Introduction and Few information to Begin With

The Context Around this Event

Mont Saint Aignan, France, September 26, 2018, 7pm

A UFO encounter with extraterrestrial beings from Andromeda is for sure a new page in my life path. I was out of my gym club, on my way to reach my car, but that day I parked it in another parking than the usual one, and I was guided to take another way to reach my car. My friend who was with me forgot that she parked her car in another place too ! So these were not coincidences. While walking on an alley I rarely take to go to that parking, I saw a huge black circle in the sky just in front of me, standing over the trees and the houses. It was not moving at all, as if there was a black spot in the sky.

I was wondering what it was when I saw another circle inside and up of it and which looked like a door or a gate, like those we see in submarine ships. Then I saw a white spaceship passing near, facing the black circle, turning around and then, once behind, disappearing in the evening sky.

The black circle was not moving, and I realized that it was a UFO which was a station to many other UFO’s, like the white spaceship I saw entering it from behind.

This was my first UFO encounter in this realm.

I have talked about my astral travels and some of them took place in Pleaidian Starships like in this one

I know this may sound weird to many who are not open to such events. But It was true and when I reflected back to the way things happened that day, and what I am through since the beginning of this year, I understood that it was the beginning of a new journey.

My first extraterrestrial contact is Julian, a being of light from Sirius. I already posted two of the conversations we had.

Here are the links to these conversations

Many more are coming as I will keep you updated with the knowledge that is given to me from this connection.

First Researches and Hypothesis

I sent the video to a friend of mine to see what he would say about it.

John Melendez said : It looks like a Serpolian ship.
A Serpolian ET race from Serpo. Jay Essex talks about them as “ Serpolian angels”.

Then another friend from Facebook confirmed that they were a race from Zeta Reticulum and said that “they were Zeta not Seprolians as the last term comes from Project Serpo and Zeta from Zeta Reticulis.

I had very few information on the internet about this race. But it sounds like these are very good allies to humans and many light workers on earth. It sounded also that there were other dangerous species in Zeta Reticulis.
But my intuition was not really matching with these answers. I felt it was another planet or galaxie. I waited for an answer from those who actually came to contact me.

So after all this I finally understood I was involved in a communication process with some extraterrestrial beings, but actually they were not from Zeta.

Many signs of them as beings of light have been given to me during the last months, and especially days before I see the UFO.

They Were Preparing Me

We are involved in a big huge energetic shift that many call The Event and which will happen according to many on October 2018. For me, it is a big wave of light that will help us make a big quantum jump into our multidimensionality.

“We are preparing you !”

This affirmation came in my head while meditating on Thursday 27, in the morning few hours after I came back from an astral projection, during the night on 26-27 September 2018, to The Hill of Crystals where I met these beings and who appeared to me in the shape of light bodies.

They reminded me instantly of the light key codes I was having in my home, as I was channeling their messages and posting most of them on my FB pages. Their light is spreading in my home and I feel a connection with them.

Here in this gallery you can see the first Light Ship I saw in my room on August 2018, then the Andromeda being on my wall on September 26, and the huge hand of healing on my bedroom wall just over my bed. Also some of the other amazing starlights coming from many star-systems.

Columns and other Shapes of Light

1-Prelude to a Greater Purpose

I felt that I needed to write all this down because it is part of my awakening journey that is leading me to more and more everyday. Many surprises are part of this experience.

During our awakening process, we all have some weird experiences.
I am saying this because they are fundamentally unusual and strictly personal.

We don’t deal with the same things we have been dealing with before that time, as our awakening process brings more and more light in our bodies and then we have these « weird » experiences.

First Signs of my Awakening

Few years before I received my Reconnection from a RH practitioner who also is my friend, I began seeing a white light flowing around me and then it was filled with tiny dancing particles of silver lights and filaments of white lights glowing in the space where I was.

My right hand and my entire arm were dizzy every morning when I woke up. I could barely move my fingers. This began late on 1999 when my son was born.

My way to adjust was to close my hands until I feel them again. This is what I do today also when I receive downloads of energy during some energy shifting periods.

Now I also use quartz crystal because it harmonizes the flow of energy in my body and I feel like I can handle it more.

This was an inner progressive guidance I was receiving since 2011 and I feel may be before back on 1999…

The Walk-In Soul

On January 2007, I had an amazing encounter with a soul during an astral travel that happened early in the morning, and which will become my new soul.

