Unraveled | Edition 66: A Collection of Informational Links

Unraveled is a collection of links that Laron (founding editor of transients), gathers over the week that relate to the topics the site is known for, such as the shift in consciousness, metaphysics and spirituality, science and technology, health, art and creativity, and life in general.


(I had a distant healing client with a kidney infection, as well as some errands to attend to this morning, hence Unraveled being a bit late today! — Laron)


Strange waves rippled around the world, and nobody knows why
“Instruments picked up the seismic waves more than 10,000 miles away—but bizarrely, nobody felt them.”
AND (See below)

Anonymous blows lid off huge psyop in Europe and it’s funded by UK & US
“Operating on a budget of £1.9 million (US$2.4 million), the secretive Integrity Initiative consists of “clusters” of local politicians, journalists, military personnel, scientists and academics. The team is dedicated to searching for and publishing “evidence” of Russian interference in European affairs, while themselves influencing leadership behind the scenes, the documents claim. The UK establishment appears to be conducting the very activities of which it and its allies have long-accused the Kremlin, with little or no corroborating evidence. The program also aims to “change attitudes in Russia itself” as well as influencing Russian speakers in the EU and North America, one of the leaked documents states.”

Global Warming Protests Called Off In Russia Today
(Minus 45C (minus 47F) temps in Russia are so cold that they had to cancel global warming protests. Global temps have been in decline for 2 years.)

Designer baby steps: World’s first ‘gene-edited’ children born in China
“Twin girls have been born in China after their genes were edited to resist the HIV virus, a first for humankind, a Chinese geneticist claims. Gene-editing tool advancement during this decade has transformed tailoring human genes from the stuff of science fiction into a practical possibility. In 2015, Chinese researchers reported the first successful editing of a human embryo. While cautiously minded people advocated against experimenting in this area until the technology is more mature and humanity settles ethical issues with designer babies, a Chinese scientist may have already overseen research that has produced twin girls with edited genomes.”

Scientists have new plan to fight global warming: Dimming the sun
“Since the world can’t seem to agree on reducing CO2 emissions, why not tackle the problem from the other end, scientists from Harvard and Yale have surmised. The researchers recently published a study which says that spraying large amounts of sulfate particles into the Earth’s lower stratosphere in order to literally dim out the sun could cut the effects of global climate change in half, and it might even be cheap!” (…) “The proposal suggests a launch could be accomplished within 15 years, with an initial cost of around $3.5 billion, followed by another 15-year running period costing an additional $2.5 billion – a relatively low price given the scale and significance of the project, they argue. An initial fleet of eight ships would initially expand to nearly 100 in order to deploy the necessary amount of chemicals around the world.”

More than 140 whales dead after mass stranding in New Zealand
“Two pods of pilot whales were discovered just over a mile apart on Mason Bay, Stewart Island, a sparsely populated island in the country’s south. Authorities were first alerted to the mass stranding by a hiker Saturday evening. Half of the whales were already dead. The remaining animals were later euthanized, according to New Zealand’s Department of Conservation (DOC). A Stewart Island operations manager for the DOC, Ren Leppens, said that the remote location and condition of the surviving whales made it impossible to save them. He described the decision as “heart-breaking.””

Attacking Ourselves: Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System Against Us
“The research is hard to ignore, vaccines can trigger autoimmunity with a laundry list of diseases to follow. With harmful and toxic metals as some vaccine ingredients, who is susceptible and which individuals are more at risk?”

Meet the seven people who hold the keys to worldwide internet security
“It sounds like the stuff of science fiction: seven keys, held by individuals from all over the world, that together control security at the core of the web. The reality is rather closer to The Office than The Matrix.”

Robotic ‘deep sea Atlantis’ built by China will be the world’s first fully automated underwater research station
“President Xi Jinping says base will be used for unmanned submarine science
‘Self-contained laboratory’ will survey seabeds and collect mineral samples
China plans to build on the Manila trench one of the world’s biggest quake zones
Sceptics say that the ‘politics and technology will present big challenges'”

India bans homework and heavy schoolbags to prevent spinal damage
“There are fears that children could develop back pain and even hunchbacks by carrying heavy books in their rucksacks.”

