Internal Worlds and Inner Wisdom: A Hidden Knowledge from Sacred Geometry



From sacred geometry and a hidden knowledge, my artwork evolved through the years now. It has been 2 years since I began drawing Wave Trees. This name came while drawing the first one on April 2016. The more I was drawing and the more information has been coming through this intriguing but beautiful connection to the trees and Merlin’s energy.

This time, the Wave Tree is really amazing and I wanted to post an article to present it to the public and help with the current shift.

It is a message to the awakening souls from an artwork I have been doing for more than a week now. It is released today. There is a hidden knowledge in it. It is up to anyone to grab the energy that is flowing inside with inner guidance.

This Wave Tree is healing upgrading your DNA and helping your light body to stay tuned to Source’s energetic flow.

I was waiting for the message to come and I guess there are so many things to integrate with it.

So take your time and see what happens to you !

The Story Behind The Artwork

Sacred Geometry and star seeds sacred arts came to me from within myself. I was laying on my bed few times ago, and I astral projected to a world made of huge multicolored bubbles. They were enormous and they freaked me out at first. I was wondering where I was and what I have to do in this plane.

I realized it was a multidimensional plane and the bubbles were floating over me then around me in a very slow motion like heavy bubbles, doing bigger and little circles from time to time.

I floated in this place and was seeing green, purple, blue eyes smiling to me. They welcomed me in their multidimensional worlds.

I heard the name of the place and forgot it when back in my physical body, or let’s say my current reality +5-6 D is where I am now. Because even when I ma fully awake and doing things in my day to day life on earth, I am astral travelling. So if you meet me or feel me, or see me near you, this is not your imagination but a reality !

So here is the message sent by a bunch of Pleiadian light workers from New Atlantis, I have met on astral while projecting that day.

The Message of The Artwork

“Internal Worlds & Inner Wisdom/
Mondes Internes & Sagesse Intérieure

The gates to a multidimensional realm are inside you. Keep up the pace as you walk The Path of Divine Love Wisdom and Truth. It is your bridge to parallel worlds, you already visited in previous lives and incanations. Your soul knows about this Path, and it is guiding your steps to more knowledge.

Let this happen as it has to be.

Trust that your inner guidance is leading you to That Which you are meant to do and to acknowledge. Your light comes from many places around the universe, from up higher dimensions than you could imagine.

But this is not your imagination playing games with your intuition and instincts !

Your guidance is highly illuminating/illuminated ! Trust it ! Your inner worlds are as it is here in this work of sacred art, and knowledge you are discovering from within your core, up to a beautiful place where your heart shines so bright!

Hold on to this sacred space !
You are The Traveller of The Universe !”

Information about my Artwork

My Wave Trees hold the energy of earth trees as multidimensional beings. They are connected to the star systems from all planes and planets, and so they hold that energy too which is sacred, based on the sacred geometry knowledge. Self empowerment comes from this activity and from receiving the energy of the Wave Trees.

They are part of the hidden knowledge I sometimes come back with during my daily astral projections. The information is always stored within me and stays inside at a cellular level. Then it is released slowly in many ways and shapes and light codes with the messages I receive channelling highly evolved beings from other planets and star systems.

The hidden knowledge is part of what we are meant to receive and discover from our inner connection to Source. The more we are aligned to Source and the more clarity we become able to gain. Sacred geometry is an infinite space to discover how we came in this life and how we can improve our connection to higher self. It is the way we discover our own inner space and reach out the information stored in our souls.

From My Own Experience

This artwork is made of many circles, Vesica Pisces shapes and triangles. They are all portals to inner and outer worlds.

Vesica Pisces

Here are few links to some articles about these shapes

In the second link the author states “as quoted from Wayn B. Chandler’s book Ancient Future detailing the 7 ancient hermetic laws and their correlation to components that make up the Vesica Pisces, it is viewed as representing,”the fundamental energy which lies at the basis of all creation and without it nothing could be”. “To remove its energy from all forms and matter would bring the immediate disintegration of the universe.” It also states that this structure was thought to contain “everything in existence—whether past, present, or future…. all of our laws of biology and physics, as well as all languages current and obsolete, in short all of creation.””

“Many who study the structure of this geometic shape believe that it has a correspondence to dark energy/dark matter as well as the photon (in the electro-magnetic spectrum of light) and this having a correlation to the very beginning of the Book of Genesis, specifically the verse regarding a void [vacuum] and darkness upon the face of the deep and the making of light.  In some circles the above is thought of as the beginning of consciousness [the Creator’s] existing inside the first sphere and its movement to the outside of that sphere to create the second sphere which would be idealized as consciousness’s first matter.” 

The Circles and Triangles and May be More… 

This artwork is related to the history of humanity and the way we are connected to Source’s energy. The more circles and bubbles we create with our thoughts, the more worlds we also create and fill with our hearts and souls’ energy.

This connection is guided and perceived as part of a whole work that all star seeds are doing now to help humanity reconnect to their ancient and inner wisdom and truth.

I feel proud and happy to bring back this knowledge now with its colors, light and energy.

The circle in sacred geometry, symbolises wholeness and represents one of the most profound and ancient shapes. It mirrors the universe in its wholeness and is the origin of all things. Its core or center is the holy self, that inner place from where all begins and all is. It is the universe at a multidimensional level.

Below a very interesting article about the sacred circle


Made of three lines they are very powerful tool to connect to Source and to the quantum field. Their energy flows in infinity and is made of 333, 666, 999 which are the most powerful numbers when they double or triple and more, they hold a sacred energy that may unfold progressively in each soul with time and devotion to our sacred spaces.

Here are two links about the symbolism of the triangle and other sacred geometry shapes

In my artwork, triangles hold the vibration of all circles included in this multidimensional space, which is the energy of the new earth as we can feel it now.

we are becoming more and more perceptive now as the crystalline earth is also growing in us.

This multidimensional world is made of crystalline energy and frequency and may help you integrate the new human DNA upgrades we are adjusting with now.

I felt guided to release this work to the public to help those who want to receive DNA upgrades and evolve at a spiritual level. If some need my help, then we can schedule a healing session for this purpose.

My mission is to spread this light during the current shift and to bring more love and blessings through the heart of Gaia. That’s why I am always hanging around trees and in the forests here where I a now.


As you walk this new path of love and sacred light, you feel that it is all within you. Everything comes from within the core of Gaia too as humanity is part of this plane. When you stay open to what comes from within yourselves, you integrate a hidden knowledge and a wisdom you never thought it existed before. Your awakening process leads you to make some changes in your life because actually you are upgrading at a DNA level. This means at a core level. So you may feel you had a leap of time, an energy download, an astral travel to far away lands. Al this may happen to you and more as you enter this artwork which is a mysterious multidimensional plane with bridges and worlds to a highly vibrational state.

Blessings to all

Here is my video on my youtube channel about some tips to begin with astral projection. I am on my way to post another one soon and will keep you informed.

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