I learned only on 2017 what it was to be a walk-in ! It made me think of that previous experience when I received this new soul in me and the old one began its travel back to the spirit world.

A Big Transformational Journey

During that period I was also experiencing a big change in my personal and professional life. I was a French teacher and I was upset with the job I was doing with the kids, who were violent and very agressive.

I was holding a doctorate in Language Sciences since October 2006 looking for a lectureship at a university in France, and it took me 10 years to be qualified by a bunch of monsters who were denying all the scientific articles and books I have been publishing from 2006 to 2016.

This Council is what we call the CNU in France “Conseil National des Universités” The Universities National Council composed of very harsh and competitive persons who have sovereignty in their decisions.

 I can say today that I realized randomly that it was not my path Or the path I had to follow as it was definitely closed. Actually after receiving my qualification to a lectureship, I could not get any job in any university in France and outside.

“No ! You have to do another job on this planet !” I heard. Wait and see…

So I said talking with my higher self: That’s okay with another struggle ! I am in anyway. I am playing another game with the universe and will see what would come out of it…

I spent nearly more than 10 years to understand that I was a healer and a spiritual teacher. All the academic trainings, publications and education I had, were only prepared me to that mission.

But it was like walking on wires. I had to work on myself to admit that it was my real mission and that I had to struggle a bit more.

A New Shift in Consciousness

On September 2013, I received my Reconnection and it was a prelude to a huge fast awakening process.

My ascension was unexpected. I had my kundalini activation few times later and I saw portals opening in my life. I was feeling the energy in my hands and body especially my right hand that swell three days after my Reconnection when I was driving my car.

Before meeting my friend who gave me my reconnection, I have never heard about energy healing or anything like this. I always was spiritual but not religious. I stopped believing in religion when I was 17 years old.

So it was actually a big thing that was happening to me, and I began seeing those divine flames floating around me during my daily karma cleansing ritual I began doing on 2013. I was seeing the astral planes while meditating with open eyes.

Each time I was seeing new energies around me I felt fear, but now I know that it is part of my personal awakening process.

5th Reconnection Anniversary

This UFO encounter on September 2018 is new for me, but it is also related to the process I have been in, in reconnecting with my soul and my star system origins and family.

I felt as if they came to me to manifest their support at my 5th Reconnection Anniversary. I still think it was the first purpose. The previous 5 years and more were a huge and big shift in consciousness for me.

I was able to know by myself from where I was at first creation, and where I have been incarnating each time.

I began travelling time and space bringing back information from other dimensions and planes. I visited some planets like Mars and Sirius, Lyra and Orion, New Atlantis and the Pleiades clusters.

I was able to channel the voices of the universe about a month after my Reconnection. I never did any training for that, and also I was able to heal with the RH frequencies from the first days I received my full Reconnection.

I could activate them, play with them, and use them intuitively to heal my son and daughter and myself. I could give distance healings too very soon and it was working. I never did such things before ! Some friends and people who came to me for healing were feeling the energy.

This happened before I attend Eric Pearl’s Seminar in Paris on 2014. I remember during the Level I/II seminar I was the only one to go further in distance during the training on distance healing. The person who was on the massage table was surprised by the energy I was sending at that time.

Julian and the Strange Light shapes in my Home

Julian my contact from Sirius B, showed up just behind me in my car on July 2018, when I was out of the gym too. It sounds like a place they love meeting me. I posted the picture here in the article above.

I became able to see many incarnations in Vega, Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, Lyra, Arcturus and Andromeda. And can also access some akashic records. These abilities were given to me without me doing any previous work with a practitioner.

Since August and September 2018, I was witnessing strange shapes of light in my home, especially in two place : my living-room and my bedroom. Many may say « Oh ! these are common light shapes reflecting on your walls from the sun light ! »

I am not sure this would be the correct answer because they were actually reflected from the Central Sun, but in a very strange way as I have been guided telepathically to pay attention to them nearly everyday, with the main idea that they hold messages from The Light itself.

They also hold star key codes as I was the only one to decipher them and post them on my Facebook pages ! I did as I had from time to time when I heard the messages in the galactic starlight language it was coming from.

I am also an astral traveller and have been in contact with many beings from some Pleiadian, Sirian and Orion beings. I related to these encounters in previous articles.

I can say now that these signs were a prelude to the encounter I had on September 26, 2018.


