, Vanuatu

“Nearly 2,400 years ago, the philosopher Plato described Atlantis as a mighty state that possessed 10,000 chariots, advanced technologies, vast numbers of elephants and bulls, and a series of complex canals. And now, in a new documentary, a U.K.-based group claims to have discovered the ruins of this once-flourishing society on what is now the Atlantic coast of Spain.”

Google shows personalized search results even when users are logged out or using incognito mode, study finds

Health & Nature

Japanese Tsunami Stones: These Centuries-Old Monuments Save Lives Today
“Over the centuries, the Japanese people continued the practice of placing tsunami stones along the Japanese coastline. The inscriptions found on these stones varies in nature. As an example, a tsunami stone in Kesennuma, a city in the Miyagi Prefecture of Honshu, has the following inscription, “Always be prepared for unexpected tsunamis. Choose life over your possessions and valuables”. However, not all tsunami stones contain such warnings or advice, as some of them were erected to serve as memorials instead, by listing the death toll of past tsunamis, or as markers of mass graves.”

Dreaming of a white Christmas! Little reindeer that blends into the snow gives Rudolph a run for his money when it comes to cuteness
“Rare white reindeer calf spotted in the wilderness of northern Norway
White reindeer have a genetic mutation that strips their fur of pigment
Scandinavian Sami folklore says a white reindeer is a sign of luck”

No, aspirin ‘doesn’t prevent’ heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases

DIY Activated Charcoal Lemonade To Eliminate Toxins From The Body

Vetiver Oil Improves ADHD, Anxiety & Brain Health (And Repels Termites, Too!)

Las Vegas Man Unable to Speak, Walk, See or Breathe Just Days After Getting Flu Shot
(A Las Vegas man loses his sight and the ability to walk days after receiving the flu shot. He believes the vaccination triggered a rare condition called GBS, CDC confirms there is a connection between the two.)

Believing girls mature faster than boys hurts everyone

How Earthing Calms Your Nervous System

Kiwis’ recycling is piling up in Malaysia and being burnt in secret, environmentalists say
“The plastic in Kiwis’ recycling bins is being dumped as a mountain of waste in Malaysia or being burnt in secret.”(…)”Pua Lay Peng, visiting from Malaysia, said her village had become a dumping ground for countries like New Zealand, and it was poisoning her home. “We came here to tell New Zealand that recycling is not so great as it’s being thought,” she said.” (…) “According to export data, 4000 tonnes of plastic was shipped from this country to Malaysia in the first half of 2018 after China stopped accepting the world’s recycling.”
(What’s the point of recycling when it’s just going to be burnt creating toxic air? 😠 If this is going on in New Zealand, you may want to do some research about how it’s handled in your country.)

“Imagine a scenario where your mind had the power to cure debilitating anxiety, eliminate chronic pain or kick an addiction. Adriana Barton reports on the growing scientific support for hypnosis, the mind-body therapy bypassing hucksters for hospital wards”

Rainbow appears in swamp of First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach
(I’ve been to first landing many times, it’s a lovely place)

School kids to benefit from new bush school experience

As Rental Prices Rise, Women Stay In Bad Relationships to Survive
“With rental prices going up in major cities across the globe, a sizeable percentage of women report being in an unwanted sexual relationship to avoid homelessness.”

Is the Chickenpox Vaccine Creating a Shingles Epidemic?

“In 2015, I was diagnosed with heavy-metal poisoning. Doctors found high levels of arsenic and lead in my blood, the result of chronic exposure. The water where the mussels grew was likely contaminated from industrial waste, and the mussel shells I’d been working with for decades were toxic. Metals can be absorbed through consumption, air or skin. I’d been exposed in every way.”

