Everything that must be taken into account on the change of temporary line


As we mentioned in the previous article, it is good news that more people are doing the line change work due to their own effort, willingness and desire to change. This effort and this internal work, for each one, will be tremendously rewarded at the moment in which we manage to separate ourselves 100% from the attacks of the reality of line 33. So, for all those who are still in the process, or for all those who keep doing the exercises of deprogramming and line change, before continuing with new explanations of other topics that we have to touch, I summarize all the work that is published on the blog from last year so we can return to have the perspective of the situation in which we find ourselves and what needs to be done, especially for those who start now.

In general terms, the summary of everything published from approximately January 2017 until now is limited to:

1) Understand the concept of what are the two time lines, why there are two time lines, where the time lines take us and why it is necessary to go from the “negative” line of current reality to the “positive” line of evolutionary change. You have articles that start to talk about what are the timelines since 2014 in the blog archives for those who do not see clearly what this means about going through the timeline, what they are, how they work and why it is necessary to be connected to the highest of them.

2) Understand the concept of how to move from a temporal line. A timeline is an “energy stream” to which you tune as you tune the dial of a radio. All the individual and planetary macro reality is sustained in events that “run” through the temporal lines from the causal and mental structure of the planet, descending to the etheric structure and then manifesting at a physical level. It is necessary to understand that nothing happens at the physical level, nothing at all, if it is not first born as an idea, archetype or concept in the causal and mental plane, then it takes form at the level of structure and is consolidated in the etheric plane and then appears and manifests in the “solid” world of the senses. Those whose energy system is tuned to the energetic currents of the timeline 33 will live, tune and will be manifesting events of the same vibration of that line (dense, chaotic and negative in their day to day and in their particular reality). People that are tuned to the timeline 42, will attract, manifest and be involved in events, situations and energy streams more positive, elevated and aligned with a process of change of level of consciousness that is taking place at the planetary level.

3) Understand the steps and processes that must be executed in order to change the structure of your energy system from one line to another. The particles of each one of the bodies that compose us (from the soul, to the causal, mental, emotional, etheric and physical-energetic) have a vibration that resonates either with a temporal line or with another. Therefore, the vibration and individual resonance frequency of each subtle body must be changed in order to be anchored to the highest line. This is done by deprogramming, healing and rising body to body from the 33 to the 42. The exercises and explanations published in the blog archive will guide in the order in which they are published for it.

4) Since the timeline 42 does not have structure as such, it can be roughly divided into 21 sub-levels, three octaves of 7 levels, so that we can work with them. It is a way of being able to tune the different vibration gradients that the line has. Working with the structure of 21 sublevels we can confirm with our Higher-Self at all times in which sublevel is each of our bodies, because while the soul can be in 18, the causal can be in 12 and emotional in 6, with which each body must be worked separately.

5) It is necessary monitoring with your Higher-Self the state of those bodies and processes. For those who know and can, the tools are multiple: pendulum, channeling, meditation, automatic writing, etc. For those who do not know how to communicate with their Higher-Selves directly, they can ask for signals and synchronicities in their “tangible” life, like, “if my causal body is on line 42 I request to see such an object in my reality…” Or confirmations like, “If it is correct that I already have my mental body (or whatever it is) on level X of line 42, I request to see such object in my reality…”

6) We must be aware of how planetary reality affects us. The circles of power that govern the life system on Earth are very real and powerful. They are not mere imaginations of a few conspiracies minded who believe that aliens govern us. This planet is governed by different groups of “people” that go back to the time of the creation of the human race by other races and that have never stopped doing so. They have control of all areas of the life system on Earth and, therefore, manage and control everything that happens at the political, social, economic, etc., etc. level through a very complex system and a network that has many tentacles, that is, they reach everywhere. This makes them have the power to shake us all by mounting conflicts, events and situations that constantly diminish the frequency and vibrational state of the human being, making it easier to go down again to the frequency and energies of line 33.

7) To reduce that we can get out of realities associated with the timeline 42, we must finish executing all the protection processes explained in the blog: from the total deprogramming of the different routines that we have explained, to the blocking of the point of anchoring, of the subtle bodies so that they cannot go down and of the creation of scaffolds to subject us to the sublevel 15 of the line 42. Without all this completed, they can manage minimum alterations in the world we live and we will fall in a “dense and negative” frequency and energy and will be available to those who seek to avoid and block any evolutionary step and level change.

8) The change of evolutionary level is real, it is not a fantasy, it is not a utopia nor it is a dream of a few illuminated. There is a new structure that is being created superimposed on the current causal, mental and etheric structure. This new structure we have called the “matrix 15.6hz” for its base frequency of vibration, as opposed to the current planetary structure that has always had a vibration of 7.8Hz, hence the name “matrix 7.8hz.” The new structure is 100% ready except on the physical plane that is not “manifested” yet and which is estimated to be ready in about 20 years. There are intermediate solutions that may be launched and announced beforehand to get prepared people in waves towards that “new Earth” before that time, due to the difficulty and obstacles of the life system on Earth to allow the natural evolutionary process that the planet and humanity have to do. If that happens, it is possible that people in the higher levels of line 42, can “transfer” to the “new Earth” much earlier in a first wave, and in life, but we will see.

9) The main premise imposed by the planetary logos and the forces that assist it is not to affect, or affect as little as possible, people who are not ready for change. Therefore, there won’t be macro event that turns upside down anything that affects the 33, only those in the 42 will receive the shocks of consciousness, energy, changes and live the necessary situations to prepare for what has to come in the next years. Therefore, nothing will happen for line 33 and the separation work will be done discreetly. The people in the 42 will move away from places, people, situations and events that do not resonate with their new reality without making noise, quietly, as if life taking them away from what is no longer aligned with them and that will facilitate for them to be assisted much more by their Higher-Selves to prepare them for the change without external interference. Again, the rest of the planet does not have to notice anything strange and the situation will continue as it has been on line 33, which is shared by almost 95% of the population. The work from now on will be more individual with each person who is in the 42, so they will see in their lives how their higher-Selves puts situations, events, people and changes that help them in the processes of preparation for the transition without the intervention of any drastic event in their realities. Everything will be done in the most organic and harmonious way possible to allow the departure of those who have to leave without the rest of the population noticing, precisely to avoid interference and blocking possibilities.

With all this in mind, we will continue to give guidelines that assist everyone to continue healing, understanding and executing changes that are beneficial to us, and everyone will have opportunities to change while the lines remain open during the time they stay so. Take advantage of this extra time that is given to us to complete, those that are in it, that which is still half of all the processes, changes and requests of the previous articles.

A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given transients.info direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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