David Topi Answers Your Questions — Answers #19


David Topi Answers Your Questions — Answers #2

Here you have a new delivery of answers to the questions received in the last weeks.

111 What is the difference between asking something to your Higher-Self and asking something to your Akashic records or the Akashic records of others? Thank you.

The concept of akashic record is a term used to define different fields or records of information that, although related, do not always refer to the same when they are used in books, courses or techniques. On the one hand, all of us, in our “multidimensional” structure, and at the level of the component that we call the Higher-Self, possess the equivalent of a huge database of absolutely everything lived in all our incarnations, realities and existences. Therefore, from this point of view, there is a repository of information that is protected by our Higher-Self where you can access, from the personality, with the knowledge, techniques or appropriate tools, to whatever you have in you, about yourself. That is the first definition for which the concept of “your akashic record” could be used.

On the other hand, each of the planes that make up the structure of our planet contains in itself, and by design, several repositories of information that are the equivalent of the “public libraries” of our “solid” world. That is, the etheric plane contains “energetic” data fields that serve as a repository of information for the “non-physical” life of that plane. The mental plane contains the same, the causal plane, etc. These fields of information are also accessible to the human being with due knowledge and techniques (usually studied in astral projection, for example), and also from them you can obtain information about any data present in the structure of the planet of anything that has happened, is happening or is preparing to happen on Earth at the physical or extra physical level. These huge repositories of information have also been called “akashic records” in different books or writings.

Finally, on the mental plane, we have the collective unconscious of the humanity, as well as the collective unconscious or group minds of the other kingdoms of nature, and also the communication and information fields of other groups and hierarchies that exist in the structure not physical of the planet. These energy fields contain all the information associated with the human race in our collective unconscious and the same for the rest. Different people throughout history also used the term “akashic record” to refer either to the collective unconscious of humanity or to the fields of information present in this mental plane associated with other life forms. Therefore, it is not the same to consult “your personal file” or your “own akashic record” working with your Higher-Self or the Higher-Self of another person that connect to the etheric, mental “records,” etc., or try to “read” the collective unconscious of our species. Although everyone uses the same term, they are different sources of information and data although, obviously, they are all in some way related to each other.

112 Can the Higher-Self be removed and replaced by another?

Yes and no. The personality we possess cannot do it, the levels higher than the Higher-Self that exist can. If a Higher-Self for whatever reason, could not, was required, assigned or requested to stop “guiding” a certain form of life at any point in the Creation, another Higher-Self could take its place to guide, help and be part that connects that way of life with the “Source”. But it is not something usual, not even something that can be “asked” for the same life forms (for eample the human being or any other race) but it is something that would have to come from hierarchies far superior to our own Higher-Self and there should be a very important reason for that.

113 Could you tell us something more about the 8 “The eight veils” http://davidtopi.net/porque-ve-vemos-esa-otra-realidad/ … And if it has any relationship with the programs, imbued systems, anchors and stops that we carry. Thank you.

The “veils” are an allegorical and symbolic way to indicate the multiple levels of programming that we have, so that as we remove, deprogram and eliminate layers and layers of that programming, we decode reality differently, with fewer filters, with less “Sieves,” with fewer elements that dilute, block, color or change part of the way in which human beings decode reality. Each of us has thousands of programs that adapt the outside world to the standard programming present for everyone and that are installed at birth in the preconscious mental sphere, so that we all see more or less reality in a similar way according to the interests of those who created us and, currently, according to the interests of the circles of power, then, in the subconscious mental sphere are installed in a particular way the programs that dictate how the world and the reality sees each person individually, making all have a common and similar programming that serves as a basis to interact with each other but then giving each person a series of nuances, programs and filters slightly different from those of the person next door, thus ensuring that nobody can decode reality in the same way as the rest. The manipulation of the collective unconscious, the media, religions, cultures and education do the job of inserting the data packages, programs and belief systems in each one of us creating layers and layers of “mental software” that get more and more “veils” to appear in the psyche of each and every one of us.

114 Hi David, how do you treat a vice, a recurring behavior that you cannot overcome, can you evolve unless you correct it? Or do you stay anchored? Why they exist? Thank you.

Deprogramming it, because everything is in the psyche, taking it as the set of mental spheres, mental body, personality, etc. To eliminate a harmful behavior or vice or whatever, it is necessary to eliminate the program from the mental sphere in which it finds itself, it is necessary to eliminate the emotional and mental energy of the subtle bodies, it is necessary to eliminate the program from the behavioral pattern of the mind, it is necessary to eliminate the program from the egoic center and finally eliminate the “I” from the egoic personality associated with it. It is a multilevel and multilayer deprogramming work, something that I am explaining in the course of mental deprogramming because we are really made in the image and likeness of a very complex computer system where we have to touch multiple elements to eradicate a component of our mental structure.

115 Hi David, what is the right thing to do when a person dies: cremation, deposit the coffin in a niche or bury it? What happens with the bodies? Greetings and thanks.