(Dated Oct. 24th)

Teeth Aren’t Supposed to be White: Study Finds Whitening Permanently Weakens Them

How to Use a Tennis Ball to Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain and Back Pain

Roll Up Your Sleeves Folks: 271 New Vaccines in Big Pharma’s Pipeline

CDC Caught Spreading Misinformation About The Flu Shot: Here Are The Details

What Happens to Your Brain When You Diffuse Essential Oils

A Strong Association Has Been Found Between The HPV Vaccine & Infertility

Our Response To Food Depends On The Time We Eat It

Phone App Can Diagnose Low Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency From Photos of Your Fingernails

Alcohol and Cigarette Industries Panicking As More Teens Choose Marijuana Above All Else

Weightlifting for an Hour a Week Cuts Risk for Stroke and Heart Attack Up to 70 Percent



Life, Art & Entertainment

Sea Shepherd’s flagship the M/Y Steve Irwin retires after a life defending the oceans
“Sea Shepherd’s flagship vessel the M/Y Steve Irwin has conducted multiple campaigns in defence of the world’s oceans, from protecting pilot whales in the Faeroes, blue fin tuna in the Mediterranean, humpback whales off the Kimberley coast, to safeguarding one of the last large intact marine ecosystems on the planet in the Great Australian Bight (knocking out BP and Chevron) or more recently to the Great Barrier Reef in opposition of the Adani coal mine, to shutting down six illegal Chinese drift-netters in the South Indian Ocean, and six illegal tooth fish poachers in the Southern Ocean.”

“Aboriginal elder Gali Yalkarriwuy Gurruwiwi has travelled from a remote island in north-east Arnhem Land to Victoria, to perform a special dance with his granddaughter”

(Below) “Only if you are truly open to the possibility of being wrong can you ever learn, says researcher Alex Edmans. In an insightful talk, he explores how confirmation bias — the tendency to only accept information that supports your personal beliefs — can lead you astray on social media, in politics and beyond, and offers three practical tools for finding evidence you can actually trust. (Hint: appoint someone to be the devil’s advocate in your life.)”

This Artist Creates Stunning Glass Sculptures Using Fibonacci Ratios (Video)

Photographer Spends Years Capturing Endangered Animals; The Extraordinary Photos Broke Our Hearts

88-year-old woman reunites with daughter she believed died at birth 69 years ago

Why do people eat KFC at Christmas in Japan?
“The short story of how Christmas in Japan become synonymous with a fast food joint.”

(Below) “Author AJ Jacobs embarked on a quest with a deceptively simple idea at its heart: to personally thank every person who helped make his morning cup of coffee. More than one thousand “thank yous” later, Jacobs reflects on the globe-trotting journey that ensued — and shares the life-altering wisdom he picked up along the way. “I discovered that my coffee would not be possible without hundreds of people I take for granted,” Jacobs says.”

YouTube’s top videos of 2018: Bad lip reading at the Royal Wedding, the ‘Laurel and Yanny’ audio illusion and Sir Paul McCartney’s carpool karaoke

Canadian team confirms presence of huge unexplored cave in British Columbia

Is this Leonardo da Vinci’s earliest surviving work? Self-portrait as Archangel Gabriel unveiled (although some experts say there is ‘zero chance’ it’s real)

Metaphysics, Spirituality & The Shift In Consciousness
Including secrets revealed…

Excess winter deaths in England and Wales highest since 1976
“Call for more NHS resources as elderly people and women among most vulnerable”

(Below) Adults only – rough language about reports, history of 2017/2018 language pollution, BTC charts, projections based on current data (Dec 2018), Language issues, Woo-woo

New Documentary Explores The Story Of The Most Famous Area 51 Whistleblower, Bob Lazar

Documents Reveal How Monsanto & The EPA Bury Cancer Research

The largest December tornado outbreak in history of Illinois

Cold snap, dust storm blanket parts of NW China in rare yellow snow

Science & Technology

15 year old boy invents cancer test ‘26,000 times less expensive’ with 100 percent accuracy rate

Exclusive: Sparkly, opal-filled fossils reveal new dinosaur species
“Australian miners uncovered the gem of a find—a dog-size herbivore named Weewarrasaurus pobeni.”

How artificial intelligence is transforming the worl

Have archaeologists found the ‘mother lode’ of the Dead Sea Scrolls? Haul of Hellenistic pottery in West Bank cave raises hopes it could hold the remaining sacred texts
“Diggers have revealed fresh hope they may discover more sacred scrolls at Cave 53 in Qumran
Dead Sea Scrolls were first unearthed at West Bank site by Bedouins in 1947
Archaeologists talking of giving up on search for more scrolls in January – but new finds spurred them on”

“Emma Maayan-Fanar was looking for shade from the desert sun when she saw the face of Jesus. The heavily eroded painting is now thought to be the oldest representation of Jesus Christ found so far in Israel, and one of the very few images from that time that shows details of his face.”

