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David Topi Answers Your Questions — Answers #2

We continue with another delivery of answers to the questions that you have sent me.

120 How does the “mental screen” works that allows us to visualize images in our mind, whether internal to our own body or energy system or external captured by our senses or extra physical capabilities?

The possibility of seeing mental images in our psyche is a function imbued in our DNA and mental spheres as “software” that allows us to show “internally” the data packages collected by the extra physical senses both from within the energetic structure of the being human as well as outside. The pituitary gland is in charge of making the internal projection work through the connection with programs of the different mental spheres. Just as the pineal gland acts as an external projector of reality, emitting the “holoquantic waves” that create the “outer” world, the pituitary collects all the data packages that reach the chakras, the control centers, the subtle bodies, etc., and if the person wishes to perceive and “see” in his mind that he is being picked up by his receptors and tuners, it is this gland in his etheric and mental counterpart that executes the projection process that we see as mental images when closing the eyes. In this way, we can scan internally, see the blockages and energetic state of our subtle bodies, detect what we carry on our backs at the level of entities and parasites, see what we have around us that physical eyes do not capture, etc., since any energy package that comes from our system and structure, or comes from abroad and that is captured and received can be transferred, and in fact it is, to this system of internal projection that, without becoming a clairvoyant function, has others mechanisms and associated programs, allows us to have an “inner” and “mental” vision of everything that moves in and around us, even in the distance and through space-time, because we are not restricted capturing information from other places and other epochs, realities or dimensions by this mechanism.

121 What generates the coupling to implants that are like negative energy magnets towards you and that connect to all the chakras, ending in the reproductive organs and blocking all the energy of the chakra system? Is it possible to protect from this? Because you have a terrible time. I am clear that the ideal is to be energetically strong, making periodic healings. But these things take you by surprise and leave you floored. Is there some kind of specific entity that implements that? Any pattern of behavior or emotion that predisposes you to it? Thank you.

All the devices that we call “etheric implants” are inserted and placed by different types of entities that work mainly, or are under the hierarchy of the main races that govern the power systems on the planet. One of the races that is most used to execute this type of insertion of implants and devices, which are technological elements, but outside the vibration and frequency of the physical body, and therefore do not appear in any type of scanner, X-rays or similar, is the race that we call mantis, because by the configuration of their “hands” they have facility to place this type of elements in us. In any case, most entities can and usually do following certain orders of their superior hierarchies, which are the ones that usually monitor human beings according to their codes and according to their category of “dangerousness,” as we have explained on other occasions. These etheric devices, not physical or solid, can be installed in any part of the energy system that we have, depending on what you want to block in the person. In my case, for example, it is a constant struggle to clean my vocal cords, fifth chakra, throat, etc., before the courses and conferences, because they try to leave me hoarse with this type of devices inserted in the physical-energetic body and in the etheric body so that I cannot speak or do it with much difficulty. In general, there is no rule of who is implanted what or how to defend against it, because, as you say, not having the ability to perceive those who put them (as animals cannot defend our chips and implants), it is difficult for us to fight to prevent their installation, and only afterwards, when we have detected them, can we remove them. But it is true that a high frequency level, a high vibration and a healthy energy system make things more difficult, because in most cases, these technological elements take advantage of our weakest and most negative points, amplifying those emotions and dense mental forms, plugging energy flows in meridians and channels system, blocking or manipulating certain organs at the etheric level that at some point ends up affecting the physical body, etc.

122 Hi David, thank you for this exercise. I have a doubt that has been emerging for some time: the Higher-Self or Being is infinite, perfect, eternal, timeless, etc. Why then do you need to connect to avatars on this plane? Does it need “experiences,” “human experiences”? Why does the “source” need to experience creation through avatars? Also, if the vast majority is not consciously connected to the Higher-Self, how does it experience? Could he “incarnate” and do it like us to make it “real”?

We have already touched this topic in previous questions. The Higher-Self is timeless and dimensionless, but, in a certain way, it is the vehicle through which the “Source” experiences itself. The way to experience the Creation is through multiple experiences, for this, the connection with all the planes in which that experience is present is necessary. Since from a timeless and dimensionless point of view or existence you cannot experience the physical plane, which is still another of the multiple levels of Creation, there are avatars, we at a human level, so that you can “play” in this level and create, learn, advance, explore, modify, manipulate, everything that life and its processes offer us. If the physical plane did not exist and all the Creation was given only at the highest levels of the structure of the same, it would not be necessary that the being or the Higher-Self had “avatars,” forms of life like ours for it, because experimentation of life and consciousness would be done only at those levels. But because the most “elevated” part of the human being remains at these “high” levels, it projects and interacts with the rest of the levels and planes through a complex structure of subtle systems and bodies. This way, the “Source” experiences and enjoys the life and opportunities of the physical plane through the physical body, ours and all races that exist; experience and enjoy the opportunities of life on the etheric plane through all the etheric bodies of all races that exist and beings that inhabit the etheric plane; experience and enjoy the Creation of everything that happens in the astral substrate, in the mental plane, etc., through the mental bodies and all other forms of life that exist in those planes. This way, everything is in continuous learning, change, evolution, growth, experimentation, living, exploring, “playing,” trying what can be done and what cannot be done within that Creation. It is somewhat complicated to understand for the human personality, but, in some way, being all part of the “ALL,” it is always that “ALL” that seeks to prove and live itself at every instant and moment of its eternal existence.

