The Flying Bald Eagle and The Soul’s Travel: An Amazing Experience


My Story with the Bald Eagle

Bald eagles, magical eagles and the Toltec journey came in my life as by surprise. I have never felt such a connection with any other bird than the bald eagle in my current incarnation. It has become so common in my daily healing and it has enhanced my intuition, my spiritual journey and my whole being, it took place in my entire bodies.

The first time I felt his energy was few weeks before I traveled to Texas on February 2016 to meet a bunch of light workers who are also my soul family. I guess it was a sign to me about one or more past lives in the US both as a human and an eagle.
And It was so right because so much has been going on since that connection.

The second time it was during my QHHT with my dear friend Laron G. Smith from NZ, where I saw a past life of mine as an eagle. Information I never knew, came through this session about very specific things related to bald eagles: their way to connect with their companions and how they behave with nature and their babies. I have never read anything about eagles before that session. And the information which came with it was really true as Laron did some research after my session.

The Eagle I am is in my heart and soul

For me it is the spirit of the traveller, the air and earth energy melted with water, another way to reach high spirits of Gaia, the spiritual realm, everything that connects to the universal energy at a soul level. I actually realized how evolved are the animal kingdom on earth even though many have been thinking the opposite for so long.

The insights about the animal kingdom have been also enhanced in my energy field as I find myself travelling dimensions. One of them was at a 6D earth invited by Osiris the Egyptian god to immerse into that plane. I saw the animal kingdom and the energy flowing around the New Earth.

Many animals were there free and safe feeding from the universal energy, surrounded with a pink violet golden light all in one. Osiris told me : in this plane animals come back after their incarnation on the old earth to rest and live in peace.

It is kind of a multidimensional place where they travel as souls after the challenging life they have on the 3D earth. But even in the 3D they are already evolved spiritually as they trust their instinct and have access to some specific realms like the spiritual world more easier than the humans.

This experience was really amazing for me when I was back in the eagle shape and entity during my QHHT with Laron. You can find it here in this link

Before that life as bald eagle in America, I had another older life as a blue eagle according to a channel I had during a mediation where I was in a trance state. I was shocked that day. But I went searching for these blue eagles on the internet and found many information. I never heard about blue eagles.

I was guided though connections to my higher self and soul to watch my past lives and to understand the flying soul of mine. Because that’s how I see my soul: as a flying eagle.

During healing sessions with my friend John Helios, I had visions of eagles flying over red rocks. During out of body experiences last year, I saw past lives in Sedona, Colorado and Hawaii this year. All these memories came back rushing like a rain. I cannot explain how it happens, but I guess it is the way I am ascending, and understanding the multidimensional being I am.

This paper is very personal and I agree completely, but it may be a guidance for those who have such experiences and to help them believe in what comes from within self, because it is what sounds real. Sometimes a person comes into your life and brings information in you. Be open to the information she brings anyway and let things unfold by themselves.

So here it is, as I promised to him to write this note in memory of my spiritual connection to the bald eagle. He came back lately to remind me that promise I made.

How Do We Connect ?
It is very special !
My bald eagle comes through me during my healing sessions and mediations or astral travels. I feel it like a being inside of me, a soul to soul connection, even more a piece of my own soul, still very active and remnant from many past lives as a human and as an eagle.

The eagle in me is very touchable !

I love high places on Earth. It is very easy for me to climb a mountain than to descend from it. I hate going down a hill or a mountain actually because I feel so insecure and threatened by lower planes and by the idea of falling down.

I thought it was related to some insecurities I have been carrying from my childhood and may be other past lives as a child, but it is directly related to some of my past lives where I incarnated as an eagle.

Eagles are beings of the sky, visitors of parallel realms, seekers of new lands, infatigable travelers of the universes. They love watching the world from on high. That’s what I always do. My way to see things is to look further deeper into the void. Those places that are so far and seem hidden to the human eyes. My eyes are alway lost in the vacuum.

As I love high places, I have preferences for high ideas, philosophies, all that is uncommonly available for me to nurture my spirituality and my energy field, so people always tend to see me as an intellectual or not humble enough.

But it is an eagle way of being. That’s what I am actually. I cannot bear being with very low frequencies, superflue and superficial discussions.

The eagle is a highly spiritual being even though it is a bird. The soul of an eagle is made of star seeds energy. Always searching for new adventures to nurture the soul.

The Eagle, the Stars and the Sun

Many think that animals are not as smart and powerful as humans. Because humans have a bigger brain. This is not true. They have their intelligence and their own language and culture. The brain is only a little part of what connect us to the stars. We actually connect with our hearts.

With these awakening times, we no more can allow ourselves to consider humans in the center of the universe. We are incarnating in human shapes for a good reason. I guess it is the same when we incarnate in a bird or any other shape.

A soul is a soul. It has nothing to do with the widespread idea that humans are smarter that the other living beings. Every living being has its own way to function at all levels. Some living beings have cognitive and spiritual abilities that humans still ignore because they cannot access them with their brains.

Humans always thought that because they have a heavy and big brain, they are more evolved than the other species. The problem is that humanity evolved through barbarism and that’s what has been happening for eons on Gaia.

An eagle knows what is a star and has the ability to read its messages because it guides him. He also has the ability to flow energetically with many elements as the rain, the wind, the seas, the trees, the planets and all the different elements that come in his field in the shape of smells and visions.

As eagles belong to the sky, they have a deep connection with the stars and the sun.

The Magician Black Eagle

He is a current spiritual teacher and healer for many. Like those dragons, he was used to spread fear dust and fire and destruction through human hearts and lives.

