We continue with the explanation of tools that allow us to counteract the manipulations of our reality as we had begun to explain in a previous article, since if we are trying to block the emission of “holoquantic noise” with the processes already explained, which are being generated everywhere around us to insert distortion in the co-creation of our personal reality and, by extension, the global reality, the next step is the elimination of projections from ourselves destined to influence negatively the content of what we do want and need to emit without us knowing or being aware of this.

Three types of manipulation programs

In the mental configuration of the human being three types of protections were imbued at the time, at least three of the most important ones, so that all the control of how the world of the lhumanu was going to be generated and manifested (see question # 91) was under the guidelines and parameters bounded and decided by the control systems. For this, after the implementation of the mechanisms of manipulation of personal reality by manipulation of the mind, which we have already explained in several previous articles, several types of programs that we are going to call filter programs, stop programs and distortion programs were inserted, each one with a different function, but related to each other, which we will now see in detail.

These different programs induce us to emit waves, not aligned with our greater good, personal and common, start from the idea of ​​the control system that we emit and co-create a reality as complicated as possible, chaotic to a certain extent and where we have to constantly deal with difficult or stressful situations in order to move forward through life and through the experiences we need to acquire in order to evolve.

As we have said, to this type of programs inserted in us to distort what we emit, we will call them, to understand each other, distorting programs, filter programs and “stop” programs. And they do just that, the first ones, distort the information we emit, so that if the content of your mental body is clean, positive and elevated, when the archiving program of the corresponding archetype collects it to emit it through the pineal gland, the distorting program turns it around or modifies it so that the “wave” does not come out so pure and so clean, so that you emit something not so aligned with what you could actually emit.

These programs are not aware of themselves, they act by levels of vibration, thus if the content of a person’s mental body has a high frequency and vibration, they reduce it to a certain level when projecting that content outward, so that, in general, everyone emits more or less on the same frequency and the world does not change too much because some have a higher emitting potential that could negatively influence the realities of the people with whom they interact.

Filtering what you do not want

Next, we have the “filter” programs, which what they do is filter, also again by frequency, contents that are not aligned with the paradigm inserted in the preconscious mental sphere, so that it cannot be altered as a whole, in any case, just with mere details. This is so because if a person were able to project an “idyllic” world for himself, he could alter the structures of the common reality since his personal reality would be obliged to show him in his day to day the “idyllic” content that is emitting. To prevent a person from emitting a very positive “mental movie” because its energy content is different from the rest, the filter programs block everything that, within the common paradigm to which the person contacts, does not let through anything that could really put it in danger.

Blocking what cannot be issued

Finally, what the “stop” programs do is to completely block the projection of everything that goes literally and radically against established systems and what people want to experience and manifest. Here we would find that if someone did not have restrictions on himself regarding the limitations of some physical laws, he could break them or manipulate them. This is not acceptable, so there are thousands of “stop” programs that constantly examine the content of the mental body and the programs of the mental spheres so that we do not issue anything that goes against the belief system established for all humanity and that it is located and protected within the collective unconscious. In this way, a global belief system that says we cannot go through walls or that we cannot manipulate this or that physical law is constantly being imbued and reinforced in us through the connection of our preconscious mind sphere with the collective unconscious, and our stop programs evaluate with respect to the information that is received what can be let through and what not, thus, unconsciously, no human being can, obviously, break the rules of the game regarding what is possible, true, correct and so on and how the planet’s reality and its energy structures work.

Eliminating and deprogramming limitations

To eliminate all this, the work goes through a myriad of requests to our being or Higher Self in different octaves, that is, in different processes, so that we can remove at all times that amount of stops, filters and distorters that allows us to deprogram a little, but without putting at risk the structure of our reality and our psyche. With this, the request that we will make is the following:

I request that filter programs, distorting programs and stop programs be eliminated, deleted and deprogrammed, as well as the elimination of implants and technological devices associated with them, which prevent me from projecting into my individual reality what I really want to co-create and that is aligned with my greater good. I request that I be deprogrammed in phases, allowing that when one of them is completed, the entire mental and cognitive system is readjusted to my new reality, without causing any problem damage or distortion in my structures and in my projection.

In this way, we will make this request to our Higher-Self regularly and we will ask about the % that has been completed. When we get to complete 100% of the first octave, then let it rest, and ask when it is appropriate to start the second round of deprogramming. And so on.

With this we are going to get fewer filters, less stops and less distorters to act on us, but beware, the only thing that happens is that what we emit finds fewer problems to be co-created, not that suddenly we emit something idyllic or tremendously positive when we remove those programs, because that will depend on what each one carries on their backs in their mental body. If this is not clean of fears, limiting beliefs, negative mental forms, etc., we have not gained much, simply, all these mental packages are still there and our pineal gland and the data recovery processes of the mental spheres are still using them to project individual reality.

Therefore, while we remove what distorts what we emit, we must continue to heal, clean and eliminate everything that limits us, blocks and “dirties” our mental body and then with a clean and healthy mental body, and without so many internal filters and distorters, and with the external holoquantic noise being canceled by the mechanisms of the previous article, then the processes of manifestation and creation of each one’s personal world will have another potential, frequency and capacity to provide us with an energetic framework for a reality much more in line with the frequency levels of the timeline 42, within which we keep trying to climb to the highest levels of it.

A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given transients.info direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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