123 When someone practices or performs what are called astral travels or projections outside the body, why is reality perceived differently than it is on the physical plane? What is being projected, where and in what way? Thank you.

The structure of the different planes that make up the planet’s energy system has multiple sublevels and each sublevel is somewhat different from the lower and upper levels. While the “solid” and tangible plane to the senses has for us a form, structure and characteristics, at the moment in which you project and already attune with any of the other sublevels even within the same physical plane, the shape of the reality and what is perceived is different. A house, for example, a room where those who know the techniques of projection can be practicing, has a disposition and structure determined in the solid plane, the 1.1 plane, if we take as reference the physical level as the first and, of its seven sub-levels, 1.1 as the most physical level within the physical plane. In the sublevel or plane 1.2 things already change a little, so, the structure of that room would be almost identical but the projector may perceive some furniture out of place, or that now they are not, but they were, since this plane would show the structure of the room possibly as it was previously and whose energy changes have been consolidated. This means that the layout and situation of that room in the 1.1 plane as it is now will be reflected in the 1.2 plane in a few months and, if you change a room bed today, possibly at an energetic level until sometime later the “energetic” room does not fully consolidate that new change. Therefore, whoever is already projected in the upper sublevels of the physical plane does not perceive or see the same reality that he sees when he is awake in his day to day because the structure of the physical plane also changes in each sublevel. In the 1.3 plane for example, the house or the room would be perceived as it was years ago, in the 1.4 plane that house would not practically be recognized or even if there were other buildings centuries ago that is the structure that would still prevail in view of the projector, etc.

Then, if the person is projecting himself to the etheric plane, he would see only energetic structures without great details and without too much similarity with the physical environment he knows. The etheric plane contains all the beams, structures, scaffolds and systems that keep physical reality standing and, therefore, its perception at the clairvoyant level or at the level of astral projection does not give us many clues as to which part of the physical plane it may be making reference to “that” what we perceive. If we go up to project in the astral substrate, it is completely another structure, other “worlds,” other planes, and the same in the mental plane. This way, when someone wants to visit someone in astral projection, and tries to be guided by what he knows of his physical plane, he cannot do it easily, because only “traveling” flush with plane 1.1, that is, the closest at the solid level of the senses it would have some known reference. In the projection in the 1.2 plane would see things that do not fit and disorient more the higher “up” within the structure of the planet. Thus, in most cases, it does not work to leave elements in your physical room to see if you can see them at night, or to put messages on a physical paper to try to read them at the level of astral projection, since the plane from where the projector tries to “read” or perceive what he has placed in its solid reality is out of phase and is not configured the same.

Finally, what is projected is the consciousness of the person, from the sphere of consciousness, together with a part of his mental body and part of the energy of the lower bodies, the emotional and sometimes the etheric. Depending on the type of energies that the person’s consciousness uses to project himself he will have more “charge” to stay closer to the physical plane or may project himself to higher levels if he does so only from the mental body.

124 Thanks David. I wanted to ask you about negative energy networks: do we create them with the energy that we already emit, or do they cause us the negative program by being stuck in them? That is, what comes before, the hitch or the program? Thank you.

No, negative energy networks are created “technologically” and placed on the physical-energetic framework of the planet to absorb, concentrate, direct or project energy from human beings anchored and connected to them for the purposes of the control system. Due to this constant absorption of our energy a few months ago we published an article about how to stop being batteries for the system. Then, depending on the point of connection to the network that the person has in their energy system, different programs, emotional or mental forms can be activated by resonance with it, so they are blockages and energies already present in the person that are “removed” and reactivated by tuning in and resonating with the networks that exist everywhere on us.

125 Although the planet, in general, continues “as always” at the level of events, conflicts and fights between groups and countries and so on, it seems that nothing too “fat” is brewing as we thought it could happen. Are things being restrained somehow to avoid going mad on line 33 at the physical level with some kind of “non-physical” intervention?

As long as the open temporary line step is maintained, as we have explained in previous questions and articles, “content” will be maintained by the different groups and beings that assist the planet, and to us in this change of evolutionary level, the attempts to “go upside down” in the physical reality through more conflicts, events and all kinds of situations that could damage the work of line crossing for those who are in the process of moving to 42. When, if that time comes, it may be decided, because it looks that it is impossible that anybody else can move, then possibly, just possibly, ceasing stopping all these movements and attempts by the circles of power that govern our system of life on Earth and, from here, once those in the 42 are “safe,” the consequences of the free will of the actions of those in the 33 will be allowed to follow their course whatever they are.

126 How to awaken the strands of DNA that we have asleep? How to awaken all that sleep potential? Thank you.

The activation of the potential and capabilities present in the human being in its DNA involves the elimination of different components, implants, inhibitors and programs that block the implementation of the different abilities and potentials that we have. It is necessary to work both in the DNA, as in the mental spheres where the programs that manage those capacities are located, as in the behavioral pattern where other stops and blocks are located in the so-called “superman runes,” etc. In addition, we must eliminate the fears, belief systems and programs that prevent us from being aware of those skills, that we become aware of what we do not see now and that the fears disappear to see and interact with what we do not do now. In general, no Higher Self activates abilities beyond the level of consciousness that the avatar’s personality has to manage and use them properly, since it can represent to the personality more of an inconvenience than an advantage to launch huge potentials for those who are not prepared or understood or know how to manage. Even so, the evolutionary path of each person is ready so that we can all make use of that enormous repository of tools that we have imbued in our DNA as we progress in awareness and understanding of them.

A hug,

David Topí


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