NASA’s first moon landings in nearly 50 years may happen in 2019. The agency thinks these 9 companies can get them to the lunar surface.

Health & Nature

Poo found on every McDonald’s touchscreen tested
“Traces of faeces have been found on every single McDonald’s touchscreen swabbed in an investigation by metro.co.uk.”

100-cow dairy farmer puts his faith in homeopathy

Rich People Have Installed Anti-Bird Spikes in Trees to Keep Bird Poop Away from Cars

(The average mobile phone is almost seven times dirtier than a toilet seat, a study has found, and those with leather cases are more prone to more bacteria which probably makes them dirtier than those touch screens at McDonald’s!

NY State Senator Passes Away At 47 After Linking Illness To Flu Shot Symptoms

“Forced vaccinations now can be legally stopped-no quality control for 32 years”

You Can Now Buy Underwear That Doesn’t Have To Be Washed For Weeks
(Important breakthrough! 😉 )

11 shampoo brands linked to kidney damage, headaches, allergies, and liver cancer

Study: Weeds are More Nutritious than Store-Bought Produce
“Berkeley researchers have found six common weeds more nutritious than kale.”

The Seasons of Trauma: Recognizing When Symptoms Might Flare Up

Why You Need to Stop Carrying Your Mobile Phone in Your Pocket or Bra
“If you’re a man and you carry your mobile phone in your pants pocket, or a woman who tucks her phone into her bra or bra strap… chances are you aren’t aware of the damage this practice may be causing. You’re not going to hear about it from the cell phone companies who are resisting mounting evidence about the dangers of mobile phone radiation. Read on for some of the major areas of health concerns (including cancer!) and what cell phone studies have uncovered thus far…”


A How-To Guide to the Perfect Nap [Infographic]
“Research by NASA (on pilots) showed that a 26-minute nap enhanced performance by 34% and overall alertness by 54%.
Napping boosts a type of memory process that increases creativity.
Particularly when accompanied by dreaming, a nap can be an effective tool for improving memory and learning ability.
Napping at least three times a week for 30 minutes or more has been associated with a 37% lower risk of death from heart disease.
Just knowing a nap is coming is enough to lower blood pressure.
There can be psychological benefits, as a nap is an easy way to get some relaxation and rejuvenation, and reduce stress.”

Proof that genetically engineered foods in U.S. grocery stores are horrifically dangerous

Unsafe Sushi Found Pumped with Carbon Monoxide to Appear “Fresh”

The Sublime Value Of ‘Ego Deaths’
“The Facts:’Ego Deaths’ are experiences all of us must go through in order to evolve along our journey towards the freedom and serenity of discovering and becoming our true selves.
Reflect On:While ego deaths are painful, can we come to learn that most of the pain comes from our resistance to the process? Can trusting the process and allowing changes to flow over the course of our lives be the most important thing we can learn?”

Your Shadow Self: How To Face It, Bring It To Light & Transcend It
“The Facts:We all carry a darkness inside that we wish to keep hidden from ourselves and others. Without understanding and facing it, we remain unaware of it.
Reflect On:Are you open to meet your own totality without setting conditions for this essential encounter? Are you willing to face your own darkness in order to truly transcend it?”

