Before getting to the topic of today, I add a small and summarized explanation of the healing processes we are doing in case it helps your understanding in response to a question received a few days ago by twitter.

It is not repetition per se or making the request thinking about a shopping list, doing it for doing it or simply reading the words what executes the deprogramming, but the conscience and the energy put into the request.

To eliminate a blockage, to deprogram something, to heal something within ourselves, it must be done through understanding and awareness of what is being worked on, so that the problem has first been understood, hence the long explanation of the article.

Once understood, an energy shock has to be applied to what has to be healed or deprogrammed. This is done with a request, visualization, or the intention to do so. The request is the simplest for most people.

The energy to heal or deprogram has to come from the Higher-Self, which is the access to the highest energy of the human being. The focus, concentration and intention with the request “opens the tap” energetically from the Higher-Self through the golden cord or line of the Hara towards that which it is desired to eliminate.

Therefore, it does not matter that the Higher-Self knows everything or does not know it, that it is timeless or dimensionless, that it is connected to the Source or that it is connected to other higher or intermediate levels or that it is not, but that the personality and the soul take conscience and know what you are doing, take responsibility for it and execute it, because the healing is for the personality and its energy system and that is why it has to be executed in this way.

Finally, it is necessary to do several times each deprogramming that we put in the articles because each request executes an octave of healing, a process, and for some blocks and programs, due to its complexity, you have to work a lot on them, days, weeks or even months to be able to eliminate them completely.

I hope that this small clarification helps us to better understand what we are doing with the different requests and deprogramming that I am explaining in the articles.

A summary of the situation

If you remember the previous article about the process of separation of the timelines and the “extra” time that had been given to us to make the change to line 42, you will remember that we said that we had “little time,” without specifying, before the lines were closed completely. That moment is approaching, because you cannot contain too much time the processes of “attempted destruction” and attempt to remove all people from the 42 by manipulating their personal reality back to line 33. This is what we had mentioned in one of the previous questions:

125 Although the planet, in general, continues “as always” at the level of events, conflicts and fights between groups and countries and so on, it seems that nothing too “fat” is brewing as we thought it could happen. Are things being restrained somehow to avoid going mad on line 33 at the physical level with some kind of “non-physical” intervention?

As long as the open temporary line step is maintained, as we have explained in previous questions and articles, “content” will be maintained by the different groups and beings that assist the planet, and to us in this change of evolutionary level, the attempts to “go upside down” in the physical reality through more conflicts, events and all kinds of situations that could damage the work of line crossing for those who are in the process of moving to 42. When, if that time comes, it may be decided, because it looks that it is impossible that anybody else can move, then possibly, just possibly, ceasing stopping all these movements and attempts by the circles of power that govern our system of life on Earth and, from here, once those in the 42 are “safe,” the consequences of the free will of the actions of those in the 33 will be allowed to follow their course whatever they are.

If a few months ago we were hopeful that we had reached the level of having achieved that approximately 7% of the world population had at least one of their bodies in the timeline 42, in the last weeks that percentage has dropped to less than 5% again, millions of people having lost the only point of connection they had, or having been dragged back by multiple circumstances to line 33 and not having noticed it.

What has happened is that many of those who made the process and work for going up to the timeline 42 and got it, have not maintained the vibration and frequency, have not managed to consolidate the anchors and support points to avoid be dragged back, and have not monitored the status of their energy systems to see what line they were connected to at all times. Since the structures of the control system under which we live continue to do everything possible to extract as many people as possible back to the 33rd, the multiple processes put in place at the individual and collective level to reduce energy, frequency, manipulate reality and anchoring many back so that they could not sustain the connection with the timeline of evolutionary change, has made the work done in recent months by many people been partially in vain.

The timelines are about to close, not because it is a whim of higher hierarchies, not because it is a “punishment,” not because they do not want to give more opportunities, but because the cycles and processes that have to be set in motion to move those currently on line 42 to higher levels of it, in preparation for the change of evolutionary level cannot wait any longer. That almost 5% of humanity that is still in this timeline continues to suffer many attempts of destabilization and, therefore, we must close the doors and not be accessible from line 33 to those who are in “pause” in 42, even if only a few, hoping to take the boat direct to the “new Earth” (as we are going to continue calling her for the moment between us to understand each other).

I do not know how much time is left before the final closure of lines, they are weighing it every day, the different groups, hierarchies that assist us and set of Higher-Selves in conjunction with Kumar, as the ultimate responsible for them. I also do not know, because they tell us that it is not yet decided, if after ensuring that all those who have managed to stay in the 42 are “safe” (energetically and physically speaking) at the highest levels of the same the doors of passage will reopen to try to raise someone else to the train.

In any case, make a last effort, check in which line is each of your subtle bodies in and upload all you can with the exercises and explanations that we have already given, to be able to finish this year this arduous process for some, and to be ready to start the path towards higher levels of development and healing that are waiting to be executed, and that will have to prepare us mentally, psychically and energetically for the moment of evolutionary change that has to arrive soon.

A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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