Physical events always follow emotional intents. The e-motion creates an energetic field favorable to the manifestation of the intent.

This applies at ALL scales. The emotion is merely guided by the intention, or ‘wish’. So that, in ‘mechanical’ terms, the mechanism of a childhood romantic crush is identical to the mechanism that creates a world war — the rest is merely a numbers spin-game.

Thus, it is worthwhile to observe and question the ‘guidance’ given to public enthusiasms — be they regarding a new TV soap drama, a sports event, political movements, peace or violence. As above, the emotion is guided and controlled in such a way as to control the manifestation — for good or for evil, for better or for worse, for fear or for comfort.

It is not hard or even difficult to detect and analyse the chain connecting emotion and event. The most challenging portion is in gaining the ability to be an OBJECTIVE observer. By which I mean, to be coldly analytical regarding an emotional event that is being deliberately manipulated to encourage emotion in you.

A good example of this phenomenon in action can be seen daily in any news bulletin — be it broadcast, written, or announced — just ask, who gains what? To where am I being guided? What do I feel, and why? Who is driving my bus — me, or is it the intent being created by the emotion OF and IN the story? And does it matter? If so, why? And importantly — is this a short-term ‘buzz’ (for instance a good concert) or is it a long-term rooted, educationally encouraged emotion dating back to Primary school?

What is the difference between over-hyped pop concert fans releasing big wads of emotion, fainting, screaming, and scrambling to reach their idol of the moment, (think the 60’s Beatles) and the cunning direction of emotions in a well-directed political rally — think of the millions shouting Seig Heil in Hitlers’ Germany in the 30’s?

What difference? Any difference is merely in the entrainment — and the intent of that entrainment — is it for financial profit, or is it for emotional control of an entire population?

Slavery is always considered to be an ugly thing. Loss of freedom, chains, whips, hunger, domination…. But of course, that only happens to others – probably in uncivilized parts of the planet, eh?

But what about EMOTIONAL slavery? Ponder that for a while. How free are you? How independently objective are your opinions, thoughts, actions and reactions? Any answer short of 100% well informed and objective means only one thing — you are exactly that percentage emotionally enslaved.

Who or what by?

That bit is for you to discover and, I hope, rectify.

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Good essay.

Sometimes I watch the local news if something is going on. Before the November elections in the US, there was a segment about how people can be manipulated in many different ways. Could have knocked me over with a feather. Someone said that out loud on the news!

Good article, just a small correction from a native speaker: "Seig" does not exist as a German word. Correction: "Sieg" (victory).
Hailstones Melt

It’s interesting that to remain open in heart and mind, one also runs the gamut of possibility of being easily influenced. For sure, being closed in heart and mind, one will not be so easily influenced. Therefore, I think, if the goal is to remain open-minded and open-heart-feeling-able to express love and to receive the emotion of love, one must become Master of oneself. The closed-minded have erected barriers, and having lived within a situation like this in a marriage, I know for a fact that unconsciously the person closing themselves is protecting something their psyche feels is so valuable,… Read more »

It’s interesting that to remain open in heart and mind, one also runs the gamut of possibility of being easily influenced.

One should be open-minded enough to let good ideas in, but not so open-minded the brain falls out.