Is Your Birth Experience Still Affecting You Today?
“The Facts:According to Stanislav Grof, a biological matrix of emotional imprints and patterns can often be traced back to your very emergence into this world. This theory is now being supported by modern research about emotions and birthing.
Reflect On:Have you reflected on and explored the early moments of your journey? If this resonates with you, remember it is important to welcome even the ‘negative’ aspects of your story with love, non-judgement, and compassion”

PrEP: Why I’m part of the trial for the HIV prevention pill
“Touted as a way to end HIV within a generation, the HIV prevention pill (PrEP) is being trialled in the UK. We spoke to Zia, an artist, activist and educator, to hear his experiences of taking it.”
The unexpected effects of the HIV prevention pill
“PrEP is great at blocking HIV, but as its use grows, so do fears that people will be more sexually reckless and spread other STIs. But researchers are coming to think that the opposite could be true. ”


The Extreme Dangers of Daylight Saving Time
“Daylight saving time (DST) does not save energy, but it does increase the risk of heart attack and fatal car accidents on the days following the change in the spring; judgment is affected, as are scholastic scores and losses on the stock market
The repercussions are so significant, California has been fighting to keep DST year-round, which was supported by nearly 60 percent of the voters in the midterm elections
The practice of moving the clocks ahead one hour in the spring and back one hour in the fall started during WWI to save energy, but with changing technology, it is no longer effective and the associated health dangers impact people of all ages
Until DST is abolished, you’ll have to accommodate your sleep schedule twice a year. Consider establishing consistent sleep routines to reduce the effect and contacting your Congressperson to express your concerns”

Are Smartphones Destroying a Generation?
“Kids spend an inordinate amount of time on their smartphones, communicating with friends (and possibly strangers) via text, Twitter and Facebook, and work to keep up their Snapstreaks on Snapchat
Abrupt changes in teen behavior and psychological health emerged around 2012. Post-millennials spend more time alone, engaged in online socialization rather than face-to-face; they drive less, date less, have less sex and have poorer social and work skills than previous generations
Rates of teen depression and suicide have dramatically risen since 2011, and data suggest spending three hours or more each day on electronic devices raises a teen’s suicide risk by 35 percent
Between 2007 and 2015, the suicide rate for 12- to 14-year-old girls rose threefold; the suicide rate among boys doubled in that same time frame
Data reveal the more time teens spend online, the unhappier they are. Those who spend more time than average on activities that do not involve their smartphone are far more likely to report being “happy””

The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs and Sugar — Your Brain’s Silent Killers
“Excessive sugar consumption is toxic to your brain and is a powerful driver of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological dysfunction
Research shows Alzheimer’s can be effectively prevented by lowering sugar exposure, increasing exercise and improving the quality of your sleep
Use of statin medication is associated with a 41 percent higher risk of Type 2 diabetes in men and a 71 percent higher risk for women
Type 2 diabetes raises your risk of Alzheimer’s three- to fourfold. Fasting has been shown to rapidly and effectively reverse diabetes, thereby also lowering your dementia risk
There’s a direct relationship between elevations of blood sugar and risk for developing dementia. Sugar and other carbohydrates disrupt your brain function even if you have no symptoms of diabetes”

Life, Art & Entertainment

San Francisco to dismiss all marijuana convictions dating back to 1975 as California redefines attitude to cannabis
“District Attorney George Gascon seeks to address ‘failures of the war on drugs’ and ‘harm done not only to entire nation but specifically to communities of colour'”
(Feb, 2018 dated)

The 19 ‘Extroverted’ Behaviors That Annoy Introverts The Most

Netflix to Produce Multiple Roald Dahl Streaming Series
“Oompa loompa doompety doo, I’ve got a perfect puzzle for you. Oompa loompa doompety dee, Roald Dahl is coming to streaming TV. Netflix announced on Tuesday that it had acquired the rights from Dahl’s estate to produce animated shows based on that acclaimed author’s many children’s books, which include “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “James and the Giant Peach” and “Matilda.””


This Artist Brilliantly Uses Different Jigsaw Puzzles to Create Surreal Mashups
“While many jigsaw junkies enjoy making order out of chaos, Vancouver-based artist Tim Klein breaks the rules by playing the game his own creative way. After discovering that manufacturing companies tend to reuse the same shaped pieces for multiple puzzles, Klein decided to have some fun by combining the interchangeable parts to make his own montage puzzle art.”


