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Summary: It’s been a wild ride of late, and you may have been riding high in many ways. You can gain much now from sliding back into a familiar resonance with reality. Take a moment to reflect and rebalance the flow of love with the flow of its real-world material revelations. Take time to rest now, so the full elegance and power of the plan can be appreciated.

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The Hierophant  — Ten of Pentacles (reversed) — Four of Swords

Pleiadian Tarot

FOUNDATION: The Hierophant

After the wild ride you’ve been on of late, the time has come to settle back into a familiar, if straightforward mode of activity. Take in what you’ve experienced and allow it to expand the reach of your mind to higher, more refined, more perfected levels of understanding. Moving back into what you might have once considered to be a rut now feels like the right thing to do. Indeed, circumstance seems to be pointing you in that direction. However, there’s a twist. What you’ve gained is tilting you in a new direction. What you’ve been praying for, hoping for, funneling your mental energies and pouring your heart into might at this moment still appear to be locked. But it’s present now, and within reach. Continue to seek balance in The Other, to find the key to equanimity in that which you cannot help but recognize as yourself. In no time, what’s now at a loggerheads will resolve, and you will have a clear opening into a well-guarded path of power and wisdom. For the moment, focus on now. You can gain greater freedom by maintaining your heart’s resonance. Soon enough, what’s waiting to move into your field of view will appear, a clear passage into a promised future.

 LODESTONE: Ten of Pentacles (reversed)

What you experience as a change in fortune, in this moment, is drawing your attention to the position of wealth in the bigger picture of your life. While you can surround yourself with the finer things in life, what’s at the core of your experience? Right now, it’s important to take a moment to re-frame your relationship with the flow of material goods and the means to come into the comforts of high living. Are you comfortable with your central position within the nucleus of the reaction that is fissioning into a potent and active experience of fortune? Truly, it is the heart where all wishes begin their journey into coming true. Evaluate the ways that current trends in your pocketbook are creating blocked flow and limiting the free circulation of emotional wealth. In balance with such barricades are wide-open spaces where more love is available. The promise of enrichment on its own without the stabilizing counterpart of riches of the heart may actually be keeping you from the full immersion into the essence of wealth. Rebalance the flow for the right reasons and your treasure will reveal itself without reservation.


What you can gain from inactivity hides its secret in a contemplative approach to the days ahead. A time for a natural inbreath in the activity of your life is just ahead. Prepare now and you’ll find that what you don’t yet know will gradually become sharp, clear, incisive understanding. Your mind has been working overtime. With many goals met, you can afford to take a pause to appreciate what you’ve done and what you’ve become. The main thrust of the plan yet needs time to fully develop. You can gain more by resting, relaxing, allowing yourself to undergo the process you’re entering now than you could by continuing to push yourself. The light of this new moment has yet to endow you with the full flush of life. Giving in to the natural change of gears by releasing the torque of your forward motion will end up moving you further along on a path that is, at this moment, partially known. Can you discern the excitement inherent in the potential? Pause, and see if you can, within.


“Old normality moves out of the way of new normality and what rearranges itself into dense matter, if seen by the monad, is a shimmering array of intention and remembrance. It is the Now which ever exists and ever changes, keeps making itself anew yet always knows it is OM. A density of censorious fear darkens your world at present, but will soon be lightened as the days draw lines of knowledge down from the akashic realm.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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