Nothing is right or stop being it, it depends on the belief system of the person. In general, the process of death is explained here: http://davidtopi.net/los-cuerpos-sutiles-el-proceso-de-fallecimiento-transicin-y-preparacin-de-la-nueva-vida/

When the physical body dies, the soul with the subtle bodies separates taking with it the so-called physical seed atom, which is something like the “black box” of each body where all the information about that body is stored and collected (as in a plane, recording everything that happens in it). The same happens with the etheric body, which disintegrates in about three days after the death of the physical body and, for that reason, some traditions among other things, allow several days to pass before doing anything with the chemical and organic wrapping that we possess when we die. Then the emotional and mental also end up eliminated so the soul remains with the causal body as the only “wrapper” in the so-called “period between lives” speaking in linear terms of time. The cremation or the burial does not make any difference to the soul, once it has already disconnected from the physical body and has left the etheric dissipate naturally and disintegrate in its constituent particles.

116 Hi David, I have another doubt regarding the passage from line 33 to line 42, can it be that the pending karma of each person prevents this step and cannot make the jump to line 42? Thank you.

The “karma,” seen as action-reaction, or as cause-effect, does not prevent the passage of line, simply if in our lives we are experiencing effects or reactions to causes set in motion previously, in this or other incarnations, they are one more of the different aspects to work to release ballast and energy charge that allows us to raise frequency and tune our subtle bodies with the currents of the temporal line 42.

117 When a person has traumatic memories, or fears or has lived situations that make him / her distort in their memories what they have lived to change it, close it, hide it, etc. What mechanism of the mind does that? Is it the ego program that “buries” what we do not want to remember?

The mechanism by which we “cover” part of those memories and traumatic experiences that we do not want to affect us, that have caused us pain, suffering or other emotional or mental alteration that we prefer to hide as a defense mechanism, is part of the program’s routines ego, as “software” management of the entire human psyche. The ego, when it receives enormous energetic, emotional or mental shocks, and cannot deal with it, sets in motion the defenses of the system it controls to avoid overloading or saturation of that energy. This way, the emotional pattern of the mind, which governs and controls the opening of energy flows through the chakras and control centers, orders them not to allow to flow into the channel system (the network of meridians and nadis) the energy of emotional shock, normally, that has been accumulated, received or generated.

If that energy is not processed because the ego through the emotional pattern does not allow it, it is quickly stored in one of the subtle bodies, usually the emotional or the mental, and is covered in other layers of emotional or mental forms present to create a reinforcement coverage until you find the way to process so much cargo properly. In this way, they get “under the carpet” of our subtle bodies, all those memories, experiences and traumatic or painful situations that, at the time of having happened, the ego program has not been able to manage and, therefore, “stores” until a better time. The stagnant energy thus becomes a trauma, a phobia, a fear, a block of energy that, remaining unprocessed in the subtle bodies, continues to emanate and affect the whole without the personality being conscious, because the ego program passes the management of that process to the subconscious mental sphere, and the person “forgets” that he has that “stuck there” (he covers it to not remember it, to deal with it, etc.). There may come a time when all those unresolved energy processes end up affecting the etheric body and, finally, the physical body, even if years pass for it, and therefore, years after a strong trauma, emotional shock or whatever, it is when we get sick or when its effect begins to be felt in the health of the person who is no longer aware of what happened with the shock and energy of that situation of yesteryear but who is still there waiting to be processed, integrated and liberated by the person by becoming aware of it and doing the proper healing works for it.

118 Hello. In the temporal line 42 we will have to make substantial changes … We love animals and we wear leather shoes, we use stones because we love their properties without taking into account how they were obtained (child labor, etc.). Will these aspects be reviewed / corrected? Thanks.

More than in line 42, which is the current line and is already tangible for a small part of the population, the changes will be seen in the next “evolutionary level,” in that “new Earth” as we have called it. There, as I think I understand from what has been explained to me by my Higher-Self and those who assist us, the relationship with the natural environment will be completely “respectful,” it will not be “allowed” (but I do not know how the mechanism will work for it) damage to the ecosystem, to the kingdoms of nature and, therefore, many things will have to change and will change, I am sure of it, in those people who, in some way are already on the way of that evolutionary change. It will be interesting that new way of perceiving the planet in which we live, that way of interacting with the rest of living beings that form it and that way of re-existing in harmony with Kumar, which will continue to be the planetary logos, but with other rules of the game for humans.

A hug,

David Topí


(Laron: For previous articles of answers to the questions many have been sending in, just check out David’s author profile here on transients right here. For information on how to ask David a question, see this article here, and note that David is accepting questions from me over email so feel free to ask a question in the comments of this article, or just contact me directly with it.)

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The translations are so well done, a big shout out to Carl, because David’s words and ability to explain the finer points of multidimensional structures, timelines, and our programming are so important in our understanding right now.

Thanks Carl!
Thank you guys! I just got to my new home in Oregon -landed 4 hours ago- and will be testing the capabilities of my new internet provider shortly and will be ready after that to do more translations (noticed that Laron sent me an email that I’ve not open yet that may be another submission by David that needs translation).