Seeing Wetiko: On Capitalism, Mind Viruses, and Antidotes for a World in Transition
“What if we told you that humanity is being driven to the brink of extinction by an illness? That all the poverty, the climate devastation, the perpetual war, and consumption fetishism we see all around us have roots in a mass psychological infection? What if we went on to say that this infection is not just highly communicable but also self-replicating, according to the laws of cultural evolution, and that it remains so clandestine in our psyches that most hosts will, as a condition of their infected state, vehemently deny that they are infected? What if we then told you that this ‘mind virus’ can be described as a form of cannibalism. Yes, cannibalism. Not necessarily in the literal flesh-eating sense but rather the idea of consuming others—human and non-human—as a means of securing personal wealth and supremacy. You may dismiss this line of thinking as New Age woo-woo or, worse, a lefty conspiracy theory. But this approach of viewing the transmission of ideas as a key determinant of the emergent reality is increasingly validated by various branches of science, including evolutionary theory, quantum physics, cognitive linguistics, and epigenetics. The history of this infection is long, strange, and dark. But it leads to hope.”
(2016 dated article)

The Facebook Dilemma
“As of the third quarter of 2018, 2.27 billion people actively used Facebook, the world’s largest social media site, up from 1 billion in 2012
Facebook is unique in its ability to monetize the time people spend on its platform. During the third quarter of 2018, the site generated more than $6 per user
Ninety-eight percent of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising, which totaled $39.9 billion in 2017
The addition of the “Like” button in 2009 revolutionized the company’s ability to gather personal data — information about your preferences that can then be sold
The significant danger with giving out personal data is that you’re opening yourself up to be a target of manipulation — whether you’re being manipulated to buy something you don’t need or believe something that isn’t true”

Metaphysics, Spirituality & The Shift In Consciousness
Including secrets revealed…

Mummy, I see dead people! These children all have invisible friends who really existed – and can give details about them that they would have no way of finding out for themselves

(Below) “Adults only – rough language about history, humans, and stuff. Why @jordan_sather_ is wrong about his claims for a cancer cure from coffee up the ass.”

Sydney hit by worst November storm since 1984, more than a month’s worth of rain in 90 minutes
“Two people were killed and several injured after a major storm hit Sydney, Australia on November 28, 2018. The storm dumped more rain in just several hours than the region records during the entire month of November.”

Mass whale stranding in Mason Bay, New Zealand
“A pod of 145 pilot whales was found stranded on a beach on Stewart Island (Raikura) in New Zealand late November 24, 2018 (LT). The whales were found in two ponds about 2 km (1.2 miles) apart in Mason Bay. While this is the biggest stranding event, three more strandings were reported over the weekend.”

Alleged ‘Men In Black’ Encounter Caught On Tape – Who Are These “People
“The Facts:A woman named ‘Nicole’ describes her alleged Men In Black encounter that was also caught on video. She explains why it happened, how she felt and the process that took place.
Reflect On:Regardless of whether or not we know that this encounter is genuine, it is certainly worth considering given how much it aligns with other well documented MIB encournters. Exploring things like this helps to expand our conscious awareness.”

CIA Document Shows What Happened After The KGB Shot Down A UFO
“The Facts:A document stores in the CIA’s electronic reading room describes what happened when the KGB took down a UFO with a surface to air missiles. The object was extraterrestrial and retaliation ensued.
Reflect On:Would it be easy for an intelligent extraterrestrial to visit Earth? It doesn’t seem so, it seems our reaction is always to shoot first and ask questions after. Is this really an intelligent decision?”

The Man Who Was Sentenced To 14 Years For Making ‘Anti-Gravity’ Vehicles
“The Facts:Anti-gravity technology has been around for decades, and there is much proof of that. One of the pioneers was Otis T. Carr, who was subjected to large amounts of ridicule and difficulty while pursuing his developments.
Reflect On:If the release of this technology would completely wipe out the Oil Industry and collapse the monetary system, does that legitimize the suppressing of it? Is our collective consciousness ready for technologies that would change our entire society?”