He was used by the dark side of human nature to expand his power and the power of those who were igniting his inner darkness.
What he learned like many of us, is that working with the darkness is not as negative as we may think, it is a process of awakening : as we face our darkness we learn to walk the path of the Light.

Some do it and some never do.But for most of us, light workers, we have been also dealing with our darkness for a while before ascending to the divine light of Source. Each learning journey begins with this process, that’s why there is enlightenment and self love at the end of the walking path to divine love.

This was the process of this magician black eagle. My friend John Helios talks about the journey this bird has been in, in a very insightful article on his journal here and provided me with the picture and some other information.

I would say actually, that John Helios received his Reconnection from me on February 2018 when he came to visit me in my hometown here in France, and we have met many times during astral projections, including some OBE about past lives in Sedona we had in a community who was living in a place in between three mountains and a river, I once drew here in one of my artworks, many times before I know him. That was the Wave Tree of the Breath of Life

John relates to his Toltec Journey as this eagle is part of it.
He defines the word “Toltec” as below, a statement from his dear departed friend Don Voss, who was an artist, a shaman and healer from Sedona

“Toltec means, has always meant “ancient builder” or “artisan.” As a culture the political expression of this group lived between the Mayan and Aztec cultures in an area around Teotihuakan [in modern-day Mexico] between 800 ad and 1200 ad. Even then the term Toltec was a term from the nahuatl language which the Aztec used to refer to a place that they surrounded in awe and mystery as to what occurred in the past. The historical texts were burned by the Spanish priest in probably one of the saddest periods of book burning since Shi Huang Ti’s attempted to wipe out all previous histories of China in the second century bce. Thus the actual textural evidence is sketchy at best. Yet, there are lineages that picked up this term and used it as a self definition because the word Toltec means builder, creator or artisans. It allowed them to be creators of their own reality when they intended this self defining word.

“What we do know is that the Toltec culture moved in and re-established dominance during the 8th century when the Mayan’s lost their power base in central Mexico. They were known, by the later peoples to have been a culture obsessed with the dreamtime.”

As John Says in his article :

Under the old dark paradigm the Eagle was very powerful and huge. Basically his job was to fly into infinity, but in so doing he had a horrible job. His job was to consume the awareness and the experiences that every single living creature in this world had upon the moment of their death. So, whenever somebody died, they would leave Earth and fly out into space to where the Eagle was at that moment, and fly into his beak where he would consume their awareness and their life experiences”

“I am already given to the power that rules my fate. And I cling to nothing, so I will have nothing to defend. I have no thoughts, so I will see. I fear nothing, so I will remember myself. Detached and at ease, I will dart past the Eagle to be free.
– don Juan Matus, benefactor of Carlos Castaneda”

More About the Eagles’ Tribe and Connections

During an out of body experience last year, I was visited by Don Voss and saw his face as he was flying near me like an eagle. The next day John sent me his picture from Arizona whare he was spending few days with him before he passed away. As I saw his face on the picture, I told John that I saw him on the astral flying near me and watching me with his dark eyes.

I guess it was a visit he did as John talked to him about me and the healing I was proving him with since late 2016. This journey was and sitll is amazing. The more you connect with some of your soul family and tribe and the more you understand their resonance and meaning in your life and life purpose.

Through the healing sessions I did with John, I also had astral travels to the spiritual realm meeting his departed father and witnessing things he never talked to me about.
After these beautiful events, I understood the true purpose of the eagle on earth and in my soul : healing deeply and at multidimensional level.

The Eagle’s Gift and Message

The information that John provided with the dark magic eagle from Carlos Castaneda Don Juan awakening process are really helpful and accelerate our own awareness about the way things are. As what we see with our material perception is completely different from what things are for real.

This awareness is already given to the eagles. Men cannot understand it unless they really experience a journey with an eagle or a bald eagle ans see the big picture.

Eagles have access to the spiritual realm, they can see the soul leaving the physical body, they have the instinct of the great traveller and know where to settle and take a break for a new journey. They reflect their true essence in their being.

They also have the ability to connect very fast to other dimensions and planes. To reach out human senses and to aknowledge their thoughts and feelings. That’s why, as birds they have been dealing with human darkness. As messengers of the universe, they hold the majesty of life and know when to heal themselves. That’s what did the black eagle to become a light warrior.

The eagle in me, touched some amazing people I met through the internet and I was guided to walk a path with them for the healing journey.

This path is filled with events, messages, teachings and learnings. It is the eagle soul’s journey through infinity.

I feel always thankful and grateful to all those I meet and have the privilege to cross their path for a moment because it is the way we learn at a soul level.

If you meet an eagle one day, believe that it was not a coincidence and it never would be.

This is The Breath of Life I draw few times ago even before connecting with John and it was actually a sign from past lives I had as a Toltec and in Sedona.

In the middle you can see the river in-between the three mountains I saw during an astral travel to that past life. John was with me and we were trying to find some gold in that river. When I told you about it, he said that he went there with his friend Don Voss few years ago and saw the spirit of the river.

That day I received it in my whole body in a huge download. This happened few weeks before he comes to Rouen for his Reconnection.

John sent me this photo to illustrate the article as it is another personal view of this light warrior already well known by many.

Many thanks to my friend John, for helping me and for providing amazing information about this being.

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Thank you for the beautiful article. I see the truth of the article in your eye, which is piercing and is also the inner sight. The eye which looks like a human eye but is an eye that penetrates through into this dimension. Lots of love, for you, Henda. Your light is well and truly received.