It was standing in the middle of the blue sky and it was not moving. When first I saw it, I was wondering what it was. Then I saw that white other spaceship coming around and suddenly disappearing behind. I realized I was witnessing a UFO for real not like those I have been in during my astral travels in the Pleiades and Sirius. It was a real touchable one in my current reality, that day, at that time and just facing me while in my human physical vessel. This was really so surprising for me.

They were from Andromeda and they are beings of light at their essence.

Encountering the Beings During an Out of Body Experience 

26-27 September 2018

The Light Ship

What happened next was an astral projection during my sleep time that day in their ship. It was a light ship. Different from the one I saw on 3D/4D. It was as if I was walking in a big crystal tunnel which was the portal I was invited to enter from.

Then I was held in a white space where I was standing in the void receiving light codes in all my body. It was buzzing and hot. As if I was crossed by a wire or a fire.

During this experience I was in between two dimensions and was conscious of myself being there and laying on my bed. My third eye was wide open and a white light was flowing like a flash on my front and my head.

The beings were about 6 individuals with high crowns and rainbow lights smiling with glowing eyes. As they were around me I heard them speaking in me in a galactic language.

The voices were solennel and echoing in my body. It was as if they were sending specific light codes in me using their own language.

It was very beautiful and intense energy.

Once fully back from there, I was unable to move for a while. I waited for at least an hour before being able to move my body and stand up.

I understood that I have probably received something from them. Then the light codes were showing up more and more in my home, my walls in my bedroom and living room for most of it.

I also began realizing what I have been through this since July 2018, and even before when I was sent in Pleiadian ships sometimes or on Sirius and Orion during some battles to rescue souls.

Some Messages from Deep Space

I received some messages from these beings through the light shapes that were shown up in my home so here they are with the pictures of the shapes

« You are all receiving tiny particles of crystals in your hearts and whole bodies…(First Image)

We are not so far from where you are ! We are a team of light beings coming from so far anyway…(Second Image)

From 30.000 light years far from you. (Third Image)

This place is where you belong »(Fourth Image)

October 18, 2018

Each part of any shape holds a language that is coded in light particles. When repeating the message like a mantra, anyone can download the light codes and it takes time to adjust with them.

I had so many like these and the work is still on in my whole bodies.

October 21, 2018

Lim Timah Lum twinlim
Limahlum twinlim
Tuwah twinlim
Twinlimah tuwahliminh
Twinlim twintah
Tuwah twinlim’tiflinmah’
Tahawillmah’ NU
Tahawil timah LU
Twinlak timah LUNU
Starlight message and starlight key codes activation from :Pleiades, Orion, Vega

“The Gate to the Central Sun
You have been here
You have been part of this world
Now you are carrying it beautiful !
You can reach the stars and the times of light codes
You are here where you belong
Take this light in your hands and spread it to the world
You are carrier of a new planetary journey
Into the new earth frequency
You are diving eager and unashamed
You are where you are
But most of it you are everywhere
Trust that”


October 5, 2018

“What you carry are lights from your stars
You came flowing through the gate of self love
Your light is shining brighter as you are stepping out of your old energies
Stars are your home
Stars your eyes
Stars your name
Stars you navigate through dimensions
Remember !
You came here as the first light from other worlds
Carrying their energy and knowledge
We are here to remind you to where you belong
Trust the light you feel and see!”

Lights received from Andromeda Sirius, New Atlantis in the Pleiades, Orion, Arcturus, and Connecting to a Tree.

To More Information about The Event

I am currently working on many but almost on these inspired by my out of body experiences and some of the current timelines and space lines I have crossed during the previous days.

There is no way to talk about timelines manipulations. Some have been removed from the Matrix by the way and replaced by new ones.
This work takes time

The human 3D condition and psychology is based on impatience
The higher we go and more we understand that some things and events take time to happen, some pains to heal, some projects to take place and be realized.

We are part of a greater reality based on parallel worlds with different frequencies timelines and space lines
What is happening in one of them is not currently happening here or there
We live in multiple times, lives and spaces

We have different situations, ages, behaviors in all of them.
We only need to relax here and see the biggest picture of ourselves and how we are now able to move beyond in the calmness of the soul, no chatters of the mind, leaving the ego being the love we are, so that we can open to the magic of transformation and rebirth.

The first two are cube-octahedrons in different ways

The third picture is the New Crystalline Grid

The third one is The Wave Tree of the Three waves

 I will talk more about these artworks im my next article about my recent out of body experiences. These are related to information I downloaded through my time and space travels during the previous months.

and check out my different contributions to helping for this shift as a volunteering.


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