We live in exciting times with exciting discoveries about our human potential. Yet, ignored by the mainstream, as usual. Even as someone who likes to delve down deep into paranormal research and abilities I did not know this ability which can be taught and learnt until a few days ago:

People, especially children, learn how to really ‘see’ when completely blindfolded, without eyes. No joke. They really see. Some of them see colours, others can see the images and some even read text from books and boards. The ‘seeing’ is a bit different: It is described as being like looking through a hole that appears or sometimes nearer or wider as it normally is, and yet it is described as visual sight by the participants. So it is maybe not ‘clairvoyance’ in the usual context. They also see without aids, just by ‘training’.

It also works for the blind it seems. Maybe the sight for the blind from birth is also connected to the concept and experience of ‘Mindsight‘ (see book) which happens during NDEs with blind people or Astral Projectors in the Void or Exit Blindness where you ‘sense’ the environment. However, on the other hand, these non-blind children really seem to ‘see’ in or with their mind’s eyes (third eye?) or receive visual information in their brains, still while they are completely blindfolded. It also works for many in completely darkened rooms and it is said that it also works for the blind from birth, so maybe therefore any form of light is not really needed. (I know there are and will be also amazing technical inventions in medicine that help or make some blind people see, but that is something different. This is about regaining it naturally.)

This new research was addressed in one of Tom Campbell’s recent videos, that is why I know about it. The first one of the videos below is done by a member of his MBT forum and a fellow German, Oliver Weis. On the video you can turn on the subtitles for English. They are very good because Oliver also is the translator of many of Tom Campbell’s english videos. He also has a German/English website here with many interesting parapsychological research topics and also many features of Tom Campbell’s work, here’s the English one:
He also knows Tom personally and helps him to get known better in Germany with interviews, seminars, etc. Oliver in his video made some really thorough tests with some of the children and also tested the blindfold masks they use and even brought his own mask for his test subjects to wear.

Oliver’s video is the first one (turn on subs):

The website of the seminar organiser in Oliver’s video so far is only in German, but I am sure you will find something equivalent on the English internet, too. I’ve read some criticism on the Web that these seminars are too expensive for most people. However, that does not take away anything from their astounding success for me. And maybe it is really quite expensive to organise. Here is also their (German) YT channel and website:


So far unfortunately these vids below about the blind (from birth) are only in German, it is two men and one child (blind from birth) who are blind or almost blind (the third one can see sunlight, but is still 100% legally blind). Now they can see (or see much more) such as reading text (!!!), colours, people, numbers, etc.

I have an old sleep mask at home which I sometimes use for meditation or relaxation when lying down. Maybe I should start my training now with it.

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In short: Healer, Naturopath, Reconnective Healer, Musician, Book Author, Poet, Linguist, Astral Traveler, Starseed (?), Consciousness Explorer, Human ... ;). Long version: I am a consciousness explorer, naturopath and Reconnective Healer from Germany. I also have a degree in economics and linguistics, but I left this 'past life of this life' behind me, except for occasional 'office jobs'. Surprise, surprise: I am a man. My female pseudonym is to honour a past life of mine as a woman in 17th century France. I 'met' this former 'self' of mine during mental projections to my Higher Self and also received information about her by asking what I now call the 'Akashic Void' or 'Godfield' from my own personal OBE research and experience. I also indulge in creative efforts as a musician, poet and book author. A book about astral projection for beginners (in German and then translated into English) under another pseudonym (ARENIS) is in the early planning stages. A poetry book in German with mainly metaphysical, philosophical or social topics was published in 2015. Currently, I am working on my latest music project which is my second progressive metal concept album. Like my books it also contains mainly metaphysical and philosophical lyrics in English.

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Thank you for bringing this magic into my day<3 Pod.
I loved the video with the matter of fact kids who see what ‘can’t be seen’.
Thank you for bringing this magic into my day<3 Pod.
I loved the video with the matter of fact kids who see what ‘can’t be seen’.

It is awesome isn’t it? I am glad it made you happy.

well no doubt traning is needed for all, is logic for me when you have the trust of your inner power