Science & Technology

Experts Claim Bosnian Pyramid Of The Sun Is At least 32,000 Years Old
“According to the latest research, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, part of the so-called Bosnian Pyramid Complex near Visoko, Bosnia, and Herzegovina is around 32,000 old and is a manmade structure and not a hill as skeptics have claimed.”

Nasa probe InSight lands on Mars
“A Nasa spacecraft’s six-month journey to Mars has had its dramatic grand finale, landing on flat plains of the Red Planet. The InSight lander touched down just before 9am (NZT) – the culmination of a US$1 billion international effort. InSight’s perilous descent through the Martian atmosphere, after a trip of 482 million kilometres, had stomachs churning and nerves stretched to the max. Although an old pro at this, Nasa last attempted a landing at Mars six years ago.”

9,000-year-old mask stuns archaeologists, raises eyebrows
“The rare discovery was greeted with excitement but revived strong concern about the authenticity of these mysterious Neolithic artifacts.”

Archaeologists discover eight ancient mummies in Egypt
“Limestone sarcophagi date back to Late Period (664-332 BC) in found in area of King Amenemhat II’s pyramid”

Scientists Explain How Earth’s Magnetic Field Connects All Living Systems
“The Facts:Earth, as well as all other living systems, have a magnetic field and scientists are discovering that these fields connect us all, and actually carry biologically relevant information.
Reflect On:This information is suggesting that, not only can your actions affect yourself and others around you as well, but so can you thoughts, feelings and emotions. The way you feel changes the information coded into your magnetic field.”

Do Not Fear the Dark Matter Hurricane (The Dark Matter Hurricane Is Good)
“Scientists think there’s a “dark matter hurricane” heading toward Earth. In fact, it might even be blowing through us already.”

“The fall of the Roman Empire may have been a partial result of the decade of famine and plague that began in A.D. 536, the authors of a new study say.”

What black holes REALLY look like: Astronomers find they don’t resemble donuts, but are actually ‘fountains’

Toyota reveals its real-life Avatar robot: Operators can control the life-sized humanoid from 6 MILES away

Chinese scientist claims to have created the world’s first genetically edited BABIES – twin girls altered to resist HIV infection
“Scientist He Jiankui of Shenzhen made the announcement in Hong Kong
DNA of twin girls was altered with a powerful new tool, the researcher claimed
He said he felt a responsibility but said ‘society will decide what to do next’
Gene editing is banned in Britain and the US and has been described as ‘immor”

Unraveled Friday | A Collection From The World Wide WebQuote or Poem

“If you want to know where to find your contribution to the world, look at your wounds. When you learn how to heal them, teach others.”
― Emily Maroutian

transients.info’s Roundtable Forum Thread Of The Moment

The Life Review in real time


The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, Revised and Expanded: Over 800 Natural, Nontoxic, and Fragrant Recipes to Create Health, Beauty, and Safe Home and Work Environments, by Valerie Ann Worwood.

“If you liked Modern Essentials, you’ll love this essential oils favorite: The Complete Book of Essential Oils and AromatherapyRevised and Expanded is a necessary resource for anyone interested in alternative approaches to healing and lifestyle. This new edition contains more than 800 easy-to-follow recipes for essential oil treatments from Valerie Ann Worwood, a consultant and expert on the clinical uses of essential oils internationally.

Explore the multitude of benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy: In her clear and positive voice, Worwood provides tools to address a variety of health issues, including specific advice for children, women, men, and seniors. This aromatheraphy book also covers self-defense against microbes and contaminants, emotional challenges, care for the home and workplace, and applications for athletes, dancers, travelers, cooks, gardeners, and animal lovers. Worwood also offers us her expertise in the use of essential oils in beauty and spa treatments, plus profiles of 125 essential oils, 37 carrier oils, and more.

An essential oils book classic for 25 years: Since the publication of the first edition of this book 25 years ago, the positive impact of essential oil use has become increasingly recognized, as scientific researchers throughout the world have explored essential oils and their constituents for their unique properties and uses.”


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