“Some 3,700 years ago, a meteor or comet exploded over the Middle East, wiping out human life across a swath of land called Middle Ghor, north of the Dead Sea, say archaeologists who have found evidence of the cosmic airburst. The only naturally occurring event capable of causing such an unusual pattern of destruction, Silvia said, is a cosmic airburst — something that has occurred occasionally throughout Earth’s history, such as the explosion in 1908 at Tunguska in Siberia.””

Has a new ‘human ancestor’ been discovered? 3.6 million-year-old skeleton of Little Foot shows she was first to have longer legs than arms, grew to just 4ft tall and was vegan

New telescope in Chile will be world’s most powerful – even more so than Hubble in space – after scientists develop technology to cut through atmospheric distortion

Unraveled Friday | A Collection From The World Wide WebQuote or Poem

“This is how I left NASA: I started talking about spaceships. I had some friends that I was working with down at Seal Beach where we were building the Saturn II, the second stage. And I started to realize, what are we doing down here? This is stupid [using rocket propulsion]. And Wernher von Braun was in there, him and his storm troopers. They used to always wear black suits, ski pants and gold helmets. I mean, these guys dressed up like Nazi’s. They really did. We got into some heavy conversations about how stupid the Saturn was and how we should start using electro-gravitic [anti-gravity] propulsion around some pretty high people in NASA. And I got into some pretty serious trouble for it. I was basically warned to cool off on that level.

The first night we are bringing the Saturn rocket out of the hanger I was sitting at the computer console, sound asleep… it’s four o’clock in the morning. One of my engineers comes up and shakes me. “Dr. B, come on outside, there is something big happening. You said it was going to happen.

They had just pulled the bird [Saturn] out and were taking pictures when a big disc came down in Seal Beach, California. I don’t have a picture of the ship hovering over it, but the disc came down and 400 employees saw it at four o’clock in the morning in April of 1966.

How has all of this been kept secret? I know some people I worked with that disappeared and were never heard from again. My buddy over at Lockheed Skunkworks—he was a great contract. He told me all about the Aurora. He got started talking a lot, and he disappeared. He’s not around anymore. Nobody knows where he went. His place was closed. Overnight he was gone.”

— From the book Unacknowledged by Steven Green (https://amzn.to/2PkpQwt). Dr. B is a scientist and Engineer who worked on top-secret projects involving anti-gravity, chemical warfare, secure telemetry and communications, extremely high energy space-based laser systems, and electromagnetic pulse technology

transients.info’s Roundtable Forum Thread Of The Moment

What happened about 10,000BC?


Pagans: The End of Traditional Religion and the Rise of Christianity, by James J. O’Donnell.

“A provocative and contrarian religious history that charts the rise of Christianity from the point of view of traditional” religion from the religious scholar and critically acclaimed author of Augustine.

Pagans explores the rise of Christianity from a surprising and unique viewpoint: that of the people who witnessed their ways of life destroyed by what seemed then a powerful religious cult. These “pagans” were actually pious Greeks, Romans, Syrians, and Gauls who observed the traditions of their ancestors. To these devout polytheists, Christians who worshipped only one deity were immoral atheists who believed that a splash of water on the deathbed could erase a lifetime of sin.

Religious scholar James J. O’Donnell takes us on a lively tour of the Ancient Roman world through the fourth century CE, when Romans of every nationality, social class, and religious preference found their world suddenly constrained by rulers who preferred a strange new god. Some joined this new cult, while others denied its power, erroneously believing it was little more than a passing fad.

In Pagans, O’Donnell brings to life various pagan rites and essential features of Roman religion and life, offers fresh portraits of iconic historical figures, including Constantine, Julian, and Augustine, and explores important themes—Rome versus the east, civilization versus barbarism, plurality versus unity, rich versus poor, and tradition versus innovation—in this startling account.”


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