Now that we have learned how to perceive the most important octaves in our reality and that we have begun to emit those that are priorities for our growth and evolution in another frequency, and with other codes of highest priority in a way that they cannot be manipulated or modified, we have next the third aspect of this preparation so that, in time, we can begin to remove parts of the “veils” and programs that prevent us from seeing, in a completely safe and stable way, the “reality” that lies behind the “virtual reality” that we all project to everyone through the mechanisms of co-creation that we have by default.

A process without activating fears

This process that I am going to indicate and that I am guiding you to do does not have to frighten anyone, it is not about starting to see all the “aliens”, entities and players behind the scenes that govern and manipulate the world in which we are each day when we get up, that is precisely what we are going to avoid, since it is not about causing any “shock” to the personality or activating all the fears we have to know how is the “real” world that is hidden behind the scenery we perceive, but to learn, activate consciousness and begin to perceive, in a natural way, at the rhythm that each one considers appropriate, the way in which things work on our planet, and how others manipulate those same things to their whim. When one can perceive, understand and see for himself, there is no need to explain anything or convince you of anything, and no one will still have doubts that in this society in which we live, “nothing is real” and nothing is as they have told us.

Since the programming we have in many cases is stronger than the will of the soul to overcome this vision and ability to perceive the world “without virtual reality glasses” in between, it is necessary to dismantle the internal systems that prevent us from this vision and compression in a forced way, but harmoniously and according to the evolutionary plan for each person, so that there is no doubt about how “that other reality” is, and we can handle it with the same tranquility with which we now accept the world of the five senses without asking too much if what they show us exists in truth or does not exist, is a projection, a manipulation or simply a hologram around us. Sometimes fiction exceeds what we believe is true and until we cannot see that supposed “fiction” by ourselves, we cannot realize that things work very differently than we had programmed that, supposedly, work.

Those of you who are worried or frightened by the possibility that this will change your paradigm forever and that if you do the proposed exercises or requests, your world can be turned upside down, should not have too much concern about it, because, as you can see, we always put the requests to be our Higher Self or our being (we will use both terms as synonyms) the ones that govern and control the guidelines, speeds and work rhythm of everything proposed. No one will be exposed to the “real” world without first being prepared for it, in the same way that, symbolically, in the movie “Matrix”, no one was disconnected if he was not ready, his mind, to be exposed to what lies behind the “holographic” reality in which we exist.

Hoping to have calmed the emotional mechanisms and parts of the personality that may have been altered by the possibility of suffering some kind of panic, shock or emotional shock, we go to the next point of our work.

Antennas that emit distortion

As we have said, we have learned how to recognize the states of the important octaves by asking for signals or talking to our Higher-Selves, then we have started to project the octaves with the evolutionary and learning content to a zone of noninterference, and now we will learn to work with the forces of our environment so that the rest of the interferences that, in a massive way, are projected against us from physical and etheric elements, that is, from tangible elements that incorporate “hidden antennas” of holoquantic radiation towards all human beings to interfere with their processes of co-creation of reality, to etheric elements that manipulate the common substrate where these projections take place. This issue is related to other article in which we had commented a few months ago about how to activate certain energies of distraction and confusion when we start doing something that is important but could go against what is appropriate for the system.

We go with the first and go into detail. So that the projection from the pineal of each person with the content of their mental body can be distorted not only in origin, that is, ensuring that each person emits a diffused content, as negative and distorted as possible and according to the programs that we they maintain under manipulation and control, another element was added to the “physical” reality in the form of small “holoquantic” antennas that are located throughout the planet in a multitude of apparatuses and physical elements that are part of our day to day life.

From urban furniture to household appliances, whether their own manufacturers know or not, some of their electronic components are imbued with series of emitters similar to our pineal gland that constantly emits “holoquantic” pulses in the same frequencies that our pineal gland emits, so that, everywhere, and constantly, a source of noise and distortion is added to the “energetic soup” where all the projections of all human beings go.

Before continuing, to avoid that all the caps and alarms of the personality jump, it would be convenient for your tranquility to consult with your Higher-Self if this information is correct, that is, to avoid that the programs of “I do not believe it, it is pure science fiction” take control in these moments, you need to make a check in the form of a question to your Higher-Self or by requesting some type of signal: “is it correct that there are holoquantic or similar emitters that generate distortions in the common reality and are they embedded in physical and non-physical elements of my reality?”

From here, hoping that you have received the correct answer without manipulation or distortion, I trust that the egoic mind accepts the rest of the data packages without blocking them.

A noise insertion mechanism

Well, since the power to manipulate and co-create the reality of the human being is much greater than we believe and because it is certainly feared that we can reverse “the world in which we live” if we change the content of what we emit and that it makes the world be “as we think it is”, they had to spread throughout the planet, at all times, a signal of “holoquantic noise” that would alter most, if not all, the projections of people enough to always maintain the resulting reality under control. This is equivalent to the fact that everyone is emitting songs each in their projection frequency, and that micro emitting antennas everywhere generate noise to interfere with the songs. As you can imagine, the result is not at all like a harmonic song or pleasant to listen to but pure annoying noise overlaid with notes here and there that produce a completely inharmonic or altered result in the world in which we live.

How do we avoid the noise then? We would have to turn off all the sources of it, which is difficult for us because there are technological and electronic systems imbued in most of the devices we own, starting with mobiles, televisions and ending with street lamps, in addition to the etheric emitters that are outside the physical plane, and that emit with the same type of component. Since we cannot eliminate them physically, we can inhibit them energetically. You already know that a signal is canceled with another signal of opposite frequency, something like the inhibitors of signals that are put in some places to avoid that someone can use a telephone inside a room. We are then going to incorporate into ourselves a frequency emission that cancels the same frequencies that are trying to distort our reality.

For this, we do not have to do anything other than ask our Higher-Self to start emitting, from ourselves, from our mental body and through our pineal gland, an energetic “beep” tuned to the frequency of the physical and etheric devices that are everywhere around us. It does not alter or damage any device, it only cancels them, by superimposing the waves emitted by these systems, allowing us then with our “waves” with the content present in our mental body and with the codes and frequencies that we have introduced in the previous article, to go to the common substrate allowing the co-creation of that “virtual reality” without distortions.

For this, the request is as follows:

I request that an emission mechanism be inserted into my mental body and through my pineal gland to cancel the waves of distortion and holoquantic noise present around me, at all times, and wherever I am, so that I am constantly canceling the noise energetic projected by the physical and etheric elements present near me, that cancel, distort and manipulate the content of what I project as my particular reality. I request that this mechanism be placed under the control of my Higher-Self so that it cannot be interfered with, blocked or inhibited and that it is constantly in operation to assist me and those with whom I share part of my reality, to inhibit the manipulation mechanisms inserted and present in the physical and etheric elements that surround me. Thank you.

Needless to say that this knowledge is something quite forbidden, which is something that can bring us certain repercussions in the form of energetic attacks, personally only the fact of publishing it is generating them for me, but it is better that it be so and that despite some discomfort that will be temporary, we begin to dismantle the system under which we live completely eliminating its first element, the manipulation of reality, and, from here, dismantling ourselves to be at the same level as those who control it and distort it at will.

A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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