End of Stage, Start of a New Process


Throughout this year that has ended, there have been many things that we have been publishing, hoping that they have been useful for all those who have had the confidence and perseverance to carry them out. As I mentioned in the previous article, a stage is closing, or is about to close soon in the coming weeks. The moment in which the temporary lines will be definitively closed is already decided. It depends only on the time that is necessary for the last step of the octave that carries the separation processes of the lines, about to enter the SI-DO collision and preparing to be completed in a short time from that moment.

This means that, when this happens, we will no longer have the opportunity to assist anyone who has not done the work until the year 2020, if those who govern and assist in the processes of evolutionary change decide to reopen the connections between them after this period. Why this close now? As we said in the last article:

The timelines are about to close, not because it is a whim of higher hierarchies, not because it is a “punishment,” not because they do not want to give more opportunities, but because the cycles and processes that have to be set in motion to move those currently on line 42 to higher levels of it, in preparation for the change of evolutionary level cannot wait any longer. That almost 5% of humanity that are in this timeline continues to suffer many attempts of destabilization and, therefore, the doors must close and not be accessible from line 33 to those who are in “pause” in 42, even if they are only a few, hoping to catch the boat directly to the “new Earth.”

Soon that other process begins, another phase, another very important stage, that of raising that little bit more than 5% that finally seem to have managed to catch the train of the timeline 42 and are ready for the changes that have to come from now on. As you already know, we are not talking about any immediate change, but about preparing for change. But the preparation to change, the tuning with the frequency and energy levels necessary to be able to adjust to the energies of the third octave of the temporal line 42 that is the bridge between this “7.8Hz matrix” and the “new Earth” (we will continue using this “poetic” name) requires time and tranquility to be able to execute all the processes that have to be launched for it in 2019.

As an analogy of our goal, those who have seen the movie “The 9 revelations,” may remember that, in the final scenes, the protagonists have increased their frequency and become invisible to the physical eyes of those who still persecute them and remain in the “usual” state of standard vibration of the majority of the population. Well, there we go. We are NOT going to disappear from anyone’s view, it isn’t what is going to happen, I just want to give you an analogy of the work that needs to be done from now on, which is to raise and raise and raise the base frequency of each particle and each component of the energy system of those in transition to change and, for this, at least in the plan that our Higher-Selves or beings have “on hold” and waiting for months to execute, there is a year or so of work to achieve it at the world level.

Need for security and prior checks

Our next step, once it is communicated and confirmed and we see that the connections between the lines have really been closed, that the bridges and passing markers have disappeared, that there is no way from the 33 to the 42 and that from the 42 cannot be lowered to 33, then we will get to work with the next stage, in which I hope to share everything that seems to have prepared us from “above” (symbolic), although, from “the deepest of each one of us” would be a more appropriate description.

We must make sure of all the above because the major races in control of the planet, that we are also in the process of trying to have them expelled or completely annihilated by forces and hierarchies superior to them (we will see what happens and what or how it is done), will not be allowed to interfere more in any way. Therefore, there will be a period of constant monitoring after the closure of lines looking for and observing those who do not give up trying to block this change of evolutionary level what they intend to do to regain control.

Returning to our evolutionary curriculum

So that you have an idea of ​​what awaits us this long year of work, I summarize again the main points of that “evolutionary curriculum” that we did a few months ago to order the different topics that need to be explored and deepened, and which were they, updated according to the changes that have occurred these months and with the readjusted points to the current situation:

  1. The preparation for the change of timeline that will be completed throughout this 2018 for those who are ready to embark on the process of reality change. COMPLETED
  2. The rules of the game of the new Earth.
  3. The processes that have to be given these years until the solidification of the new reality is complete and the “transfer” of one reality to the other can be made. Exit roads to the “new Earth.”
  4. Explanations of why Kumar “discards” reality 7.8Hz, how it will do it, that it will be noticed or not noticed.
  5. The concept of the mental “reset” of the collective unconscious 42 as a way of preparing the population for the evolutionary leap, erasing Collective Unconscious parameters from the 42 and from the mental spheres of those ready for change. Explanation of the influence on the psyche of people, disorientation, sense of confusion that will occur.
  6. Changes to expect in the “solid” reality of those in the timeline 42 as of this year 2019
  7. How is a new reality managed? What will we find when we transfer to it? What is already in the “new Earth”?
  8. Individual and collective responsibilities in the management of the new society. Structure of the new reality to be taken into account versus the current known structures.
  9. The conscious interaction with the Collective Unconscious 42. The formation of a social memory complex for all human beings on line 42.
  10. Fears, resistances, programs installed in the mental spheres that must disappear and be deprogrammed. Process of energetic healing, change of vibration and alignment with the third octave of the timeline 42 over the next months.

As you can see, these are very generic topics, some of which we have already explained with small brushstrokes in the previous months. Some still sound like science fiction, fantastic or impossible information, terms and concepts that seem to us to be very far away and completely utopian, and still are, in certain cases, because we are far from the levels of consciousness and vibration necessary to integrate them. Therefore, that is our work in this next stage, I hope much quieter for all those aboard the train, because without so many attacks or manipulations we can work thoroughly and intensely (we have to hope that this is the case and we will have to make sure it is like this before starting this process).

For my part, because of my role, the enthusiasm is enormous. Through the connection with my Higher-Self I feel and see and I receive the explanations of that work plan, and since I also have to comply with it, I feel like a delighted student with the idea of ​​receiving more material, knowledge and opportunities to grow through huge steps. I hope it is just as interesting for you as well.

What will happen then with the blog readers who are on line 33? They will be able to do the same exercises and they will be able to obtain the same knowledge, but the execution of the processes of deprogramming and frequency raising cannot be completed, because there will be an “energetic wall” that will prevent the movement of their subtle bodies beyond the highest level of the line 33, without the possibility that their particles raise the vibration to move to line 42. But knowledge and comprehension, the awareness within the timeline 33, at its highest level, also represents an evolutionary process for the spirit of the person, so whatever happens with the physical reality 7.8Hz at the moment in which Kumar makes decisions about what to do with it, everything that has been integrated, understood and assimilated will remain forever in the spirit and in your Higher Self.

Happy New Year and a prosperous start of the next. A few exciting months await us and the best, finally, is still to come.

A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given transients.info direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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Kevin C

Thanks David for posting the article! Very timely! The article explains several things for me throughout 2018 – 1) Increased frequency of number "42" throughout 2018 everywhere 2) Increased frequency of "Mandela effects" of all sorts (historical, random, and in real-life: ex. keys, stuff supposedly misplaced or disappear and re-appear somewhere else) This one is hard because I end up being labeled ‘absent-minded’, and cannot explain since there is no "evidence" to speak of! 3) Complete re-orientation of relationships. This is prevalent throughout 2018 – Loss of friendships, "disappearance" of various relationships. One thing in common with all of them… Read more »


The timelines are about to close Click to expand… , not because it is a whim of higher hierarchies, not because it is a “punishment,” not because they do not want to give more opportunities, but because the cycles and processes that have to be set in motion to move those currently on line 42 to higher levels of it, in preparation for the change of evolutionary level cannot wait any longer. That almost 5% of humanity that are in this timeline continues to suffer many attempts of destabilization and, therefore, the doors must close and not be accessible from… Read more »

What are the "lines" this paragraph speaks of?

You might scan back through the other articles because he writes of these two timelines quite a bit.


tine 33 is the one of lower vibrations equal commercial world and distraction industry i add from another source i read something a time ago, line 33 is at 7,83hz so old frequenzy, the one the ptb likes to let us trapped in (i feel a bit strange) line 42 is the new destination 5th dimension 15,6hz to travel from one to the other inner work has to be done, and most of the nice people here did it in form of the resquests of david topi or in the unconcious way So as to resume more we are close… Read more »

What are the "lines" this paragraph speaks of?

I can’t tell you how ready I am for positive change. I’m so excited!

A quick link to all his posts: https://www.transients.info/author/david-topi